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EDGE TRADING ACADEMY: Master the Highest Paying Skill In the World…Trading! This academy was designed by professional traders to help you master the highest paying skill in the world…trading!

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EDGE TRADING ACADEMY: Master the Highest Paying Skill In the World…Trading!

This academy was designed by professional traders to help you master the highest paying skill in the world…trading!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken a trade in your life, and don’t even know what trading is, this academy will walk you through everything A-Z.

  • 25 VIDEO MODULES: Short & Simple Videos To Help You Master Forex Trading
  • CHEAT SHEETS: Done-For-You Shortcuts To Help You Master Trading
  • OUR EDUCATION: We’ve Made Trading So Simple A 3rd Grader Can Understand It!

Instead of wasting years of your life trying to learn all the free stuff on YouTube, these short, yet thorough trainings will teach you everything you need to know to start trading. After completing this course, you could have a serious edge over 95% of retail forex traders.

What you’ll learn inside could give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in the markets.

The best part is, it’s condensed into short, easy to watch 2-5 minute videos so you save time & money… (most people pay thousands of dollars for access to this exact same content!)

Each video is accompanied with a quiz to help gauge your understanding…

so you not only learn the information but MASTER IT!


  • You’ll learn The single biggest “truth” about trading that, once you understand it, could open your eyes to a whole new way of trading.
  • One of the greatest most profitable skills, anyone can develop (if you want to actually master trading and make your dreams come true without having to rely on ANYONE).
  • Instantly “hack” the world’s best traders ​and you could get so good at trading consistently that it feels like CHEATING! (But it’s not cheating! It’s just being a LOT smarter than other retail traders!)


We believe this is the world’s most advanced A.I. powered trading software

(that actually uses artificial intelligence)!

Artificial intelligence is making the world a better place in ways we never thought possible.

From building, to communication, to transportation, to sports, to robotics and even health.

For years, banks, governments and hedge funds, have been using artificial intelligence to trade in the largest financial market in the world… The Foreign Exchange Market!

Now, this technology is available to the general public..

Titan G27 could be the most advanced forex trading software in history powered by artificial intelligence.


The Bank’s Secret Indicator works on these assumptions… We realize that 95% of retail traders are NET-losers.

While the “Smart Money” or Bank’s are almost always NET-winners…

So wouldn’t it make sense to trade opposite of the “herd” or losing retail traders?

Of course! It makes total sense… However the challenge is finding the true market sentiment of the “herd” (retail traders).

The Bank’s Secret Indicator pulls in data from hundreds of thousands of retail traders to show you the overall market sentiment. It basically shows you what the “herd” is doing so you can do the opposite!


The Titan X Tool is an expert advisor designed to take trades based on the way you input the settings…

Originally the Titan X Tool was developed to help our members get funded up to $100,000 in capital.

There are several “prop firms” or capital firms that reward good traders.

Each of these “prop firms” have their own little challenge, that once you pass, allows you to trade other people’s money and keep up to 70% of the profits.

While the challenge rules vary from firm to firm the idea behind the Titan X tool is the same…


Instantly hack the strategies of 3 different trading geniuses that have

devoted their entire lives to trading.

You’re going to get access to summaries of the three most valuable trading books ever written!

After interviewing several self-made millionaire traders there’s 3 books that almost every successful trader on the planet has made their bible..

We then filmed 3 short videos to summarize only the most important elements of each book. In under 45 minutes you’ll be able to watch all 3 of these book summaries and get the knowledge of 3 different trading geniuses that have devoted their entire lives to trading!

I seriously can’t believe that this kind of technology exists! Our account has out performed any traditional investment we’ve ever made. And we’re trading newbies. We’re super excited!
We’ve been saving for retirement for many years, but have been disappointed with the slow growth of our investments in stocks and bonds. Using this software, we now make in less than a month the type of returns that would normally take an entire year to earn. We have been both surprised and pleased!
This has made a WORLD of difference for me, and I can see my life improving each day. You guys have created something very special. Thank you so much!
I’m an artsy person by nature, so the idea of trading was scary… this technology makes it easy to win. I’ve just recently quit my job and have plans to travel the world!

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    Edge Trading Academy (Complete with FREE Bonus)
    Edge Trading Academy (Complete with FREE Bonus)


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