Consistent FX Profits

“Consistent FX Profits” is a revolutionary, new Forex-success system designed to help any Forex trader become consistently profitable. This A-Z program will show you step-by-step how to win over 70% of your trades.


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It doesn’t have to be so hard…

It’s true, Forex is one of the world’s most volatile financial markets and trading involves massive risk.

It’s true, many traders:

  • Lose money
  • Let self doubt sink in
  • Sabotage their own success

…and then eventually give in to their fears and give up before they experience success.

BUT, it’s also true that some traders have managed to figure it out, make unbelievable profits, and win consistently over time – WITHOUT breaking the bank and definitely WITHOUT spending all day in front of their charts.

Would you like to know how?

The truth about Forex trading

What if I told you there was a simple way to win more trades than you lose, avoid expensive mistakes, and cut your technical analysis time in half?

Without requiring years of experience…

Without requiring expensive charting software or confusing indicators…

…and definitely without relying on overpriced robots or signal services that don’t get results.

The truth is, you don’t need any of that stuff.  That’s what most of those experts will never tell you.

Winning consistently isn’t even all that hard when you are making smart trades and protecting your hard-earned money with proper risk management. If you stick to the RIGHT trade plan, it becomes all about flawless execution.

Want to start trading like a pro today? You need to see this:

Consistent FX Profits Online

“CFXP Online” is a revolutionary, new Forex-success system designed to help any Forex trader become consistently profitable. This A-Z program will show you step-by-step how to win over 70% of your trades, regardless of your experience or current market conditions.

It includes:

  • On-demand Forex training: whether you’re brand new or experienced, these bite-sized yet powerful training videos will teach you everything you need to know about trading, money management, and chart analysis in less than 8 hours of video content (less than a day!)
  • Consistent FX success toolkit: want to eliminate the guesswork? Use my proven yet simple trade plan, trade journal, performance metrics tracker, interactive templates, and more to drastically reduce your learning curve and risk overnight.
  • Live coaching, support, and development: you don’t have to make this journey alone. I offer a group and private coaching, bonus training topics, live chart analysis, connection to my community of traders, unlimited access to me, and mastermind accelerator trader development so you can grow into the level of experience you desire.

CFXP Online will give you everything you need to generate the consistent Forex results you desire…

Imagine this…

  • What if you could learn EVERYTHING you needed to know about Forex and a specific trading strategy in ONE program? What if a single program taught you how to qualify, enter, exit, and manage your trades?
  • ​What if you could transform your expensive Forex hobby into a consistently profitable, “lifestyle-friendly” business that could replace your 8-5?
  • What if instead of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about Forex you felt confident, relaxed, and excited about every trade?
  • How will you feel when you look at your consistently growing trading account knowing you are finally making money?!
  • ​What if you could prove to everyone that ever doubted you that they were WRONG once and for all? (What if you could prove this to yourself?)
  • ​How will you feel when you are connected to a community of like-minded traders? Sharing wins, losses, and opportunities in the market… how will you feel when you realize you’re not alone anymore with trading?
  • ​What if you had ALL the tools you needed to learn how to generate consistent profits from Forex using minimal time and effort each day?

Good news!  You don’t have to imagine anymore. You just discovered the fast track to Forex trading success you have been searching for. Are you ready to join CFXP Online?

Inside CFXP Online

“Trader’s Edge” Online Forex Trading Course

Time is money. These eight modules of no-fluff videos will have you thinking and trading like an pro from day one. They alone could be the difference between losing all the money in your trading account versus making safe yet profitable trades. Plus, you start trading at the halfway point, so you don’t even have to finish the entire course before you can begin trading! Last, but not least, each module is accompanied by an informative workbook where you can take notes and complete practice exercises while you’re learning. The modules include:

  • Module 1: Restore Your Mind – I set you up for success by getting your mindset in the right place to begin a new trading strategy!
  • Module 2: Strengthen Your Knowledge – I review the basics of Forex, brokers, chart settings, terminology and more!
  • Module 3: Formulate Your Plan – I go into detail about the core components of technical analysis used with my trading approach!
  • ​Module 4: Implement Your Plan – I teach you the exact trade plan I use generate over 70% win rates: how I qualify, enter, and exit trades!
  • ​Module 5: Optimize Your Execution – I provide you with a customized tool and additional strategies to manage and optimize your execution!
  • ​Module 6: Enhance Your Skills – I advance your skills by going deeper into price action analysis and expanding your chart-reading abilities!
  • ​Module 7: Multiply Your Results – I guide you in creating your personal, performance-based scaling model and explaining many ways to scale your profits!
  • ​Module 8: Launch Your Independence – I equip you with additional ways to maintain a resilient mind, create your protection plan, and sustain your success!

This training is valued at $1,995

Consistent FX Success Toolkit

Meet your new best friend in trading. These tools will help you fine tune your execution, achieve consistent results, and cut your technical analysis time in half (so you can spend more time trading and less time staring at your charts). They will also help you remove the emotions from trading and avoid expensive mistakes. Inside you will find:

  • The proven trade plan I use to win over 70% of my trades. It’s so simple and straightforward ANYONE can follow along and realistically expect similar results.
  • The trade journal and metrics tracker that measures and tracks your trading success. You will hold yourself accountable and hone-in on the specific metrics that are most important to your long-term success. It’s the easiest way to build your confidence quickly.
  • The performance-based scaling model that tells you exactly when you’re ready for more. You will know exactly when to grow and scale your account so you can avoid sabotaging your profits.
  • ​The growth and scaling calculator that allows you to calculate your growth for years to come. You will understand exactly how your hard work and dedication is going to pay off in the long run. The power of compounded growth is such a beautiful thing!

This toolkit is valued at $495

Trader Support, Growth, & Development

Your days of navigating Forex alone are over. Unlike virtually every other online training course, CFXP Online delivers world-class support, growth, and development options so you never get stuck.

  • Exclusive Community of Traders: trading can be a lonely business, but it doesn’t have to be! Now you can connect with a community of traders from around the globe! Learn, grow, and profit together in my member-only Facebook group! This is also where you can ask me questions anytime!
  • ​Group Coaching with Q&A: Each week you’re invited to join my live video calls, which will help you connect the dots, shorten your learning curve, win more trades, and trade like a pro! I start the call off with a bonus training topic. Next I answer your questions using screen share so I can show you the charts or solutions to your roadblocks in real time. Then I continue by sharing details about recent trades taken. And finally, I finish the call by completing a live chart scan. You will watch me analyze the current charts, pinpoint qualified trade setups, and provide valuable commentary!

This support is valued at $6,990

The total value of CFXP Online is $9,480, but you aren’t going to pay that!

…you’re not even going to pay a quarter of that…

Why should you choose me as your mentor?

Many years ago, I was you.

After graduating college, I went into corporate-America and thrived. But over time the “thrill” of climbing the corporate ladder and working for the next promotion really began to dwindle.

As I got older and started a family, I realized I did not want to spend 1/3 of my life working hard for someone else’s dream.

I wanted more time and financial freedom.

I knew I had to do something to replace my corporate income. That’s when I discovered Forex.

After years of learning the hard way and obliterating my trading accounts, I created a simple yet powerful trading strategy that won time and time again. Regardless of market conditions.

The consistent profits I was generating changed my life and allowed me to FINALLY escape my corporate J-O-B over two years ago

Would you like to know how this live-changing trading strategy works?

My consistent trading approach

I use a very conservative approach to trade Forex. My first goal is to protect my hard-earned money. My second goal is to grow my account by achieving steady and consistent profitability.

I am technically a day trader, which means I am in and out of the market in a single day; however, I refer to myself as an “express day trader” because my trades are usually in-and-out in less than two hours. I like to be out of the market as quickly as possible to lock in my profits and reduce my risk.

My trade plan, which is included and covered in great detail in CFXP Online, lists all of the “rules” I follow with trading:

  • logistics for when, what, and how I trade
  • qualifications for identifying and entering/exiting a trade
  • trade management principles I deploy once in a trade

No guesswork, no emotions, no indicators. Just results made easy.

Consistent execution = consistent results.

This exact trading approach has helped me and hundreds of students around the world generate consistent Forex profits.

Will you be next?

What traders like you are saying about CFXP Online

  • “Valerie has put together an extremely comprehensive trading program! It is simple yet powerful! I not only use her methodology to trade my personal accounts, I use it to trade/manage my funded accounts (money from private clients)! She is not a ‘here’s my system, see ya later and good luck’ coach! She works closely with her clients via Facebook and through weekly coaching calls. She genuinely wants to see you succeed!”
  • “I was nervous coming into this program since Forex was so new to me. Valerie has been so patient and encourages questions until her students clearly understand the concepts. Her easy-to-understand rules have allowed me to go from knowing nothing about Forex to making profitable trades, all in less than 2 months! She also talks about the importance of your mindset and how it plays into Forex trading. I now have the confidence to continue trading with success! If you’re considering getting into Forex I definitely encourage you to sign up for Valerie’s course!”
  • “I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to Valerie and to this community, not only for the system that she has created, but for all of the support that I have received thus far. In the past two weeks I have taken 11 trades total and 8 of them have hit their profit target! That is a 73% win rate, while still being new to the system and making some mistakes! I am beyond excited about what this will mean for my trading and my future!”
  • ​”Valerie provides a simple trading method with everything you need to get up and trading quickly. Her program is thorough, organized, and easy to follow. I was able to start trading her method in a live account within two weeks. The best part, I never experienced a draw down or losses below my initial starting investment. At worst I was break even and so far now after nearly 5 months, I am beyond profitable. I still make mistakes occasionally but it definitely isn’t from the trading method itself. It is from being inexperienced as a trader and making human errors. Valerie has answered all of my questions with a lightning quick response time and she is always willing to help. Valerie is kind, welcoming, genuine and the definition of professional in how she interacts with me and other students in the program. Valerie welcomes feedback and is always working on improving the program. Valerie is a top-notch human being and her program is a direct reflection of this. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to get into Forex trading. Skip the noise and work with Valerie because she represents Forex trading for what it really is, a great program mixed with your hard work will equal success.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have ZERO trading experience?

I specialize in helping ALL traders, including new traders that do not have any existing Forex experience. The CFXP Online program will teach you how to get your transformational results from A-Z.

What if I’m already trading Forex?

If you’re already trading Forex, that’s great! Congratulations on furthering your education. But… you’re probably in a not-so-nice position where your current trading results are not generating consistent income… I’ve got you covered. 🙂

What if I don’t have a trade plan?

That’s totally okay. We’ll create a brand new trade plan for you in my program. One based off of mine that I still execute daily (because let’s be honest, sometimes you think you know what the right trade plan is for you, but you end up being totally off).

What if I have zero Forex experience?

I’m giving you pre-built trading tools so all you need to do is join, plug, and play! I also give deep explanations for why I do things the way that I do so you’ll be able to use what you learn for years to come.

What if technology really holds me back?

This program has you covered! I’ve got a “no trader left behind” policy! That means I’ve made sure that technology will never hold you back again. I give you explanations, video tutorials, and practice exercises throughout the entire course so that you learn, see, and do while your training.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

What if it does… ? 🙂

I’m giving you all the tools to succeed – video training, guided implementation, group coaching, and a support network of other traders just like you. But if you’re still struggling… even after you’ve shown me that you’re committed through actions like completing the training, doing the practice exercises, attending the group coaching, and participating in the community… then let me know! I’ll work with you to get you on track!

How long until I start to make money?

It’s impossible for me to make you a guarantee. BUT you can be confident knowing I’ve had clients join the program and make money within the first 2 weeks, then for others, it comes in 4-8 weeks. It depends on you, your background, and the time and effort you put in. Everyone’s results are different.

What if I already generate revenue?

That’s amazing! You’re already ahead of the trading game. In this scenario we focus on EXACTLY what you need to do to get more consistent profitability without draining all of your time and energy.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?

It’s safe to say you could easily dedicate 2-6 hours per week during the “training” phase; however, the program is completely flexible since the training course is online and on-demand. So you can go through the training content as quickly or slowly as you want. Once you complete you training, my strategy will allow you to generate consistent Forex results while spending less than 5 hours per week trading.

What makes your program so unique?

My program is completely holistic in nature. What I mean by that is I not only give you my executable trade plan, but I also help you reset your mind, optimize your execution, and scale your growth. In other words, I help you get RESULTS. And the best part: you choose the level of support and pricing plan that works best for YOU!

Here’s My Story

After graduating college, I went into corporate-America and thrived. I truly loved it for many years, but over time the “thrill” of climbing the corporate ladder and working for the next promotion really began to dwindle. As I got older and started a family, I realized I did not want to spend 1/3 of my life working hard for someone else’s dream. I was overworked and wanted more time and financial freedom.

From there, I was bound and determined to figure out a way to replace my corporate income. After exploring several options, I dedicated all of my spare time and effort to becoming a profitable Forex trader. Admittedly, it took many years and a great deal of money to figure it out (learning from others and losing accounts along the way), but now I generate consistent profits with Forex. The best part: I was able to leave my J-O-B in 2018!

Why I Became a Trading Coach

I hear your next question, “If trading is going so well, then why are you coaching?” My results are amazing, and I will never stop trading. However, one thing I didn’t expect to miss when I left corporate-America was working with people. I missed relationship building, leadership development, and mentoring others. Then, one day the light bulb went off:  I can help traders shorten their learning curve with the knowledge and experience I have accrued in my 9+ years trading Forex by becoming a trading coach.

Now, I’m able to work with hundreds of ambitious and determined men and women by helping them build and scale their Forex profitability using CFXP Online to achieve their consistent results.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn how I make long-term income trading Forex…

…even if you’re brand new to trading and Forex!

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