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Action Threshold Software (ATS) 5.0

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ATS Action Threshold Software: Empower your trading with real-time insights, customizable signals, advanced risk management, and seamless integration.


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Introducing ATS Threshold Software – The Ultimate Solution for Advanced Analysis and Decision-Making

Gain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced financial markets with ATS. This cutting-edge software combines advanced technology and robust features to enhance your trading and maximize profitability. Here's why traders worldwide choose ATS as their preferred solution:

Real-Time Market Analysis for Informed Decisions

Stay ahead of the curve with ATS's lightning-fast real-time market data and analysis. Our sophisticated algorithms and advanced data processing techniques provide up-to-the-minute insights, ensuring you make informed trading decisions.

Customizable Trading for Personalized Strategies

Create personalized trading signals based on your unique trading style. ATS 4.1 offers a range of technical indicators, patterns, and market conditions, allowing you to tailor your signals and receive actionable information specific to your preferences.

Advanced Risk Management for Portfolio Protection

Protect your investments and minimize risks with ATS's advanced risk management tools. Set customizable stop-loss and take-profit levels, monitor portfolio performance, and apply risk management rules to stay in control of your trades at all times.

Backtesting and Optimization for Confidence

Validate and refine your trading strategies with ATS's powerful backtesting and strategy optimization features. Analyze historical data, simulate different market scenarios, and optimize your strategies for optimal performance, giving you the confidence to execute trades with precision.

Integrated Trading Platform Compatibility for Seamless Execution

ATS seamlessly integrates with popular trading platforms, enabling you to execute trades directly from the software interface. Connect with your preferred broker or trading platform effortlessly, eliminating manual order placement and streamlining your trading workflow.

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Navigation

ATS prioritizes user experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a beginner, you can easily navigate the software, access relevant information, and leverage its powerful features with ease.

Join the growing community of successful traders who rely on ATS Action Threshold Software to elevate their trading strategies and achieve consistent profitability. Experience the ultimate solution for advanced trading analysis and decision-making.

Specification: Action Threshold Software (ATS) 5.0

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Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4


Action Threshold Software (ATS) V4.0 + ATS Assistant V2.1, ATS V4.1 with Source Code, Version 5.0 Beta 2

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  1. Scott (verified owner)

    The product will not load onto the Metatrader 4 platform

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    What You'll Get:

    Action Threshold Software (ATS) V4.0 + ATS Assistant V2.1
    • ATS Assistant 2.1.ex4 indicators
    • ATS Assistant Driver 2.1.ex4 indicators
    • ATS Assistant EI Driver 2.1.ex4 indicators
    • ATS Assistant Map.ex4
    • ATS Exp Index Driver V4.0.ex4
    • ATS Exp Index Map V1.0.ex4
    • ATS Expansion Index V1.0.ex4
    • ATS Expansion Index V4.0.ex4
    • ATS V3.0.ex4
    • ATS V4.1.ex4
    • ATS.dll
    • ATS 3.0 Chart.tpl
    • ATS 4.0 Chart.tpl
    • ATS 4.0 with Assistant 2.1 Chart.tpl

    ATS V4.1 with Source Code
    • ATS V4.1.MQ4

    ATS V5.0 Beta 2

    • 1-ATS Components Overview.mp4
    • 1-Basic Introduction.mp4
    • 1-expectation when getting started watch first.mp4
    • 1-General Overview.mp4
    • 1- Snapshot Overview.mp4
    • 1- Introduction Overview.mp4
    • 1-The Master Pattern Strategy 2019 (Full Lesson).mp4
    • 2-Entry Timeframe,Timeframe 1,2,3;Fonction And Settings.mp4
    • 2-install Ats Assistant.mp4
    • 2-Minor Box Expansion Signal.mp4
    • 2-Minor Framework Boxes.mp4
    • 2-The Master Pattern.mp4
    • 2-Two Problems To Solve (Strategy Creation).mp4
    • 2-Your Pain and Pleasure Threshold (Full Lesson).mp4
    • 3-Basic Strategy 1 (Range Bound Markets).mp4
    • 3-Deviation (DEV).mp4
    • 3-Major Box Expansion Signal.mp4
    • 3-Major Framework Boxes.mp4
    • 3-The Contraction Pattern.mp4
    • 3-Understanding Multi-Time Frame Analysis (Full Lesson).mp4
    • 3-using teh assistant intreface.mp4
    • 4- Trend Streng indicator (TS).mp4
    • 4-Basic Strategy 2 (Trending Markets).mp4
    • 4-Buy And Sell Liquidity Line Signals.mp4
    • 4-Expansion Lines.mp4
    • 4-The Multi-leg Expansion Pattern.mp4
    • 5-Buy And Sell Liquidity Lines.mp4
    • 5-Expansion Index Signal.mp4
    • 5-How To Manage Risk.mp4
    • 5-The Price Settling Pattern.mp4
    • 6-How To Manage Profits.mp4
    • 6-The Expansion Index (MT4 Platform Only).mp4
    • 6-The Trend Pattern.mp4
    • 7-The Dash Board (MT4 Platform Only).mp4
    • 7-The Defining A New Range Pattern.mp4
    • 7-Trade Ideas Are Like Paintings.mp4
    • 8-The Walking Up Down The Ladder Pattern.mp4
    • 8-Using ATS To Analyze News Releases.mp4
    • 9-Making Weather Predictions.mp4
    • What Is ATS.mp4
    • ATS V5 B2.ex4 (indicator)
    • ATSUtils.dll

    Action Threshold Software (ATS) 5.0


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