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Black Panther EA

An Ultimate 2020 the The Black Panther the EA, Best @ the Forex – Invest a minimum of $ 200 (recommended) – No need to have knowledge.


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Black Panther EA Portfolio Myfxbook

(Last Update 23/04/2020)

An Ultimate 2020 the The Blackpanther the EA, Best @ the

  • Invest a minimum of $ 200 (recommended)
  • No need to have knowledge.

Manual Setting

“Is a brief explanation The main menu is only used. Finally, should backtest yourself as well. Because of the needs of each of you Maybe not the same Good luck with all profits. ”

  • Signal Strategy : Order entry style 1. Enter wood according to 2. Enter woodaccordingto Price Action
  • Money Management : When you enter the value, EA will calculate the lot for the club. Suggesttotry Backtest first.
  • Lot Start : Lot that we want EA to place the order as we set.
  • Port Fecter : 1. Used in Standard and Cent accounts. 2. Used in Micro (XM Broker) accounts.
  • Min Distance : The distance from each order.
  • Margin Check : EA will check the remaining Equity. If it is below the limit, EA will not issue orders. To prevent lot sizes that are too large (Set according to Port format. If USD is set based on Equity, but if Cent is divided by USD divided by 100)
  • Magic Buy : Set the magic number for placing orders (Buy side, Sell side and each currency pair Must not be the same Strictly prohibited If in the event of a server move or there is a reason to remove or install a new MT4 should be noted or Backup. If not, otherwise. The will issue an order)
  • TP Point : The collection period should be set less than the distance to open the tree or Min Distance.
  • Lot Exp : is the order multiplier. In each step according to different stages Will be related to the part of Fix Order
  • Fix Order : This is the number of trees in each phase. For example (Fix Order 5 means that the system will produce 5 trees in the first step, referring to the multiplier from LotEXP 1 orders that are opened from the 1st to the order. No. 5 will multiply 1, Step 2, Fix Order 10. Order 6 – 15 Lot will multiply 1.5, etc.)
  • Max Order : Number of wood ordered Not more than a few orders, separate buy and sell side, not combined
  • Sleep After TP : is the delay of the next order in seconds.
  • Cutloss Money : When a negative amount reaches the set amount, EA will cutloss order to prevent pot clearance from unexpected events.

  • TSL Buy Setting: Trailing Stop when the TSL button is switched on Red. Disabling TP will delete. Create SL instead.
  • Trigger_Point : How long the TSL system starts when the price chart is away from the TP line?
  • Switcher_SL_Point : When working, put the total SL at the price equal to Price TP-Term that we set = Total SL but not less than the value of Stoplevel
  • Trailing_Step_Point : How long will the SL be allowed to run from the price graph?
  • DAILY TIMER DAY_WEEK SETING : Scheduled systems for different time periods
  • Stop_EA_Friday : Stop trading on Friday, open order true, close order, disable

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: Black-Panther-2020-1.5.ex4
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