Forex Equilibrium Indicator

Introducing Forex Equilibrium – the world’s most efficient indicator to help you find the sweet balance in your trading endeavors!


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Introducing Forex Equilibrium – the world’s most efficient indicator to help you find the sweet balance in your trading endeavors!

Our perfect “Forex Equilibrium” indicator is more than just a Forex trading tool. It’s a tool allowing you a calm trading experience, more confident decisions, and a happy, stress-free life of financial stability. Stop turning your life into a monotonic sequence of actions that don’t bring you joy.

“Forex Equilibrium” is designed for M15-D1 timeframes. All you have to do is to follow its accurate BUY & SELL signals! The decision is done for you; kick back, relax and enjoy watching the balance on your broker account shooting up. Suitable for any skill level, “Forex Equilibrium” is your best bet!

What Is Inside The NEW Forex Equilibrium System

  • 100% NO REPAINT


Picture 13

MEGA PROFIT +1,361 Pips of Total Profit!

Picture 15


Make Max Profit from Almost Every Market Movement!

Picture 17

Just Imagine Making Such Profitable Trades with “FX Equilibrium”!

Picture 19

+523 pips on M30! “Forex Equilibrium” is smarter than the market!

Picture 20

Never Ending Profit with “Forex Equilibrium”!
3 Easy Wins on M15, and you get +174 Pips Profit!

Picture 22

3 Price Movements on H1: +214 Pips Total. This Profit Rocks!

Picture 23


Over the past few years, I’ve tried hundreds of free and commercial indicators, robots, and manual trading strategies. Almost all of them are either a joke or an outright scams. I don’t even want to talk about how angry I get with people who develop these misleading products.

However, there are quite a few interesting tools that made a good impression on me. I was impressed not only with the profitability but also by the idea and the concept.

There was one thing in common with all these products – even though the concepts were interesting and had potential, none of them were anywhere near what I could call a reliable trading tool. I don’t mean to be rude, but all of those indicators were far from perfect…
And… quite often – all the generated signals got LOST!

Picture 26

This is not how I’ve decided to combine the best ideas and concepts contained within the other tools that. I tried with my own favorite trading methods and algorithms.

And you know what?

After incorporating all of them into one truly revolutionary BUY/SELL trend indicator, I was completely shocked.

It’s fantastic to see how great all the trading algorithms work in harmony with each other.

The brand-new “Forex Equilibrium” performs amazingly!

Check out +313 Pips in a row on GBP/NZD

Picture 27

Get only profitable trades with “Forex Equilibrium”
Amazing results on CAD/JPY – +495 Pips of Total Profit!

Grafik 116

+744 Pips on H1. Stable signals go along with stable Profit!

Picture 29

The longer you’re trading, the more profit you can get!
4 wins one-by-one on H4! +918 Pips of Total Profit!

Picture 30

Effective, profitable and mind-blowing!
+1315 Pips with our marvellous “Forex Equilibrium”!

Picture 31

Outstanding profit is closer than you think!

Now you have seen with your own eyes how great “Forex Equilibrium” works on different pairs and different timeframes.

I’m pleased to inform you that you can have the same results and even better!

All you need to do is to put the indicator on the chart and follow its signals. You will not need to make any calculations and spend many hours of analysis, everything has already been done for you!

Picture 34

The special recipe which frees you from guesswork, doubt and reluctance is trading with the “Forex Equilibrium”.

Even if you are a complete newbie to the Forex Market and everything related to it, you DEFINITELY will be able to gain substantial profits fast, and let me show why we’re so confident in that…

As per our traditions, my team has created a special add-on tool for “Forex Equilibrium” users. We have done our best to simplify the process of trading and make it accessible to every person wanting to change their life for the better.

Never before has there been a tool so user-friendly and effective as our brand new “Forex Equilibrium Assistant”.

Picture 37

Of course, the “Forex Equilibrium” is a gem itself, but combined with the “Forex Equilibrium Assistant” the results are simply unreal, it can decorate your chart with pleasant rendering and amazing results!

Once the indicator generates a new signal, the Assistant window pops up on the chart and enables you to enter a trade with only a few clicks and a couple seconds.

The next step is to choose one of the proposed entry points and click on the corresponding button.

The rest of work will be done by the “Forex Equilibrium Assistant”. It will take control over all needed actions such as opening and closing orders at the optimal moment (according to chosen settings). Our tools are extremely advanced. They analyze the market on the basis of its history. That’s why our signals are accurate and non-repaint, which is of the utmost importance for all traders!

We give all the detailed information and examples in our super-easy-to-understand User Guides.

There are 3 Entry Options available: “Enter now and Exit at Opposite Signal”, “Enter Now With Chosen Take Profit” and “Exit at Opposite Signal or TP Level”.

Picture 38 Picture 39

Once you choose the “Enter now and Exit at Opposite Signal” option, a trade will be entered immediately. If you choose the “Enter Now With Chosen Take Profit” option, a trade will be entered automatically once the chosen Take Profit is generated. Choosing the option “Exit at Opposite Signal or TP Level” an order will be closed either when an opposite signal is generated or when the chosen TP level is reached. So, all the possible methods to enter or exit a trade are offered to you immediately after a signal is generated!

Under the volatility conditions on the Forex Market, this is a very useful option. You may not exit trades once an Opposite Signal is generated, but gain more profit without exiting. It’s an excellent option if you’re ready to wait for the price to return in the same direction.


Picture 42


  • Safety = Maximum
  • Trend Detection = Standard
  • Low Risk


  • Signals FREQUENCY = HIGH
  • Safety = Optimal
  • Trend Detection = Sensitive
  • Moderate Risk


  • Safety = Low
  • Trend Detection = Highly Sensitive
  • High Risk


Before you, are 2 distinct directions you can choose from. One way is troubled, difficult to traverse and a hideous struggle.

This is the path you’ve wasted years on.

And it’s not too late to change your course, finally you can turn off into a smooth, straight road with success at the end of it. Hopefully this metaphor has allowed you to see why I’m offering you to take the right road this time with “Forex Equilibrium”

Click “Order Now” and reach to the stars with the “Forex Equilibrium” Indicator.

Aren’t you sick and tired of the same routine, which consists of work at the office and constantly failing to make ends meet?

This question is rhetorical… I guess every person, who strives for the best, comes to such thoughts from time to time. But not every person is brave enough to make a big decision in their life!

Changes can make us feel as if we are losing the ground beneath our feet. But without change, there is no growth and without growth there is no point to keep going.

Success is destined for brave hearts!

Become one of the best and step onto the path that will finally bring success into your life!

You can see some live screenshots of real signals generated by “Forex Equilibrium” soon, and you’ll understand what I mean. This powerful software can become your profit-making tool RIGHT NOW since you’ll gain instant access to the Members-Only Page, where you’ll be able to download the “Forex Equilibrium” Indicator and the step-by-step User Guide, as well as receiving 24/7 email support. My team will come to help you whenever you have any questions.

Outstanding profit is closer than you think.


Here’s a common misconception… It’s definitely harder for newbies to make even a tiny 10 pip profit until they’ve been trading for weeks or months. As a matter of fact, for some odd reason, newbies have been hard-wired to believe that they are not going to make some profit at all. It all makes perfect sense
if we stop and think about it. It’s the way we’ve been brought up.

The other extreme is that some beginners think they are smarter than everyone else who doesn’t make money trading Forex. Oh boy, it is a serious mistake. Some people are smart, true…well-educated, but for some odd reason they still can’t succeed in Forex.

If you believe that you’re smarter, then you’ll believe that you don’t have to put in any effort into making money in Forex, and that will probably destroy your trading career completely.

Get rid of any thoughts that cause you to doubt your chance of developing a personality and making all your dreams come true!

All of your days will remain the same, unless you make the decision to finally break the cycle.

I know it might be difficult to step forward into the unknown, but difficulties are what makes us stronger!

Time for some action!

There’s no way you’ll miss a moment to enter or exit a trade because there are three different forms of alert notifications
that notify you when to open and close your order.

1. MT4 Platform Pop-Up Alert with Sound

There is no need to be glued to the screen. Turning up the volume on your PC will allow you to continue trading during the whole day until the next BUY/SELL signal is generated.

2. Email Notifications in Real Time

Turn on email alerts if you wish to receive notifications when you are not in front of your computer. You will receive an email as soon as a new signal is generated.

Grafik 64

3. Push Notifications on Your Phone

Open up your MT4 app on your smartphone and enter the trade right after hearing and seeing the notification!
It’s really that easy and convenient.

Grafik 63

All you have to do now is follow the notifications that appear on your devices; the hard work has already been done for you. Simply press the button to begin your profitable trade. Our team does everything for your comfort.

Picture 55

“Forex Equilibrium” is a powerful indicator with smart algorithms fitted in, giving extremely accurate signals. My development team did everything to bring our tools as close
to perfection as it’s possible.

The detailed User Guide is clear, easy to read and follow. It has nice examples of all the options that our tools can give you.

Updates – Free available updates to take into consideration any changes in market conditions in coming years.

Support – 24/7 support to make your trading absolutely easy and carefree.

I provide you with ALL THESE THINGS, so you can have the greatest experience trading with “Forex Equilibrium”.


You’ll get more than just the indicator for $147. If you act real fast you can get the ground-shaking “Forex Equilibrium” package, the step-by-step User Guide with detailed instructions, along with my personal life-time email support… which by the way is valued at over $5000 by itself!

What’s more, all risk is on me. I offer you a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Yes, you read it right. If “Forex Equilibrium” does not suit your trading style, simply let me know, and you will get a full refund.

Stop hesitating! You are protected from risks and you can feel secure, everything is given to you! So, take the step and start fulfilling your dreams from this very moment. Otherwise, you’ll be regretting the opportunities you’ve missed..

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  • Effective Trading Algorithm
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