FOREX-BREAKOUT SYSTEM – New and Exclusive Candlestick Patterns

FOREX-BREAKOUT SYSTEM is a set of custom indicators that you can use to find important ranges to trade!


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“Learn to trade Forex like a Bank Trader…”…”Bank Traders are Range Traders”

“This system will help you join the Traders who make REAL MONEY in the Forex Market!”

If you trade Forex without a system – you will lose! You need a system and good money management to have an advantage in the market.
The market is always right. When you win it’s always because you followed the market. Your trade will not affect the market, so why try and go against the trend. “runwiththebulls” and “follow thecrowd”
90% of traders will give their money to the 10% who know what they are doing. They have no emotion! That is why they are successful!
Forex market is $3-trillion a day market driven by the banks There is a lot of money flowing through the market. The tiniest piece of this pie is enough for your wildest dreams!
Most traders with a system lose because they over trade. When you over trade, you are not following the rules. You think you can time it better, or, you feel lucky and trade larger positions. You will alwaysgetburned.
These are the simple truths about the Forex market. Truths are usually gained from experience and always cost you more that you bargained for. Use our tried and tested experience to your advantage and become one of the 10% who make real money.
Let Me IntroduceMyself…
Hi, my name is Dave, and I have been involved in the Forex market for quite a few years, but not in the way you’d think; My background is in Real-Time Systems Analysis and Development.

I work with a number of professional traders who teach me their systems, and I would automate, test and analyse their theories and assumptions.

The reality is, to find 1 theory that is useful, we would have to test at least 100. The result of this exhaustive process would lead us, time and time again to a simple conclusion…

The simpler the theory, the more consistent the gains. …It doesn’t get any simpler than trading ranges!

What is Different About This System..
  • Most EA’s you buy you don’t really understand. The mechanics are always a “secret”……yet you buy them.
  • Many use excessive risk models yet you will put them on your live account immediately because they looked impressive?
  • Many use complicated indicators which only work in certain market conditions.
  • Other EA’s don’t offer you flexibility
  • Do you watch the news channels?

Here’s how we do it…

  • We teach you the concept and set you free to explore the options for yourself.
  • We give the trader full control and understanding of the automation capabilities.
  • We give you the flexibility to change any of the variables to suit your needs.
  • We give you a custom indicator to do your own highly accurate visual back testing.
  • We help you take the emotion out of trading!! The system has no emotions. Letit trade foryou.
  • We call the “News” channel the “History Channel”
My Trading Results…
Here is are statement showing the results of just one range traded on one pair.

As you can see, we’ve been doing this for a while now.

Keep in mind that you could apply this method to any pair you choose!


We don’t back test anything. Back tests are open to manipulation!!! We let our systems trade for a full month to gather data in real time trading conditions.

21 TRADES, 20 PROFITS, 1 LOSS = $1080.OO PROFIT….That was trading MINI LOTS!!! $1 per point!!

That means that you could have made your money back in 3 days!

How about this…
We will give you a custom indicator that you can use to find important ranges to trade!
With this indicator you can plot these boxes for unlimited days backwards allowing you to identify profitable ranges to trade!

This alone is worth over $200! It would take you a month to do this manually!

Luckily for you we are interested in your success and we are passionate about trading!

Extra Bonus Items…

System Indicator…Shows exactly where the systems triggers are – no second guessing
Automated Expert Advisor…You can sleep while it takes care of business – you never miss an opportunity
Additional Indicator #1…Another way you can trade breakouts!
Candle Stick Pattern Indicator NEW and EXCLUSIVE to Forex-Breakout-System…There Combine Western Technicals with Japanese Candle Stick Patterns for real trading advantage!
Each one of these Extra Bonus Items is worth at least $200 each, and you get them all when you buy the system

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PDF’s- Forex Breakout Owners Manual ,Pivot Points, and Fisher

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FOREX-BREAKOUT SYSTEM – New and Exclusive Candlestick Patterns
FOREX-BREAKOUT SYSTEM – New and Exclusive Candlestick Patterns


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