Forex Burgi Signal Indicator

With Forex Burgi Signal Indicator, you use the price levels used by successful traders!


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Do you want a profitable yet brutally EASY forex system? How about something even easier than a system…more like SIGNALS! With Forex Burgi Signal Indicator, you use the price levels used by successful traders!

Hi, my name is Scott Ross, I am a full-time Forex Trader and the Developer of the Forex Burgi Signal Indicator.

I have been using it for years in my daily trading. In forex, I use only things that WORK! And I have to see for myself before I come to that conclusion. I have used lots of things that never worked, so I discovered my own signal about 6 years ago. This can be your solution if you want an easy way to make money in Forex.

If you want an easy way to make money in forex, this can be your solution. I don’t think it can get much more than this. YOU WILL REALLY LOVE WHAT I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU!

If you only have a few readers who only have a little time to stay around your PC for an excellent, this could be a great solution. Many forex traders nowadays want something easy and reliable at the same time. Well, you have it in front of your eyes…


Picture 3This is the Burgi Signal panel that will appear on your MT4 chart. As you can see, it will display everything you need to know when entering a trade. It shows the Entry, SL, THREE Take Profit Points, and Risk/Reward Ratio on each of the Profit Point market trends you the market before entering a trade.

Picture 4


Picture 5Burgi Signal includes it’s down Audio Sound Althe market touches the ENTRY point, an alert will display alert will show displaying,the Currency Pair, Date/Time and Entry. This is very useful f those who perform many different tasks on their computer and must be reminded. This will ALERT you.

See Live Trade Examples!


Picture 6The EUR/USD was on a down trend on this day. Burgi Signal signaled a Sell trade at 1.34973. When the market touched that price, it was 1 which was approximately +32 pips. Note: Although you can exit the trade whenever you want, these Take Profit Points should be the maximum you should use. As soon as you anticipate your exit at that time, mentallyicipate your exit at that time.


Picture 7Similarly to the EUR/USD chart above, the GBP/USD idowntrendmple trade was in a down trend. A Sell Burgi Signal was given at 1.56723. When the market touched the sell level, the marketthreebroke out past profit target 3, which made a profit of +34 pips. Note: If you are satisfied with any possibleyou can exit whenever you want. For example, if you are happy with the pips profit fmidpointuy/sell level to the mid point of Profit Target 1, then feel free to exit with your profits.


What currency pairs can I use Burgi Signal on?

A: Any major currency pair.

Will I be given exact entries of when to buy and sell?

Yes, the Burgi Signal will display the entries and SL and THREE TP points!

If I am a new trader, can I use Burgi Signal?

Yes. It is so easy that even a newbie in forex can use it. Since the signal is given to you, there is nothing you have to do that is complicated.

Can I use this on all platforms and accounts on my PC?

You can use it on UNLIMITED brokers and accounts on your PC.

If I need any assistance, will you help me?

Yes, we will help you with anything you need. Feel free to contact us at any time.



Performance This Month

Grafik 6

A couple of more Trade Examples!

Picture 9

Grafik 3

Grafik 2

Are you surpris that we are including an extra bonus totally free? Well, to give you a peace of mind, we wanted to give you an extra weapon tpaying a reasonables!

The best thing about all this is that you are not paying a ridiculous amount of money for forex software. This is extremely cheap for something of its capability. We want you to have it, that is why we kept it at such a low price!

  • Extremely EASY to use!
  • Can be used on ALL major currency pairs!
  • Entry, TP, SL and Trend all viewable on the panel!
  • All levels projected on the chart!


Specification: Forex Burgi Signal Indicator

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Technical Indicator

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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