Aura FX Gold Expert Advisor 2.3

Aura FX Gold Expert Advisor is a fully automated trading robot designed to trade GOLD only and shows results on XAUUSD in 2010-2022 period.


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Aura FX Gold Expert Advisor is a fully automated trading robot designed to trade GOLD only and shows results on XAUUSD in the 2010-2022 period.

Aura FX Gold Expert Advisor does not use dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions.
EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a clfeedforward artificial neural network (ANN) class term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of multiple layers of peperceptronswith threshold activation).
Multilayer peperceptronsre are sometimes called “vanilla” neural networks, especially with a single hidden layer. An MLP consists of at least three layers of nodes: an input layer, a hidden layer, and an output layer.
Except for the input nodes, each node is a neuron that uses a nonlinear activation function. MLP utilizes a supervised learning technique called backpropagation for training. Its multiple layers and non-linear activation distinguish MLP from a linear perceptron. It can distinguish data that is not linearly separable.

Why should I use robots?

They Can Trade 24 Hours

Humans need sleep, software programs do not. Humans cannot trade 24 hours and generally have other commitments such as family, work, or leisure pursuits. Even the most dedicated forex traders will need to take breaks to eat, drink, sleep and get away from the computer. The software can work continuously, which means an opportunity will never be missed.

EAs Do Not Have Emotions

Humans have emotions, especially when it comes to money. When humans trade money, managing emotions such as fear, greed, and personal biases and assumptions can be hard. This can lead to hesitation, preventing them from taking trades, pushing them into poor trades, or holding the position for too long.

Even when a firm strategy is in place, it can be hard to think critically and objectively in the heat of the moment. An EA can remove this element, however, but not entirely. Greed can still come into play even when using the software. So users, be wary and don’t be greedy, even outside of trading!

Can Be Used By Anyone

EAs can benefit professional traders, beginner traders, and people who have never traded a day in their life (even those who have no desire to learn how to trade).

Thinks Faster and More Effective

Computer algorithms will always be able to think faster and more effectively than humans. Again, we are speaking here as if the program is good. EAs can scan the markets, find opportunities and carry out trades in seconds. A trader doing this manually will inevitably take much longer and may miss opportunities or waste time making decisions or entering an order. A trader might be skilled, experienced, and fast, but a software program will always be able to do more faster.

Daily Live Performance Verified by Myfxbook

Drawdown is between %10-18 (%46.11 happened on time during tests )

This EA has been running for 10 Years

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Aura FX Gold Expert Advisor Features

  • Working symbol XAUUSD
  • Working Timeframe: D1
  • Minimum 500 USD with below 9% drawdown.
  • Min leverage 1:20
  • No martingale
  • No Grid
  • No averaging
  • No dangerous methods of money management are used
  • Hard stop loss and take profit for each position
  • Not sensitive to broker conditions
  • Compatible With MT4
  • Works On Any Forex Broker
  • Money Management Feature
  • 5 Min Easy Setup
  • Installation Guide Included
  • One-Time Payment And Lifetime License

Aura FX Gold Expert Advisor Settings

  • Lot for Balance – Automatic lot calculation volume
  • Balance – Automatic lot calculation step
  • Fix Lot (if 0, then Auto) – Fix lot
  • Number of Opened Deals – maximum orders
  • Time to Start Hour – Start hour to open trades
  • Time to Finish Hour – End hour to open trades
  • Comments – Comments
  • Magic – Magic number
  • Open Opposite Deals – Enable opposite-direction logic
  • Max Spread – Spread filter
  • Trailing On Off – Trailing stop on/off
  • Trailing Start – Trailing start in points
  • Trailing From – Trailing from in points
  • Trailing Step  – Trailing step in points
  • Use Breakeven – Breakeven function
  • Take Profit – Take Profit in points
  • Stop Loss – Stop Loss in points

Hear from our Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Do The EA’s Work?

EA, also known as expert advisors, are a form of artificial intelligence that automatically trades on your behalf. Indicators are signals on the chart that tell you when to buy and sell.

When Do I Get The Product After Purchasing?

The download link will be sent to you directly by email after your purchase.

How Do I Install The EA?

Our EAs are easy to install; there are two methods for installation, either using the provided Pdf guide book or our installation videos provided on our website.

What’s The Minimum Amount To Trade With?

Minimum 200 USD (higher DD% is expected) or recommended 500 USD with below 9% drawdown.

Best Brokers To Use With Momentum EA?

We recommend either IC Markets. It has worked best for me, but it works with all Forex Brokers that support MT4.

Money Management?

By default, MM is turned on and calculates lot sizes based on your account balance(or can be changed to equity). You can turn MM off and select a manual lot size to trade with.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

We accept payment through your Paypal, Credit/Debit cards like Visa and Mastercard, Perfect Money, Payeer & Bitcoins


Specification: Aura FX Gold Expert Advisor 2.3

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Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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