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Forex Binary Options Super Scalper

his is for you guys and gals that don’t want to wait hours to close a trade or trust your trade management… Here comes Forex Binary Options Super Scalper!


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Binary Options Super Scalper Is The Best Scalper To Make Quick Amazing Profits

Hey Fellow , get ready to make really fast money! This is for you guys and gals that don't want to wait hours to close a trade or trust your trade management… Here comes Forex Binary Options Super Scalper! I mean in and out within 15 minutes to 60 minutes max. You know who you are! This is scalping at its finest! Before I show you the amazing results obtainable with this Super Scalper, the next paragraph describes how it all came about.

I created this baby to scalp forex but after using it for a while, I noticed that it almost always, at least 90% of the time, created a 15-minute successful binary options trade at the same time as the forex scalping trade. So I started placing a $65. B.O.'s trade each time, which with my broker, gave me $50. on top of my Fx scalping profit. It seldom missed so I now do a $100. B.O. trade each time which gives me a $76. profit per trade. In conclusion, one can trade either forex or binary options with it but I highly suggest doing the combo trade. This system creates tons of winning trades. I have been trading this awesome system for the past few months at different times through various sessions, so I will start with the latest trades first. This is all end-of-the-year trades but remember that the best trading season of the year starts after New Year for about the next 5 or 6 months. Enough said, below are many charts of the system in with a short explanation. Especially check the explanation on the 5th pic down, a London double trade.


Picture 2

Great little combo Forex/BinOps trade just after the London open. A profitable 25 minutes!

New York Session

Picture 3

Two quickie forex and binops trades left side 1/2 hour after opening, and right side 2 hours after opening. Easy peasy!

London Session

Picture 4

A couple of nice trades. Both were done in 40 minutes starting 40 minutes after London opened. Very nice profit for short-time trading! Notice those BinOp trades are usually won by a good 5 pips often much more!

New York Session

Picture 5

Awesome profit for 1 forex scalping and 1 binops trade, 40 minutes long, 1 hour after N.Y. open!

London Session

Picture 6

Two easy little forex and binary options trades for a neat little profit starting about an hour after London opened. Why did we close the first trade when the rainbow hadn't even flipped yet?

Good question, I thought you would never ask (heh, heh) Seriously, the reason is that scalping moves quite fast and as in most systems, it is quite easy to determine the entry point but not when to close the trade. In scalping, we need to have a sure precise closing signal. So that is why the first aqua up arrow after you open the trade, we must close it. You might argue that we could have made an extra 4 pips if we had let it run. True, but in some cases, you gain a few pips by following this rule and you more than made up those pips if you are doing the binary options trades also because of the extra BinOps trade. So in case you missed this, it will be explained in the User Guide.

Tokyo Session

Picture 7

This is exactly what I was talking about in the London pic before this one. If you had stayed in the trade disregarding that first down arrow, here are your results:  22 pips = $220. and $76. for BinOp trade = a total $296. But by following the simple rules, this is what happened instead: 20 pips +$200. and 4 pips = +$40. and 2 BinOps = +$152.   Total = $392.   Excellent profit for 2 combo forex binops trades generated right at the opening of the session!  OK if you ain't excited by now. maybe scalping isn't for you. But if you are, jump down to the big purchase button and steal this sucker from me right now. For you hesitators, here are a bunch more trading charts.

New York Session Again

Picture 8

Now check this out 2 + 2 trades in 45 minutes with over $400. total profit. Mid-New York session, is usually a dead time for trading. But not for the Super Scalper. This fantastic system will weed out excellent trades at any time. Don't miss out, especially with the best trading months about to come up!

New York Session, a Couple of Hours After Open

Picture 9

Check out this scenario if you live in the mid or eastern USA. You rise mid-morning, and open your trading platform. See this short/put set up. You open your forex trade, place your 15 min. put option with your BinOps broker, and sit back with a good cup of coffee. 15 minutes later you watch your BinOps trade close automatically for an easy win, and then 35 minutes after that you get your signal to close the FX trade. You've already made almost $400. bucks and you enjoy a good breakfast and go on with the rest of your day. Is that cool, or what? This is a regular thing for me and it can be for you also.

London Session

Picture 10

I do prefer trading the N.Y. session because of my timezone but there are some handsome trades during the London and even some good trades during the Tokyo sessions.

Tokyo Session

Picture 11

Like I was saying before, these were some awesome trades during the Tokyo session!

New York Session

Picture 12

Here you go again, two cool combo trades almost back to back, generated a little more than an hour after N.Y. open. The whole thing lasted less than 1/2 hour for a tidy $392. dollars total profit!

Last One – New York Session

Picture 13

This is why I love the old N.Y. session. Besides being convenient for my timezone there are many fantastic trades as seen above! Where else can you make over $600? bucks in less than an hour having fun doing it? You should be ready now to get this fantastic system at an awesomely low price! I will put up some prior trade charts down at the bottom before I discovered the beauty of adding the BinOps trades to the Super Scalper system for those that are interested in checking them out.

Well, guys and gals, if you are alive and breathing, I'm sure most of you have seen how simple and awesome this Super Scalper Forex – Binary Options combo system is. If you noticed most of the best trades generated were substantially after the session opened. That's why this system stands out over others because you can avoid the sometimes wild market openings and still make a bundle in any session at almost any time.

I encourage you to jump on this big “BUY” button below and jump on the bandwagon before I come to my senses and change the price to what it should be “at

the very least $99. bucks.” Can't wait to see y'all on the other side!

As always, you will receive a zip package with all the indicators, a simple User's Guide and a video explaining exactly when you enter and exit your trades along with links to the Forex and Binary Options brokers that I am presently using in case you need it. Also last but not least and priceless is my personal private email support as long as you trading the system. Cheers, Ciao and Happy Trading

Below Are The Prior Chart Pics That I promised

New York Left Side – Tokyo Right Side

Picture 16Left and Right Are Tokyo Session

Picture 17Left Side New York Session – Right Side About 10 Minutes Before N.Y. Open

Picture 18Mid New York Session Trades

Picture 19That's it folks, see you on the other side!


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Forex Binary Options Super Scalper
Forex Binary Options Super Scalper


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