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Advanced Market Maker Model (MMXM)

Discover the secrets of trading with the Advanced Market Maker Model (MMXM) through this in-depth video series by Inner Circle Dragons. Created by AK, a private charter student of ICT, the course offers structured, beautifully illustrated, and exceptionally taught lessons.


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Unlock the Secrets of Trading with the Advanced Market Maker Model (MMXM) – Inner Circle Dragons Edition

Are you ready to dive deep into the intricate world of Market Maker Models? Your search ends here. The Advanced Market Maker Model (MMXM) – Inner Circle Dragons series is the game changer you’ve been looking for. AK, a private charter student of ICT, has distilled 5 years of extensive research and mastery of MMXM into this extraordinary course just for you.

Key Features:

  • Structured Lessons: Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Beautifully Illustrated: High-quality visuals to aid your learning
  • Exceptionally Taught: Benefit from AK’s expertise in algorithmic theory and ICT concepts

Note: This version does not include access to the private Discord server and does not offer free updates.

Get to the Heart of ICT’s Trading Philosophy

Peeling back the layers of ICT’s trading concepts, you’ll find the market maker model is the essential cornerstone. ICT has even shared with his private students that mastering market maker models is the “key to unlocking the markets.” The scattered, invaluable insights across years of content have now been meticulously gathered for you in this course.

A Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know About MMXM

This course offers insights into:

  • The anatomy of MMXM
  • Strategies for entries and risk management
  • The Unicorn Model and Silver Bullet × Dblock Model
  • How to hunt for high-probability setups
  • Understanding market narrative and directional bias
  • MMBM, MMSM, and MMXM Grading
  • Identifying swing deviations and gap formations
  • Pinpointing high probability order blocks and FVG formation
  • Techniques for range calibration and high-probability BMS
  • Determining buy-side and sell-side delivery ranges
  • Understanding accumulation/distribution blocks and cycles

Advanced Tactics: Elevate Your Trading to the Next Level

Dig deeper with advanced topics:

  • High-probability turtle soup entries
  • The nuances of accumulation and distribution stages
  • Mastering market consolidations
  • Integrating MMXM with AMD and the Power of 3
  • Applying MMXM over different timelines
  • Translating theory into practice with real MMXM chart breakdowns
  • Understanding changes in states of delivery (CISD)
  • Strategies for smart money reversal and SMT
  • Choosing the right timeframe for your trades

With these insights and tactics, mastering the Advanced Market Maker Model (MMXM) becomes an attainable goal. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your trading skills. Get started today!

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Advanced Market Maker Model (MMXM)
Advanced Market Maker Model (MMXM)


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