Forex Risk-Reward Ratio Indicator

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Forex Risk-Reward Ratio Indicator computes the risk-to-reward ratio for each open transaction. It displays the results in real-time on the chart is the risk-reward ratio calculator for MT4. RR is another symbol for it.

Here, risk refers to the amount of money needed to invest in a trade. The profit from investing in trade is referred to as the reward. Once more, it may be a positive or negative amount.

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Why is risk reward a crucial factor?

This is the most fundamental idea in forex risk management for traders that use technical analysis. You are passing up a huge chance to develop into a successful forex trader if you need to handle your open transaction with the appropriate risk-to-reward ratio.

A trillion-dollar financial market exists in the FX market. Because you are up against traders from all over the world, it isn’t easy to make money on the currency market. You will occasionally lose money while trading and occasionally make money. The psychological effects of losing several deals in a row on your trading account can be severe. But dealing with this predicament is made easier by a great risk-reward ratio.

How the MT4 calculates risk-reward

For instance, you start a trade on the MetaTrader 4 platform using the EURUSD currency pair. The size of stop-loss (SL) is 20 pips, and the size of take-profit (TP) is 40 pips. Fortunately, this trade went in your favor. Identify the RR ratio.

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  • The risk cost is $20.
  • The reward is $40.
  • Risk to reward ratio (RR) overall = $20/$40 = ½
  • It means the R: R ratio of this EURUSD trade is one ratio of 2.

The mt4 risk-reward forex indicator has made it easy to calculate the RR in trading. It will show the real-time results of open trades on the chart. So you don’t need to calculate the risk-reward each time for every trade. This mt4 forex indicator will do this task for you.

What is the best RR ratio size?

The optimum RR ratio always depends on the forex trading strategy. But the risk-reward (R:R) ratio must be greater than 1:2. For example, if you win three trades and lose five, you will be profitable.


A profitable forex trading strategy always consists of a better risk management system. The risk-reward ratio mt4 forex indicator is the best tool to use while trading. It will help forex risk management and save you much time.


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