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1Entry Expert Advisor (Exp. 31-12-2024)

1ENTRY EA: No margin calls or blown accounts. Optimal for long-term growth with smart trade entries & auto-stop loss. Low startup, high accuracy. Protect your capital, maximize your profits.


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Introducing the 1ENTRY EA VISION, the MetaTrader 4 Expert that ensures no margin calls and no blown accounts. Designed to prevent capital loss, the MT4 1ENTRY EA opens only a single trade per pair, mitigating huge losses and resulting in long-term growth.

Upon purchase, you'll have instant access to a download link for all optimised MT4 Expert Advisors (Forex Robots). These EAs are precisely optimised for one pair and one dedicated timeframe.

The EAs have been rigorously backtested for at least three years at 99.90% quality. You can view the complete test results from the provided link. Some key insights include:

  • EA AUDCAD H1 40257831 had a gain of 106.85%
  • EA AUDUSD H1 61109826 had an impressive gain of 445.03%
  • EA GBPJPY H1 51958286 displayed a gain of 449.51%

1ENTRY EA employs MT4 built-in indicators for smart trade entries, achieving over 70% accuracy. On average, 7 out of 10 trades typically close in profit, and occasionally, EA even achieves a 100% win rate!

Featuring our Auto Stop-Loss technology, the EA prevents significant losses by automatically closing the trade if a false signal is detected or if the drawdown increases gradually.

We've made sure that 1ENTRY EA uses no risky . It does not open layers or use the martingale when in a drawdown position. The trade will either hit the stop loss or close at a loss or nearly break even. We value long-term, sustainable profitability over short-term gains.

1ENTRY EA is suitable for any standard account with a spread of no more than 30 points (3 pips) and requires a low startup capital of just $100. It's a fantastic tool for those looking to test the EA's performance before making a larger investment.

Embrace the of strategic forex trading with 1ENTRY EA and watch your investments grow in the long run. Take advantage of the dynamic blend of trend, CCI, Williams, Stoch, RSI, and MACD indicators that 1ENTRY EA employs to initiate trades with remarkable accuracy. This expertly tailored technology works diligently to consistently turn profits.

With the auto stop-loss technology embedded, 1ENTRY EA takes a proactive stance in managing your trading risks. It recognises false signals or incremental drawdown increases and promptly intervenes by closing the trade, providing an additional layer of security to your investments.

Unlike other expert advisors that employ high-risk strategies like opening multiple layers or using the martingale system in a drawdown position, 1ENTRY EA puts safety first. The trades are monitored until they either hit the stop loss, close at a loss, or break even – this might seem conservative, but our priority is to ensure that you do not lose your investment in the pursuit of high but unstable returns.

The 1ENTRY EA is best used in a standard account with a spread not exceeding 30 points (or 3 pips), making it a versatile tool for different trading environments. Additionally, its low startup capital requirement of $100 makes it accessible to of various financial capabilities, providing an opportunity for everyone to experience the benefits of automated trading.

Lastly, the real account trading results speak for themselves. 1ENTRY EA boasts a record of more winning trades versus losing ones. It shows that the EA consistently achieves a positive trading outcome.

1ENTRY EA – your reliable partner for a low-risk, high-accuracy, and long-term growth forex trading. Take advantage of this cutting-edge trading tool designed to help you succeed in the ever-evolving forex market. Protect your capital, maximize your profits, and experience a new level of trading sophistication.

Invest in 1ENTRY EA and let us help shape your forex trading journey!

Specification: 1Entry Expert Advisor (Exp. 31-12-2024)

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Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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What You’ll Get:

AUDCAD H1 40257831.ex4
AUDCAD H1 99823527.ex4
AUDCHF H1 25963045.ex4
AUDNZD H1 28197088.ex4
AUDUSD H1 61109826.ex4
CHFJPY H1 59652076.ex4
EURGBP M15 84532013.ex4
EURJPY M15 43791106.ex4
EURUSD M15 81322519.ex4
GBPAUD H1 52117688.ex4
GBPJPY H1 51958286.ex4
GBPUSD H1 62236374.ex4
GBPUSD M15 14089219.ex4
GBPUSD M15 56314952.ex4
NZDUSD H1 48838921.ex4
P&L Guard EA.ex4
P&L Guard EA.mq4
Pair and Timeframe.txt
USDCAD H1 44918333.ex4
USDCHF H1 96280704.ex4
USDJPY M15 92559567.ex4
USDJPY M15 93977808.ex4

(Will Expire in 31-12-2024)


1Entry Expert Advisor (Exp. 31-12-2024)
1Entry Expert Advisor (Exp. 31-12-2024)


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