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Deal Score+4
Deal Score+4

One of the most successful trend following strategies is this one. The Assar Elite Developer’s Forex Assar Phoenix Elite Robot is an entirely automated Expert Advisor on MT4. This incredible tool has undergone five years of study, analysis, and testing. It operates via the “Holy Grail Indicator,” often called the HGI.

This is the updated Assar Phoenix Elite edition for 2022. It was initially created in 2020 for developer copy services, this EA. It has produced outstanding results and amassed a clientele of more than 300 people.

What is a Holy Grail Indicator?

What distinguishes the HGI Indicator from all the other products and concepts on the market? HGI emits four different signal kinds. Go here to learn more about this indication and how to use it to trade manually.

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HGI offers five trading strategies to accommodate various market circumstances:

Trend trading

TMA detects the market moving into a strong trend and uses large arrows to indicate this. A large green arrow for an uptrend large red arrow for a downtrend.

Breakout or trend re-entry trading – RAD trading

The small diagonal red (sell) and green (buy) arrows detect these trades. This may be the breakout that happens after the market has ranged for a while or the resumption of the previous trend after a pause.

Multi-level Trend and RAD trades

These are pretty lucrative. For instance, APE sends a Trend purchase. Additionally, he sends buy-stop pending transactions on each of the 20 levels (118.2, 118.4, 118.6, etc.). There is a 10-pip overlap between each transaction because each has a 30-pip take profit. Still, there are only ever two multi-level trades open at once.

Wavy line trading

You might make the initial trade a pending or immediate market order. Sending pending trades as soon as a blue wavy line emerges at each of the 20 levels constitutes multi-level trading. When the market is above the line, APE sends pending buy trades; when it is below, sell trades.

Combined Trend and Wavy line trading

The strongest signals are those in this mix. Consider simultaneously having a big green arrow and several low, wavy blue lines. That is trading using both a trend and a wave.

There are three possible iterations of this EA to trade these kinds of indications from the HGI Indicator. Except for range trading, Assar Phoenix Elite EA trades anything.

  • With a Golden Average and Radar or Trend Exits, Assar Phoenix Elite
  • With a Golden Average and Yellow Wave Exit, Assar Phoenix Elite
  • Golden Average and Blue Wave Exit for Assar Phoenix

This strategy’s remarkable flexibility lets you guys employ it however you see fit. You can trade with any quantity of money and lots you choose, as many pairs or as few as you like. To choose your signals and exits, you have complete access to all possibilities.

If you are starting with forex trading, USE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS. Do not make any changes inside the Phoenix if you don’t understand stop trails, trends, ranges, yield, or risk management.

Four other trade management tools were also supplied. These are the top trade managers for the developer. You can hide your trailing stops and take profits using a time filter, an equity target manager, an equity percentage target manager, and an individual trade manager.

  • Assar Auto Trading Time Filter
  • Assar Elite Equity Target
  • Assar Equity Percentage Target
  • Assar Individual Trade Manager (hidden trailing)

This EA is entirely free without any limitations imposed by the Assar Group Telegram channel. This is one of the better EAs from this creator, in my opinion. Therefore, give The Assar team’s Telegram channel some love.

Please test first for at least a week in a demo account. Additionally, before using it on a real account, please familiarize yourself with and comprehend how the Assar Elite EA functions.

Recommendations on Assar Phoenix Elite Robot

  • Standard accounts require a minimum balance of $100. (It might even function with smaller accounts.)
  • Best Results with Major Currency Pairs. (Apply to any pair of currencies)
  • With such high-range couples, exercise caution. Avoid trading aggressively because the trend might shift abruptly and at any time.
  • Work Only on H1, and H4.
  • Serial Key: 0555b084-744f-3680-37ee-9049767ce4f9
  • Unfortunately, the strategy tester does not support this EA.
  • ThisAssar Elite EA should operate on VPS without pause at all times to achieve steady results. Therefore, we advise using a trustworthy VPS to run this free forex EA (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS)
  • Run this EA only on ECN accounts (Click Here to Find the Best Broker for You).

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