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Benefit EA 4.15

Benefit EA comes already pre-configured with best possible algorithms which will keep you successful in Forex trading.


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Benefit EA comes already pre-configured with the best possible algorithms, which will keep you thriving in trading.

  • A fully working process that doesn't require user participation or special skills.
  • Stable monthly profit of 15-25% from the initial deposit amount, depending on the market spikes.
  • A unique working algorithm from traders with 15-years of experience.
  • The non- flexible robot with unique entry points provides a statistical advantage, detected using mathematical modeling of market patterns.
  • The exclusive patented system of risk control (Risk Reduction System).
  • “Human-like” trading system.
  • Bypassing «anti-robots» by brokers.
  • Robot-advisor doesn't use a stop-loss. All transactions are closed by take-profit or trailing-stop, and it's possible to plan the lot increases.
  • Adjusted for various trading styles – «Selling short,» «Scalping,» and «Flattening.»
  • Built-in time filter, allowing bypassing the «thin time» in the market.
  • Trading with any for any timeframe in automatic and semiautomatic mode.
  • Trading on real and cent accounts.
  • Trade only in plus. A deposit is always available for a refund.
  • Control buttons are added for enthusiasts, allowing trading in semiautomatic mode – blockage of one or both sides of the transaction. Text message notification about the trading status.
  • Stable Internet is the only requirement for work. A remote server is recommended (suggested individually depending on the choice of a broker).
  • If loss of connection occurs, the situation is processed and will not affect the trading process.

Benefits of Forex Expert Advisors

From a psychological point of view, the forex expert advisor is irreplaceable. A trader decreases the responsibility for decision-making, and the trades become less stressful. The trader does not need to have in-depth technical and fundamental analysis knowledge since all the calculations are already included in the program. Besides, the advisor can handle the trading signals even when the trader is absent from the workplace.

Many years of trading in the forex market have led to the understanding that it is impossible to work with small deposits.  Fast enrichment from $100 is only possible in the lottery.  Forex trading requires significant investments initially. Get ready to invest tens of thousands if you want to earn . There are no miracles. Money — make money. Although, there is a specific alternative — cent accounts. But, cent accounts are more like demos than earnings. The ability to touch the «great.»

another one cent

Real 50 000 start — 10/18k in a month

Reference 50 000 start — 10/18k in a month

You can stay away and watch, join the Benefit EA Team, earn money with us, and buy excellent Expert advisors.


Specification: Benefit EA 4.15

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Expert Advisor

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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