Alpha Pro EA 4.3

Discover the powerful Trading view powered indicator that exposes daily and weekly trends in the market in vivid detail. Alpha Pro EA quickly scans the pair and highlights the directional bias of the trend.


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Elevate Your Trading Game With Our Proven Blueprint!

This was designed by proficient traders to help you master the most lucrative financial markets in the world… Forex!

No matter if you’ve never taken a trade in your life, and don’t even know what trading is…

We’ve made it so simple a third grader can understand it.

Rather than of wasting long stretches of your life trying to Binge Watch all the free “stuff” on YouTube, this short yet comprehensive course will expose you to everything you need to know to start seeing profits in a short amount of time!. (and we exclude everything you don’t need to know.)

After completing this mastery, you’ll have a serious edge over 95% of retail forex traders.

We personally needed to be humbled, had to learn the hard way… and wasted way too much time & resources… but YOU won’t have to!

That’s why we created Elevated FX!

What you’ll discover will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in the markets.

Inside here’s sneak peak of a few of the things that you’ll learn:

  • You’ll learn The single biggest “truth” about trading that, once you discover it, it’s like that moment of finding your life purpose. (WARNING: once you discover this your perception of money will never be the same again… there’s no turning back)
  • The single greatest, most profitable, skill anyone can develop (if you want to actually master trading and manifest your core desires without having to rely on OTHERS).
  • ​How to instantly put Elevated FX into action with our 90 Day Challenge Checklist to give your the absolute Best edge in winning big here. Trust you are trending the right direction! Using our Compound Profits Spreadsheet you will see exactly how your returns may potentially add up!’
  • And that’s just a small portion of all that you’ll have access to learn inside Elevated FX. Plus, as soon as you complete the training we’re going to grant you access to a ton of amazing’ TOOLS & SOFTWARE… for FREE! 🙂

New To Trading?……We have You Covered!


Proprietary Algo. Scans For Sniper Zones Daily. Never Miss Another Setup

Discover the powerful Trading view powered indicator that exposes daily and weekly trends in the market in vivid detail. This tool quickly scans the pair and highlights the directional bias of the trend.

Your Job as a Sniper Now is to Patiently Wait for your optimal Trade Setup to appear, execute.

This is a very effective tool when used with one of our many strategies taught in Elevated FX. Develop the most profitable trading system for you today.


Diversify Your Portfolio Leveraging Passive Income With Auto-Trading

Finally, a proven way to earn consistent returns in the markets without having to stare at any charts. Discover the Potential of Consistent Gains that runs safely in a secure cloud environment.

  • Trading Never Stops Unless You Stop it ( Alpha Monitors The Market 24 Hours a Day 5 Days a Week Never Miss a Trade )
  • Clean and Informative Visual Interface

(Alpha’s Modern UI User Friendly Interface Will Let YOU See Exactly What Is Going On in Real Time)

Super Quick Setup, no need to spend hours going through set files and code. This expert works right out of the box.


Super Computer That Runs in the Cloud & Executes Trades in Milliseconds

This Integration removes you having to manually install complicated software. itskinda like having your own private super computer that lives in the clouds, runs 24/7 and executes trades within milliseconds.

Imagine your software continuing to take trades even if you’re away from your device or its turned off. The cloud environment allows it to still effectively manage positions and earn profits.

It’s highly recommend to have a VPS for premium trading technology.

You’re Going To Get All This When You join us TODAY…

Instant Access to Proven Strategies & Tools

Gain clarity over markets that empowers everyday people to be more self sufficient; also allowing the pursuit of a passionate, fulfilling and purpose driven life. elevate your mindset, increase cashflow, then multiply & invest.

Specification: Alpha Pro EA 4.3

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Expert Advisor

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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