How to properly install msimg32.dll on Metatrader

This post explains how to install msimg32.dll on MetaTrader 4/5 applications.

The file msimg32.dll is the extension component for Windows GDI that contains a new API to improve the functionality of GDI32. msimg32.dll is a system process that is required for the proper functioning of your PC.

msimg32.dll is an executable file located on your computer's hard disk. This file contains machine code. When you start your Metatrader terminal, the commands contained in msimg32.dll are executed on your PC. The file is loaded into the RAM and runs as a GDIEXT Client DLL process. A particular environment is created for Metatrader, which makes it possible to use a Metatrader expert advisor or indicators on several computers or VPS simultaneously.

Therefore, some anti-virus programs classify this file as malicious and block it. If this is the case, please whitelist msimg32.dll in your anti-virus program. The corresponding procedure should be described in the manual of your anti-virus program.

But enough technical knowledge. The only important thing for you is: Without msimg32.dll, certain expert advisors or indicators cannot be used.

Installing msimg32.dll in MetaTrader 4/5

We will now explain how to install msimg32.dll in our step-by-step instructions.

There is a connection between the Metatrader terminal build version. Therefore, msimg32.dll is always associated with the expert advisor or indicator with a specific build version.

Which build version your MetaTrader 4/5 terminal is currently using can be found under Help -> About

If the desired expert advisor or indicator is associated with a different build version, you'll need to overwrite the terminal.exe. The procedure is explained in our step-by-step guide.

1. Close your MT4 terminal if it is still running

Yes, the first step is easy and probably needs no further explanation.

2 . Download the terminal.exe and msimg32.dll

I have attached a list with download links to terminal builds, including the msimg32.dll. Please refer to the installation manual build version. Alternatively, please ask the vendor or creator.

We have compiled the related downloads for the different builds here:

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Please unzip the files after the download.

3. Open the terminal file location.

Now we need the folder where the terminal.exe is installed. Please do not confuse this folder with the Data Folder (which you access via Metatrader).

The easiest way to open the correct file location is by right-clicking on the MetaTrader icon on the desktop and choosing “Open file location” from the popup menu:

Grafik 1

A folder should open in your explorer where the terminal (Application) is located.

4. Now copy/paste the terminal.exe and msimg32.dll from that folder.

You will get a notice that terminal.exe is already located in that folder. Please click on “Replace the file in the destination.

Grafik 14

Fix Folder

Grafik 16

This completes the installation of msimg32.dll.

However, before you restart Metatrader, you must perform the following steps to avoid an automatic update. You should read this post to learn more about it.

I hope this post was clear and understandable for you. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.


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  1. can not down load msimg32.dll it is telling me it is a virus
    and i tried to switch off fire walls and all setting possible but no luck.
    what can i do to solve the issue.

    • Yes, there are often messages in virus scanners when msimg32.dll is installed. This is because the file sets up a specific environment for the product to run on your PC or VPS. This is a false positive message. However, once you whitelist that file, the error should no longer appear. Please check the settings of your virus scanner again to see whether all the settings have been made correctly there. Otherwise, please get in touch with our support if further assistance is required.

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