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From the North of England, William Brown stands as the force behind WBTrading. Employing a D1 Swing strategy, he diversely navigates select markets with the Price Reversion and Session Momentum strategies. Additionally, his foray into currency markets utilizes the unique Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar strategy.

Inspired by a documentary on a young, affluent trader, William dove into the crypto surge, swiftly turning £500 to £6,000. However, an unforeseen £750 loss on the DAX prompted a reality check. Scaling back, he withdrew most of his profits, recalibrated, and birthed the strategic foundation of WBTrading.

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Hailing from Northern England, William Brown is the strategist behind WBTrading. Initially inspired by a trader documentary, he quickly rode the crypto wave, turning £500 into £6,000. A sizable DAX loss became his pivot, prompting the creation of his now-renowned trading methodologies.
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