Forex Black Gold Breakout

You can see the wonderful possibilities of this Forex Black Gold Breakout commodity trading system especially during these summertime blues.


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Hey Traders, I’m back again! I just couldn’t bear to see you go through those summertime blues of trading the unpredictable currency pairs for a few months. What happens are the big boys (pros, bank traders, etc.) like to take their summer holidays from about June to September every year. This has a great negative affect on the forex currency pairs. It slows down the markets considerably because of the lack of volume trades and a large amount of those trading are very inexperienced causing crazy sporadic moves in the currency markets. You would be surprised at the amount of traders that place their trades on a whim without any system used, technical or fundamental. But, Trader Ed has a way around all this. Interested?

If you said yes, we are talking about trading a commodity which is Black Gold better known as OIL! This is a whole different animal with a whole bunch of different traders. And now with the U.S probably the biggest producer of oil and gas at this time makes it a very lucrative forex currency alternative, especially during the times that I mentioned above. So whether it be to supplement your other trading or to concentrate on it for these summer months, this system is worth adding to your trading arsenal. So without further ado, I have some very current pics of the system in action below.


OK, in about a 12 hour period, the system generated 8 trades. 7 were winners and one lost which was the 6th trade. That boiled down to a little over an 87% win ratio. There were trade generations in the 3 major markets. Tokyo, London and New York. I have found that the best parameters for the trades at this time are the M15 chart, using a 25 pip take/profit and a 15 pip stop/loss. Just to give you an idea, the total profit on these 8 trades, trading a standard contract would have been $1600. Now I realize most of us wouldnt want to trade a 12 hour day but you know 1 or 2 winners per day in 20 trading days per month would be 5K to 10K profit per month. I’m sure you can see the potential of such a system, right? Next U.S. Oil.

United States Crude Oil

What can I say? 8 trades generated, 8 winners! 100% win ratio, it don’t get much better than that my friend. Again some London, New York and Asian. BTW, I’m not cherry picking, that is every valid trade generated in about a 14 hour period. Again, this is for demonstration purposes. I wouldn’t trade for 14 hours and I expect most of you wouldn’t either. But still on a standard contract, we are talking about a $250. profit each trade. Not too shabby. Next is a video of 5 re-entry trades on the New York open. This doesn’t happen all of tjhe time, but when it does, you patient guys and gals can make some serious money!


Sometimes it is necessary to “think out of the box” or should I say “trade out of the box” heh,heh. There is a special price below my normally very low price for a limited time for those that are fast acting! But seeing pics tell the story so much better, here are a couple more to get the juices flowing.

British Brent Crude Oil Trades

What we have here is 7 trades, 6 winners and 1 loss for a nice over 85% win ratio. A couple of the trades were on the London and the rest on into the middle of the New York session about 11 hours. Again, I don’t expect hardly anyone to trade this long, I just want you to see that there are trades most any time of the day or night. How about another one before we end this party?

US .WTICrude Oil Trades

Here we have 9 trades with 7 wins and 2 losses totaling a 78% win ratio. They ran from the latter part of the Tokyo session through the London and first half of the New York sessions. These include a few re-entries. When you first start trading this system, you might want to concentrate on new entry trades until you’re more comfortable with the system except like in the video where you have a steep solid trigger trend line, then I would go for it as I demonstrated. I also suggest one trade at a time when possible as this keeps the risk well in check. OK my friends at the risk of becoming long winded, I will end my speel. I believe you have enough info to make an intelligent decision on whether you think this system will help you or not to be more successful with your trading. Most forex broker platforms have the oil commodities. If you don’t already have a broker, I can recommend¬†Tradersway¬†whom I have been trading with for years with virtually no problems. As always I also recommend starting with a demo account to familiarize yourself with the system before going live. I have been trading forex over 20 years and still practice that with a new system.

SomeExamplesofNewer Trades

My friends, you’re looking at about 4 hours of trading on a Tuesday, 1st half of the N.Y. session, about 4 hours. There was an audible/text box alert for every trade except the 2 re-entries. Only 2 charts to monitor, 6 clear trades generated and a possible profit of $1500. on a standard contract. Also this is no miracle ocurrance, it happens often with oil trading. All I can say is this is a hot system at a giveaway price. Jump on it before I come to my senses (heh,heh) See you on the other side!

What else can I say except “Jump On In, The Water Is Fine

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