Exponential Profits System

Exponential Profits System is designed to work with market structure and momentum to give you optimal, high-profit trade entries everyday (and even every hour) regardless of what market you trade and whether that market is going up, down orsideways.


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Exponential Profits System is designed to work with market structure and momentum to give you optimal, high-profit trade entries everyday (and even every hour) regardless of what market you trade and whether that market is going up, down orsideways. And regardless of what’s going on in the news, political spectrum or the federal reserve.

In fact, Exponential Profits System quite literallyrepresents my life’s work. It’s years of losses and

heartache and an eventual breakthrough distilled into a process that anyway can follow for Exponential Income.

The results of this approach havebeen incredible to see and experience.

Honestly, it is difficult to talk about the

potential of this system without sounding

ridiculous… without hyping it up and sounding “Too good to be true.”

Because trades of 100%, 300% and even 800% are triggered ALL THE TIME…

They happen every day. Even every hour.

So when you begin to add up the exponential profits that can happen when catching these trades over and over, the numbers simply start sound ridiculous.

Like when we highlighted a trade on Gold Futures (and some corresponding stocks and currencies as well)…

The move started on May 8th and within a few hours the trade was closed out with a 520% gain.

Within a few trading days, a similar entry popped up… This time is was on Crude.

Traders who followed me had a 354% return in less than a day.

And that’s what I mean… Of course we won’t catch every trade that falls in line with my system and there will be losers along the way…

But when you begin to add and compound the results of triple digit gains, one after the other, your opportunity is incredible.

Apple surged into Exponential Profits System on June 9th and while this one took about 12 days to play out, the profit potential was about 340%

After 12 days of waiting, our Entry finally arrived. And it paid off huge…

If you took an option on Netflix in early July you could have quickly been sitting on a 630% ROI

Another Gold trade from earlier in the year went for 915%

And the list goes on and on.

Here’s the thing…

These Exponential Profit opportunities are happening all the time “off the radar.”

These aren’t the type of setups that the big boys on Wall Street can get involved in. They’d have to move billions of dollars and tip off the market before it could materialize…

Heck, by the time they did that, we are in and out with triple-digit returns.

And truthfully, they wouldn’t take the risk of getting all that money in on a short-term move like we can.

These few hours to few day trades are what I call the “retail window.”

They’re the trades that people like you and I can exploit for massive profit potential because we’re not going head to head with Wall Street giants.

Go ahead and try scalping the market for 1 or 2 ticks. The big boys see your orders before they ever get filled and their multi-trillion dollar High Frequency Trading (HFT) infrastructure will chew you up and spit you out before you ever make any progress.

You could try trading Stocks and Options around potential breakouts and news stories for double-digit gains, but it’s almost laughable when retail traders enter that game.Trading against the giants that know the news before it hits the TV and even the insiders who make the news… Good luck.

But the retail window is our game. It’s where incredibly high-profit opportunities appear over and over again in the natural movement of the market where their High Frequency robots can’t break the system and the hedge funds and institutions simply can’t move money in and out or take the risk with their multi-billion dollar clients.

This is our game. You just need to learn how to dominate it.

The Exponential Profits System

Exponential Profits System highlights 2-7 trade opportunities every day. Some are losers, some never meet the rest of our entry criteria…

But multiple trades, every day, soar into triple-digit profits.

Sometimes they’re as quick as the 135% profit in 45 minutes on GBP/USD currency or GBP futures.

Then there are the ones that happen repeatedly within a cycle like those who were brave enough to enter Bitcoin for gains of 230%, 450% and 1,370%

While the gains are exciting (and even more exciting that they happen all the time), it is important to, again, remind you that nothing in the market is guaranteed.

We could keep going with example after example, but I think you understand the profit potential.

At the end of the day, you have to learn to capitalize on the profit potential.

And that’s what I want to show you in this study.

If you’ll stick with me, in just a few minutes you’ll understand:

✔ How making these kinds of returns can become second nature to you and the ability to harness Exponential Profits doesn’t have to be as hard as your experiences may have taught you — though there is time and work involved and we don’t shy away from that

✔ How my team is able to guarantee not only your satisfaction when you trade with the Exponential Profits method, but guarantee specific results that you’ll achieve

✔ How to leverage market structure inside any market or instrument regardless of trend, sentiment or anything else

Before we fully dig in the Exponential Profits System…

Let me say hello!

I’m Richard and I am deeply thankful that you’re here taking advantage of an opportunity to change your life just like I did a few short years ago.

My mission has recently shifted from what I was doing a decade ago when, at that time, I was focused on doing anything I could to put food on the table for my family.

I wasn’t focused on being rich or “living the dream” like a lot of traders I hear from now. I was willing to work hard and put in the hours as long as it would enable my family to live the life I wanted for them.

What happened between then and now is a long story that I’ll touch on later…

But, for now, you should know my mission. I want to do 3 things…

1. Trade part time, have fun doing it, and generate the income for my family to live life on our terms.

2. Run a successful online trading education company with a healthy stream of additional income.

3. Help traders who are willing to work, study and master the Exponential Profits System.

Some traders see that I am making a business from what I learned over the last decade and are turned off by it. And because I know some traders don’t like it, that’s exactly why I wanted to be up front about it.

For me, it was a pretty obvious thing to do. I really believe in the Exponential Profits System and I also believe in the Exponential Profits way of thinking.

Being able to share my life’s work with people who really need it and, at the same time, expanding my profit potential as an entrepreneur was an obvious way to build on my income and expand it.

If you don’t think that way, the system is probably not a good fit for you anyway so I wanted to bring that to the forefront before wasting any more of your time.

The good news for anyone reading this is that my 3-part mission is so connected.

I only teach what has worked for me. I teach the approach that my family lives off.

It’s not a theory that I’ve heard somewhere or an idea that would sound good to sell. It’s quite literally the same strategies that put food on the table for my little boys.

And I know that the only way for me to have a successful business and add a long term, beneficial stream of income to my finances is by truly helping traders.

When students see the results of what the Exponential Profits system does for them, my business will grow organically because I am really helping people. That’s what I want. That means I am 100% dedicated to making sure it works for every single student.

I have a ton of stake in helping every trader who takes me up on my offer succeed.

That’s one of the many reasons I have no reservations in recommending that every trader takes me up on my Exponential Profits offer.

I have no doubt that we’ve engineered is the key to your breakthrough because I’ve lived the breakthrough following the identical steps that you’ll learn in Exponential Profits.

The best part is that you only need to be as qualified as I was when I found Exponential Profits System…

Which means you don’t need a finance degree to benefit from it.

You don’t need some special talent for trading and investing.

You don’t need a ton of money to begin rapidly building your net worth.

Honestly, all you really need is a real desire to be successful. A willingness to follow the EPS.

When you do, opportunities like this start popping up…

Crude Oil Trade

Gold Trade

These are the type of trades that have a direct impact on your life.

The type of trades that let you actually pull some money out of your account to do what you want rather than just putting money in your account and watching it drain.

I don’t have any clue why you want to be a trader…

I am sure you’re interested in a nice house and nice cars and being able to take a vacation without agonizing over it for months.

And that is certainly a huge part of financial freedom.

Being able to pick where I wanted to live and simply go there because the financial implications were no longer a factor since I could generate the same income from anywhere in the world was one of the most impactful benefits to mastering Exponential Profits.

But, my guess is you are probably a lot like most of the traders I have dealt with.

Your main concern is caring for your family and helping others.

And meeting so many traders who are more focused on using money as a tool to give back and make a difference, rather than just the personal benefits to their own life, has pushed me even more to help traders succeed.

I’ve spent over 8 years getting the Exponential Profits system just right.

From very early on when I discovered the retail profit window and how I could trade with the market instead of against it, my trading results turned a long-awaited corner very quickly.

I was starting to make money more routinely than I ever had… even though I was still clumsy in my approach.

Over 8 years, I have seen every market condition, every trade setup, every exit and re-entry scenario…

It’s allowed me to perfect my craft and my Exponential Profits System.

The same system I want to teach to you with 8 years of experiences and guidelines built-in so that you can accelerate your way to Exponential Profits from day 1.

So you probably want to know exactly what makes this approach work.

Why, specifically, when I was exactly like most of the other retail traders out there…

Struggling day in and day out and losing money.

Getting ripped off by losers online who don’t know a darn thing about trading in real markets (at one point, I even had to file a lawsuit from an online con artist who stole money from me).

Trying my absolute best to follow systems, tricks, strategy guides, trade calls, and anything else and never getting a foothold where I gained traction and started building my account in a positive direction.

Why did it all of a sudden change?

Well, in two words: Market Geometry.

Market Geometry is essentially the science of price action. It’s the real nuts and bolts of how markets move and why they move.

It’s not back-tested patterns that tend to repeat.

It’s not indicators that display no-longer-valid data.

It’s not market specific or instrument specific.

It’s not based on current trends or economic criteria.

I am talking about the actual science of price action.

In any market, though each has varying models for how orders are filled, etc., there is a science to how price moves.

When you understand that structure, you can begin to trade inside the natural flow of market movements rather than trying to battle the seemingly chaotic eruptions of price.

Understanding Market Geometry became an obsession for me.

And the more I saw it work, the more obsessed I became with diving into it and exploiting all of the profit potential I could see.

It became very obvious that capitalizing on Exponential Profits System was the difference between continuing to struggle along and lose money and having a life-changing breakthrough.

Now, here’s the part a lot of people shy away from…

That breakthrough didn’t come from a trick… or a secret hack… or anything easy.

Yes, it was a discovery. But it was a discovery paired with a ton of hard work.

I’ve seen countless jokers online talk about breakthroughs or finally finding their “key to success.”

And that’s wonderful for them.

Until they start talking about how easy it was.

Then I check out.

Sorry, no way.

Understanding Market Geometry was a huge breakthrough for me.

I mean, literally the difference between scraping by and now trading part-time for a living.

But it was anything but easy.

I educated myself far and wide to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

No one I could find had simplified the process of finding these intermediate timed trades inside market structure.

I spent years educating myself… Half of that education was reading and researching. Half of it was trading in real markets.

8 years of trial and error finally distilled into the system I make my living off.

And it was definitely not an easy road.

Obviously, it’s a lot easier now. A perfect road map makes any journey a heck of alot easier, but it’s still a journey.

There’s still an education required. There’s still practice required. And I am sure mistakes will still be part of your journey even though you will be able to learn from mine.

If you had been following me up till now waiting for the “trick” to make this work, I am sorry to have wasted your time.

I have made Exponential Profits System as easy I possibly could to follow and I am available to help you along the way with no strings attached, but there will be time and effort on your end if you’re serious about trading.

I suggest 90 minutes a day for at least 3 days a week if you really want to accelerate your success.

Once you’ve mastered Market Geometry, you can drop your routine down to 30 minutes a day or less.

But, if you’re like me, you’ll want to spend a little more time than that each day just looking for more opportunities because you know how profitable they can be.

Like this Crude Oil trade that triggered the other morning…

If you kept your eye on the market you could have added to your entry….

Which could have gotten you an extra 205%

It just depends on how much you want to put the system to work.

It also depends on other factors like your account size and risk tolerance.

While more trades does mean more profit potential, it also means more concurrent risk.

Some traders choose to wait to close out trades before taking other positions, while other traders love to have a “basket” of trades open at the same time knowing that, even with more total risk, the cumulative basket of trades is more likely to yield a profit than just picking one setup if there are multiple available to you.

Either way, the power of Exponential Profits –and why I named it that–is its ability to turn around winning trades that you can re-invest quickly.

I have nothing against lower risk strategies…

Buying value stocks or other assets and holding onto them for decades is a perfectly acceptable approach to wealth-building (at least for a portion of your capital).

And it’s true that even the plain old Stock Market has had very strong returns given enough time.

But I didn’t have that kind of time.

I needed to be able to make significant returns with a pretty small account. And I needed to do it quickly.

Using the retail profit window I could put profits back into my account sometimes in just a few hours.

That meant my next trade would be bigger with more profit potential.

Everyone knows the power of compounding interest.

It’s one of the greatest wealth-building tools on the planet.

But there is, arguably, an even more powerful tool.

And that’s the power to accelerate compounding interest.

The difference between 10% per year and accelerating that to 10% per month…

This accelerator is the true game-changer for people like me who didn’t already have a 6 or 7 figure account.

Imagine you were working from a $17,500 account.

Perhaps you buy up $5,000 worth of shares of a stock you really like…

And assume you picked just right. The stock explodes over the next 3 years, doubling every year!

Your $5K risk has now turned into $40K in 3 years and you, my friend, are one of the greatest stock pickers on planet earth.

You’re ROI is a staggering 800% and your total account now stands at $52,500 — you’re halfway to that 6 figure account you wanted.

Of course, you could have done impressive things with the other $12,500 that you didn’t invest in that one stock.

Let’s say, for example sake, that you really were on fire over that span you double the other $12.5K in just 3 years. Again, you’re now in the top 1,000th of a percent as stock pickers go.

So your total account stands at $65K .. You are KILLING it.

But there’s an alternative.

There’s the Exponential Profits approach.

Imagine taking just a handful of the setups that have occurred in 2019 so far.

Perhaps being more conservative with your risk since “Day Trading” can be more risky so you only put $2,500 on the line for each trade.

A gold futures trade that returned over 1,000%

2 days later an options setup that yielded 450%

The very next day a crude oil trade that netted 225%

And within three weeks, 7 more setups that returned a combined 3,640%

The $2,500 could be standing at $132,875 in a single month.

That is the potential, in real market conditions on real setups…

Turning a fraction of the risk, in a tiny fraction of the time…

Into TRIPLE the ROI of the great stock picking on earth.

And that’s without compounding.

Now, of course, you’ll have to throw some losing trades in the mix…

And you won’t catch every winner either…

There’s a lot you could say probably wouldn’t happen following the Exponential Profits System.

And yet, even handicapping the Exponential Profits approach, it’d still likely outperform the greatest stock-picking on earth in a fraction of the time.

I don’t expect you to have triple-digit returns of your entire portfolio every month.

But I do expect you to see EXPONENTIAL profit compared to the alternatives.

And I expect you to unlock a tangible way to build your account in the fastest way possible.

In fact, I don’t just expect that, I guarantee it.

I’m confident that you can start to trade for a living in a short period of time, even if you don’t have a huge account because that is exactly what I was able to do…

And that was without a road map like this one or someone fully committed to helping me achieve success.

In a nutshell, my Exponential Profits System curriculum will do 3 things….

ONE: it will give you a complete education.

It will lay the groundwork for how you understand price action… How you understand trends, reversals, sideways markets, breakouts, fake outs, etc.

Your entire approach to analyzing the market will now be clear, concise, confident, focused and purposeful.

You will learn the right tools to use and how to use them. You will learn what it really means to predictthe market.

Predicting the market doesn’t mean always knowing what will happen next. It means looking at the information you have on hand and if certain criteria are met, having a high degree of certainty that thenother things will occur.

You will watch in amazement when you say to yourself on Tuesday that “According to my analysis, price should touch this level here and then bounce to this next level here.” and then waking up on Wednesday you see that price has done exactly what you forecasted.

That is the framework, education and expertise I’ll teach you. And seeing it happen is when you’ll begin to get really excited about how much money you can make.

But you still need more than just the foundation and education on market geometry. You need the “How to trade it” stuff.

TWO: It will show you the “How to Trade It” Stuff

This is the nitty gritty. You will get exact entry rules, exit rules, trade management rules, risk management rules and even psychology guidelines for employing this system.

But this is also where it’s important to take a break and explain something…

Exponential Profits is not a strategy, it is a system. And there’s a very important distinction between the two:

A strategy is one set of criteria for how to make a specific trade within a specific situation.

Exponential Profits System is an approach to trading and understanding the markets whereby you can employ a multitude of strategies within that system.

A strategy can be really valuable and, frankly, as a businessman I might be better off selling individual strategies.

But the Exponential Profits System is what I believe in. It is through the system that you’re able to leverage multiple strategies and techniques for every market condition in every instrument.

And it was understanding the system that gave me the breakthrough that I believe you’re looking for so that’s what I want to offer.

And so it is in this part that the system is broken down into not just one set of entry rules, exit rules, etc.

But you will learn how different conditions set up for different strategies and I will break down the complete rules for every strategy that I use and, all told, you will have access to hundreds of real charting examples so that you can implement each strategy with precision in your own trading.

With this, you will be equipped with an entire arsenal of strategies for every market approach. And, honestly, because you will know the system and not just these strategies you will be able to capitalize on even more opportunities than I have specific strategies for.

Once you understand how to position yourself with the flow of market structure, the techniques you can use to pull profit from that structure are limitless. Knowing the system means you’ll never need another strategy again.

THREE: it will give you access to me, personally

This is potentially the most valuable part of the curriculum.

Not because I am just so wonderful, but now you have access to someone who has used the same system to achieve the exact thing you want to achieve.

Whether you want to clarify something in the course, send me a screenshot of your analysis to double-check, ask me about a specific trade or request an extra article on a specific topic…

I am serious about making this work for you.

My reputation depends on it and I have a stringent guarantee that I have to hold myself accountable to.

want people to succeed and this is the best way I know how to confidently guarantee that you will.

The 3 parts of 1. System Framework 2. How to Trade It and 3. Access to me, does have a downside to it though…

And the downside is that you don’t have an excuse.

Trading is challenging but I am giving you the identical approach that I use to make a living from it and access to me for any stumbles along the way.

So there is no reason it will not work for you when you utilize. When you jump in, you don’t have any excuses about the course or help along the way. None. Because it’s all there.

It’s a little bit of pressure on you… Or it would be if I didn’t put the guarantee in place anyway.

Speaking of the guarantee, let me discuss it right now.

Two-Part Guarantee…

Trust me, we’re not difficult to work with if you want a refund… I have absolutely no problem giving you your money back because I certainly don’t want to have people in our community who don’t want to be there.

I do, of course, ask that you finish the whole course before making a request because we are talking about my life’s work here.

It’s always a little frustrating when someone to tell me that, Yes, they are serious about making trading work and they are going all-in to learn my method and yet they tell me they never even logged in to begin…

I mean, this course represents thousands of hours of my time. Time I could have spent with my family, but instead spent investing in this education to make this curriculum a reality. It also represents all the heartache and losses along the way so I just hope people take it seriously.

Anyway, that’s my spiel on that… Please take this seriously because it is a serious opportunity if you’re willing to follow through.

Part 1: Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is basically saying that if you go through the course and you think this is not really what I am saying it is. It’s not really a blueprint to trading for a living. It’s not really the complete guide to being successful. It’s not really everything I know and every strategy I use.

In other words, this is if I under-deliver and the course isn’t all you thought it would be and more. Shoot my guys an email and we’ll happily refund you and apologize for wasting your time.

Part 2: Performance Guaranteed

If you can’t find the triple-digit trades I am talking about, I will refund 100% of your money.

This is for those who might say “OK, yes this course teaches everything you said it would, but I can’t implement the trades”

If you are unable to use the system that you’ve learned to find REAL trades, please let me know.

First, I will try to help you find those trades. But if you don’t believe you’re able to do it, I will gladly refund you for the course and apologize for any inconvenience.

So that’s the guarantee.

I do that because I am incredibly confident in this approach. How could I not be? It is my approach. And I know I will be there to help.

I also do it because this is a side business and it’s not worth making an enemy over something that I don’t see eye-to-eye with you about.

I’d argue that no one should ever request a refund because I know what it is in the curriculum. But I am not everyone.

And the small amount from someone investing in the course is not going to make a difference in my life. It’s definitely not worth having someone upset or even just not thrilled with what they got here.

And, here’s the thing about the Exponential Profits System…

This reassurance about the refund guarantee is not for people thinking they are going to try it out for a day and ask for their money back if they don’t make a whole bunch of money.

Making tons of money within hours won’t happen… so if you are thinking about that, this isn’t for you anyway.

I just know how much stuff is out there and how bad most of it is. I have been burned on more than one occasion.

So this is for the person who says “I am serious about this, I am ready to dive in and I want to uncover the real thing, but I just want some protection in case this guy is fooling me.”

That, I totally understand. I don’t want there to be a stress or uneasiness with moving forward so I put in place a guarantee so you can focus on the curriculum and make it work.

Here’s a snapshot of the curriculum…

Each section is a bite-sized lesson.

Most lessons are just a few pages with some chart examples and easy exercises to do to master a step before moving on.

And like any training, your best bet is to read the key lessons a few times and spend some extra time practicing those (I’ll let you know which ones to focus on most inside the member’s area).

In addition to the written curriculum, examples and exercises, I will routinely add member’s only content via video or written material.

Sometimes I like to add timely commentary, but more often than not these are just additional trade examples or concepts to focus on.

And, as a reminder, I am also available to you personally throughout the curriculum and beyond.

So what you get is an entire curriculum that teaches you A-Z on trading the Exponential Profits System… and the guarantee that it works.

My Offer…

I was once told that to sell stuff online I need to offer “bonuses” to the training so people feel like they are getting more “stuff”… but the curriculum is everything I have.

There are no bonus strategies or lessons because it’s ALL inside this course. And any training I do add will simply be added there for you as well.

You may be wondering what this curriculum is going to cost… How much I might ask you to pay for what essentially amounts to my life’s work and every bit of info that has allowed me to trade successfully.

And I hope to pleasantly surprise you…

See, initially I had the idea that I would charge a premium for this course and only have a few people allowed into the course.

I thought that, perhaps by charging 10 or 12 thousand dollars I would only get the folks who were really serious about trading successfully.

And, that way, my mission to help them achieve success would be a lot more streamlined since these were the folks that were significantly invested in making this curriculum work.

And, honestly, I was more than happy to take 10 or 12 grand for the course…

From an hourly standpoint of what went into the course, it was pennies on the dollars.

Compared to what I lost learning all of this, it was nothing.

And, most importantly, I have no doubt that the return on investment for using the course would dwarf that price or any price.

I know that a decade ago if someone told me that if I could just come up with 12 grand one time and I’d be guaranteed to have all the tools to trade for a living on my terms and have unlimited income potential for the rest of my life…

Well, if I believed them, I’d fork over that $12K as hard as it might have been for me to come up with it a decade ago.

And because I know that this course will give you exactly that, I was confident in charging a premium rate for it.

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I would be eliminating crowds of people who are, indeed, serious about wanting to become successful but simply don’t have 10 or 12 thousand dollars available to them.

And so then I thought about 8 thousand, but arrived at the same conclusion.

And then 4 thousand, but the same conclusion.

And then even 2 thousand but the same conclusion.

Eventually I got the point of saying “OK, I need to price this where I am not eliminating anyone” because I know that there are a ton of struggling traders who will benefit from the course but do not have significant money on hand…

And that’s how I priced the course.

I know that this way it doesn’t come off as a “premium course” that only the most serious can invest in, but I’ve decided to go another route.

I have decided to make it accessible for anyone and the most serious can rise to the top and see the most success even if they started with less.

I’ve see this happen first-hand before, and it excite me to think about the success stories I may hear from people who started small and used this course to change their life. Just like I did.

So I’d like to invite you to start the course today and access the entire thing for just $297

To be clear, that’s a one-time price. There are no hidden recurring charges or other fees.

I am very serious about making sure that, if you are serious about trading, this is accessible to you.

But there is a catch to the low price approach…

Remember that a key part of this program is getting access to me. And I am very serious about that.

Which means I definitely cannot take an unlimited number of traders on.

I am also not going to work 10 hours a day to take on more traders because being working part time and doing the things that I want, when I want with my family is an important part of my life.

So I am going to narrow it down to 200 traders.

This may expand later once all 200 have gone through the course and don’t need a lot of dedicated time from me, but for now, I want to make sure that I can devote the resources I need so that no trader is left behind.

I know that number will fill up very quickly.

I am not making any promises about what happens after 200 because I just honestly don’t know.

I am unsure if I will have to rethink the low price structure, keep it closed for a long period of time, or perhaps I feel comfortable adding a few more.

I am just not sure, but I wanted to be upfront about my 200 plan so everyone is on the same page.

Please don’t join if you don’t feel ready. The last thing I want is for you to feel pressured and take someone else’s spot.

But if you’re ready to become successful, and anything other than not being ready take trading seriously by investing in yourself is holding you back, that’s not a good reason.

I know that mentioning the 200 spots may require you to make a decisions quickly…

That’s another reason I made sure to add my over-the-top guarantee.

I wanted you to know that if you take action now, like I believe you should, I’ve got your back.

Here’s my guarantee again:

Part 1: Satisfaction Guaranteed wth Exponential Profits System

This is basically saying that if you go through the course and you think this is not really what I am saying it is. It’s not really a blueprint to trading for a living. It’s not really the complete guide to being successful. It’s not really everything I know and every strategy I use.

In other words, this is if I under-deliver and the course isn’t all you thought it would be and more. Shoot my guys an email and we’ll happily refund you and apologize for wasting your time.

Part 2: Performance Guaranteed with Exponential Profits System

If you can’t find the triple-digit trades I am talking about, I will refund 100% of your money.

This is for those who might say “OK, yes this course teaches everything you said it would, but I can’t implement the trades”

If you are unable to use the system that you’ve learned to find REAL trades, please let me know.

First, I will try to help you find those trades. But if you don’t believe you’re able to do it, I will gladly refund you for the course and apologize for any inconvenience.

Now that you know what my course is all about and I’m guaranteeing that it works for you, I hope you’ll join me…

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Specification: Exponential Profits System

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Technical Indicator

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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Part 1

Understanding Market Geometry

Analyzing the Market the Right Way


Part 1 – A


The 5 Components of Market Structure

Part 1 – B Your Market Geometry Toolbox
Part 1 – C Corrective Price Patterns
Part 1 – D Summary and Looking Forward
Part 2 Developing your Live Market Trading Strategy

Part 2 – A


Strategy Overview

Part 2 – B Multiple Time Frame Analysis
Part 2 – C Fibonacci Ratios
Part 2 – D Corrective Patterns
Part 2 – E Momentum Divergence
Part 2 – F Final Notes and Conclusion
Part 3 Successful Entries and Live Trade Management

Part 3 – A


The Trading Plan

Part 3 – B Candlestick Confirmation
Part 3 – C Optimal Risk, Entries and Exits
Part 3 – D Optimizing Trades Continued
Part 3 – E Practice Makes Perfect
Part 3 – F Trading Plan Final Notes
Conclusion A Successful Mindest for your Winning Strategy
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