Daily Pips Machine

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The Daily Pips Machine is a one-of-a-kind system that uses trend trading, wave tr,ading and proprietary indicators to consistently get 2-4 winning trades daily!


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If You’ve Been Searching for an Effortless Way to Make Big Money Trading Forex, Look No Further … You Found Daily Pips Machine!

Picture 3(Notice that the Daily Pips Machine indicators don’t repaint, and you’ll get all the details about the timeframes and the winning ratios below – so please read for more details)

Find Out Below How You Can Make

FAST Profits On Autopilot Trading Forex from Home!

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Picture 10 From: Vince Black

Creator of the Daily Pips Machine System

Dear Fellow Trader,

Are you looking to make money trading Forex the easy way?

Would you like to make money trading Forex without studying charts and graphs, without spending hours researching the market, and without the worry and stress that accompanies most Forex trades?

If so, I urge you to get comfortable, eliminate distractions, and read this page. Yes, it is that important…

… as you are about to discover a speedy, straightforward way to make $51,600 or more a month trading Forex!

You could be making trades like this:

Picture 12

Grafik 120

While we all hope it is true, it’s not – hard work does not equal having much money in the bank.

It doesn’t. If it did, there would be many employees who would be making more money than their bosses.

Picture 2

But it doesn’t work that way, and the sooner you accept it, the better off you’ll be…

… because you can stop wasting your time and effort on things that won’t pay off and instead turn your attention to genuinely effective ways to make money fast – like the new system I’ve created.

Take a look at what I made last month:

Grafik 118

Now I didn’t make this money by working hard, I made it by hardly working, and what’s even better, you can now do the same thing, and you don’t need any trading experience or access to large sums of money to do it either.

And don’t worry, I will tell you exactly how you can do it in just a minute.

But first, let me go back to tell you how all of this came about…

Picture 16

Hello, my name is Vince Black, and I used to be a lowly IT support guy at a company in Miami, FL. I was one of the guys who came around and installed new programs on your computer or fixed things when your computer crashed.

It was a tedious job, and I wasn’t at that company for more than a few weeks before I was daydreaming about doing something else.

Luckily my supervisor had a similar desire to escape the rat race, and what he shared with me changed my life.

Today, I live in a big house on the water in Miami, the same city where I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment just a couple of years ago.

Picture 17

Today, I regularly make $6,000 a week working just an hour or two from home, whereas just a few years ago, I was lucky to make half of that a month, and I was doing work that I didn’t enjoy.

Picture 21

Picture 22

Grafik 110

Picture 24

And this system doesn’t just work for me. I’ve given it to my friends, and they’ve enjoyed just as much success.

One friend made $3,255 while he and I were eating lunch.

And my girlfriend has made tens of thousands of dollars, and I still don’t think she could tell you what the Forex Market is.

I’m being serious about that; I don’t think she knows what Forex is. But that’s the beauty of this system; it’s so easy to use that you don’t need any trading experience or market knowledge to make money.

Picture 25 If you can click a mouse, you can make money with this System. Picture 26

You get exact Buy and Sell Signals, so you do what the system tells you to do to make money.

There is no stress or worry about when to get into a trade and when to get out. You follow the signals and make money stress free.

Picture 27

Grafik 105

So late one afternoon, my supervisor and I were setting up a new employee’s computer, and as we were waiting for a program to load, we started talking about what we wanted to do in the future.

The supervisor mentioned that he had just started trading Forex online, and honestly, I didn’t know the first thing about what Forex was.

But he explained it all to me, and then he said I should come over to his house sometime and see if it was anything that I might be interested in.

Picture 29

I thought, sure, why not? But I wasn’t expecting much. I figured it would be a one-time thing, and then.

Picture 30

So I went to my supervisor’s house a couple of days later and watched him trade. To my surprise, I found Forex trading to be fun and exciting, and I was interested in learning more about it.

So I began researching it on the Internet and reading the experts, and I also kept talking about it with my supervisor, Michael.

At work, we started going to lunch together to talk about Forex, and then we even started making trades during our lunch hours.

To make a long story short, it turned out that I had a natural talent for trading Forex.

Grafik 134

Like Lebron James is good at basketball and Bill Gates is good at computers, I was good at Forex. And if it wasn’t for Michael and him introducing me to Forex, I might never have known.

Anything with numbers came naturally to me and with For, ex trading, everything seemed to all come together.

Michael was impressed with my trading skills and started asking me all of these questions and taking notes.

Grafik 102

With Michael’s notes and my process examinations, we created our own manual trading system – a system that worked like gangbusters.

Grafik 101 We could boil everything down into a few simple steps, and we won over 90% of our trades in no time. All we had to do was follow the steps.

Thinking and worrying, all that stuff was thrown out the window, and money started pouring into our accounts.

That’s when we decided to quit our day jobs and start trading Forex full-time.

Then a short time later, our programming training kicked in, and we thought, what if we added a software component to our manual system? We could take our profits to the next level then.

So that’s exactly what we did.

Grafik 100Picture 34

With this software, we maintained 100% control of our trades, but now we had the convenience of not having to do all that time-consuming manual research and chart study.

Grafik 98

I quickly moved out of that lousy one-bedroom apartment – first, I moved to a condo overlooking the beach and then later to a house on the water.

And as our earnings continued to grow, we began to think about making our system available to others.

What good was it to keep a system this incredible to ourselves? Especially when we could be helping others fulfill their dreams, too? It’s not like we would be damaging our earnings. So without further ado:

Grafik 97

Picture 39 With this system:

. You don’t need any experience or Forex training.
. You don’t need to work long hours.
. You don’t need to take risks.
. You don’t need to worry about trade decisions.




This system has been proven over and over again not just to work but to make hundreds of dollars a day.

Picture 47


Picture 48

. 100% mechanical trade signals
. A 90.2% accuracy rate
. Complete money-management system to protect your earnings
. All the hard work done for you – no research or chart study required.
. Super easy-to-use interface
. Includes entry, stop loss and take profit.
. Works in all market conditions
. No minimum trading amount is required.
. And much more!



Grafik 66

That’s right, this system is valued at $479, but you can have it for no charge if you order the Daily Pips Machine System today!

Fx Elite Earners is an intraday trading and scalping system that works by following current trends in the market and analyzing the wave’s direction – which makes it the perfect companion to Daily Pips Machine … your earnings will explode!

Picture 68


Grafik 64

You’ll be able to:

Picture 71  Work from home
Picture 72  Be your boss
Picture 73  Pay off your debts

Forex offers big profits to investors with the right system – a system like Daily Pips Machine.

So what do you say? Is it time to stop dreaming about success and finally take the steps you need to achieve it?

If so, Daily Pips Machine is definitely for you!

With this system, you don’t need to be rich. You don’t need to be a genius. All you need is $100 to invest and the ability to click a mouse.

That’s all these people needed to achieve success:

Grafik 59   Eric Vannetta started just three months ago with $100, no knowledge of the Forex market, and today has an account balance of $15,675.

Molly Wilson turned $100 into $8,954 in two months using the Daily Pips Machine System.

Michael Robinson has made $23,467 in just six months after starting with just $100 in his trading account.

You could be the next big success story! All you have to do is get the Daily Pips Machine System today.

Grafik 52

Grafik 51

This offer is not about making tons of money; it’s about helping others.

That’s why we’ve decided only to charge $37 for the entire system – you could easily make ten times this amount or even 50 or 100 times this amount on your first trade!

That’s right, for just $37, you can get the Daily Pips Machine System, free access to the membership site, and the bonus FX Elite Earners.

In short, you’ll get everything you need to make big money working from home trading Forex.

But I’m afraid if I feel too many traders take me up on this offer, and if it seems customer support will become overwhelming, I will be forced to yank this web page down.

That’s a possibility… and I won’t even put up a sign that says “THIS OPPORTUNITY IS CLOSED” or anything like that.

Listen closely… I only offer this crazy insane discounted deal of $37 for the following 250 people eager to TAKE ACTION.

So, you need to order today while you can still take advantage of this incredible, time-sensitive discounted offer.

The word is getting out about Daily Pips Machine System, and 250 discount copies will soon be gone.

Promise me that if you are lucky enough to get a copy today, please put my systems into action… don’t be a lurker who buys and asks for a refund immediately for fun…


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