Dream Trades Strategy

The Dream Trades Strategy gives you the EXACT methods to make great stock trades and will help you avoid some of the biggest trading mistakes.


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How To 10x Your Trading Account In 2022…

With Dream Trades Strategy I shared a brand new technique that could explode your trading account quickly!

Dear Stock traders, investors, and enthusiasts.

Recently I was asked…

“Casey, what would you do if you had to start trading over from scratch…

All the years of studying and learning about stock trading suddenly vanished in an instant…

what would be the #1 thing you would do differently to get back to where you are today in HALF the time.”

Sadly today, many Stock traders are in that position right now.

They have nothing.

There is no knowledge of the market, no plan to execute good trades.

When I was asked this question, without even thinking, I knew what my answer was.

This is not the first time I ever thought about this.

I was not even sure I wanted to share this with the public since this is one of the biggest struggles I had to overcome as a trader.

Because if you are willing to let go of this one thing, something that most traders don’t think they could do, then you will grow faster than you could ever dream of.

I wish someone would have shown me this in the early 2000s when I got serious about trading because, if I did, I would have:

  • Build up my account quicker than ever, which would produce consistent profits…
  • ​Created the lifestyle that I always dreamed of for my family
  • ​Would have zero worry (or regrets) about EVERY SINGLE trade taken

…and I would have accomplished all of this in half the time.

Today, this one “strategy” is considered the insider secret to rapidly growing your trading account.

The wealthiest and most well-known and respected traders all have perfected this on every trade.

I’m telling you all of this because this is my goal. To give you a powerful system that will change your financial future forever.

If I could save only one trader from blowing their account…

Or help someone better their financial future for them and their family

Then it would all be worth it.

That’s why I am introducing…

The Dream Trades Strategy

The Best Kept Secret That Can 10X Any Trading Account By Following This System

This trading strategy and system I created gives you the EXACT methods to making great stock trades and will help you avoid some of the biggest trading mistakes.

Whether you’re looking to turn your trading account from a small $100 account to a $500 account, or you’re looking to make massive trades and hit 7 figure trades and beyond…

The Dream Trades Strategy will work for you.

You’ll see the secrets unknown to the average trader…

Pull this one single lever in your trading… and you will suddenly have complete power over how rapidly your account grows.

And it has nothing to do with the common misconceptions about Stock trading.

Because now you will learn the precise methods used by the biggest traders faster than ever.

… in only 1/3 of the time!

Here’s Everything You’ll Discover Inside this Stock Trading Strategy

  • The most important element every trader should have to grow their account rapidly (most traders have ZERO clue about this)
  • ​Why you should stop looking at losing trades… and immediately start focusing on this.
  • ​Why DON’T you need to stress over every minor loss (instead, look at this ONE element and grow from that)
  • ​Why ONLY buying and holding stocks could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, so instead, trade like I do.
  • ​Follow this ONE rule and do it better than every other trader and you’ll instantly become the top 1% of stock traders.
  • ​How to boil down your trades so that you can get the biggest profits and greatest returns.
  • ​And much, much more!

The Exact Strategy Used By the Best Stock Traders Is Now Yours For a Small Investment

These methods helped me make trade calls like this Etsy trade where it hit I got in at $53.16 and exited at $61 just a few days later.

…and CHWY trade where I got in at $28.26 and exited at $31.10

…or this Macy’s trade that is up over 34%!

I could keep going, but you get the point.

By following the steps laid out for you, I guarantee you’ll set yourself up on the right path to grow your trading account at any speed you choose.

This strategy training is NOT going to cost you $4,997

It won’t even cost half that.

I am making this service as accessible to as many traders as I possibly can do.

Which is why I am making this deal even sweeter…

You’re Getting FOUR Bonuses (Valued at $4,588) Free!

I’m a big believer in overdelivering and helping my traders (you).

That’s why I’ve put together four special bonuses that perfectly compliment the strategy and will give you the keys to growing your account fast…

The methods I use work no matter what market you trade, which specific Stock you trade, or how big (or small) your trading account currently is right now.

First, you’re going to get…

BONUS #1 ($297 Value)

Easy-To-Use Stock Trade Tracker

Remember, I just said I want to overdeliver because I want to help you.

This is what I am talking about.

I recorded a webinar event for you and I will show you the exact strategy I have used to hit consistent Stock trades.

With my strategy, the market can be doing anything.

Up, down, sideways, I find the diamond in the rough and if they meet my simple criteria, I will take the trade.

I have a specific filter I will share that easily allows me to find good trades.

The value of this bonus alone would be worth the price of this strategy today.

Are you starting to see how this offer is a no-brainer?

Well, hold on, because I have way more value I am going to throw at you.

Next on the list is…

BONUS #2 ($997 Value)

An 8-Part Complete Course To The Dream Trades Strategy

This is a complete breakdown of my trading strategy of everything I do to generate the trading signals.

Inside I dive deep into the high-level trading strategy that I created.

I will walk you through every step of this strategy and reveal subtle tactics that help me turn my trading around.

You’re going to see:

  • The #1 reason to ignore everything else but chart patterns – and how to take advantage of key charting patterns
  • Hate losing? Then try this NEW style of trading that jacks up your win rates and turns your trading around in a hurry.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how my signals has helped me generated over 700% on profits
  • ​One stealth tactic for hitting highly profitable trades over and over again
  • ​The single most critical tactic to make better trades – no matter what market you’re trading
  • ​My process and procedures I must follow before taking a trade – You have to take all the emotions out of the trading
  • ​The handful of charting patterns that in only look at (they are the best, you’ll see why)
  • ​And TONS more…

This course will break down every element that was featured in the class.

I did this so that you can have unlimited access to this material in the future so that you can review it from time to time.

I also will be providing unlimited updates so that when I update my methods I will share these with you – completely free!

Third, you’re getting…

BONUS #3 ($2,997/mo Value)

Monthly LIVE Trade Review Webinar ( LIVE Q&A)

Each Month, I Will Go Live With You To Review The Strategy!

Now, I almost didn’t include this… because it’s mostly for advanced traders.

And, believe it or not, it takes a lot of time to prepare this for you.

So the value of this training some would pay $997 alone to attend.

But if you’ve ever wondered what separates the average trader, who can’t crack the code to making profits… from the famous traders who have 7 and 8 figure trading accounts

Then this bonus will definitely point you in the right direction.


Because the single most important thing a trader can do is continue to learn.

I’ll give you secret trading tips only experienced insiders would know.

These webinars are NOT sold publicly.

I wanted to give everyone a chance to share how their trades went, and what I could do to help them.

These are for the dream traders only!

Lastly, I’m throwing in something special…




I Like To Be Fully Transparent With You. Which Is Why I Am Going To Be Sharing  Trade Calls To Take

What good is having training without real trades?

I will be sharing a minimum of 3 trade calls to take during the presentation.

Most of my trades I find days in advance.

I am doing this not because I want to brag on myself because I don’t have a magic wand that will make every trade I take a winner.

I don’t have a piece of illegal insider information.

I don’t have some complex algorithm that has 995 different criteria that have to happen to produce a trade.

I don’t have a strategy where you have to stare at your charts for 15 hours per day.

What I do have is a simple strategy that anyone will be able to learn. even the new traders!

I do this because:

  • I can be fully transparent with the trade calls and the strategy
  • To show you hidden patterns that are forming right now
  • ​It gives you, the trader, the right to know how the trades are performing.
  • ​And a LOT more…

You’re getting all of these mega bonuses – valued at $4,588– FREE as my gift to you.

You Won’t Pay $9,999… $6,999… Or Even $4,999…

Today, you can get this for just $997

That’s 78% off the value, which is still a great deal for what you are getting.

But keep reading, because I think I can do better than $997 today…

This system has helped over 300 of my top-level students execute trades consistently with this simple strategy.

In fact, let’s hear from a few of my students!

Melody Is Seeing Her Dreams Being Accomplished…

And What About Joel Who

Said This Has Been A Blessing…

Gerry  Has Been With Me

For 5 Years!

There are many other testimonies I could share as well but I hope you understand that what I built today is meant to have an IMMEDIATE impact on your trading.

Traders all around the globe have learned these simple concepts that I will share with you in the Dream Trades Strategy.

Their hopes and dreams to 10X their account are becoming a reality.

This information would typically cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,500 elsewhere (or more).

Trust me, I have been doing this for a long time and I know what others are charging for information like this.

However, since I know right now is the perfect time to jump into Stock trading, I still want to give an extra “nudge” to make this offer a no-brainer.

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