Forex Heatbeat Indicator (Full Kit)


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The Forex market is a real living organism, and the Forex Heartbeat Indicator ideally feels and determines the pulsation of the heart of this organism.

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I am glad to present to you my new great product – Forex Heartbeat Indicator

The Forex market is a real living organism, and the Forex Heartbeat Indicator ideally feels and determines the pulsation of the heart of this organism. Thanks to its filigree algorithms, it will accurately show you the best moment to enter and exit a trade.

Listen to your “Forex Heartbeat” when it's calling for you.

Listen to your “Forex Heartbeat”; there's the best thing you can do!

What is inside “Forex Heartbeat”

“Forex Heartbeat” is a powerful indicator for trading on the MT4 platform. Thanks to its built-in algorithms, as well as its special features, your trading will become as simple as possible and truly profitable.

“Forex Heartbeat” is a marvelous instrument that operates on M1-M15 timeframes and all major currency pairs.

Among its useful features are:

  • Convenient division of the screen into Entry and Exit Zones. The drawing on the upper part of the chart is responsible for the signals to enter a trade, and the lower one is responsible for exiting the trade.
  • BUY/SELL arrows on the upper part of your screen are displayed every time a new BUY or SELL signal is generated. As soon as a trend is determined, you won’t miss it.
  • Two Types of Exits on the lower part of your screen: Main Exit and Extra Exit. You can choose which option suits you more according to your trading style. Extra Exit appears earlier than Main Exit.
  • The setting of Speed of Extra Exit Generation allows you to choose how fast the Extra Exit signal should appear depending on your trading risk type, so it helps to make this Indicator really “yours”.

Right now: Just $129.00Whom does it suit?

“Forex Heartbeat” is a perfect choice for those who're eager to have great trading results, saving their nerves and time. Its peculiarity is that it suits both newcomers and experienced traders.

Picture 10If you're a beginner in trading, then “Forex Heartbeat” is a really perfect tool to start with! You don't need to read lots of information to understand how to make your first profitable trades. All you need is to simply follow its signals. The Indicator will clearly show you when to Enter BUY or SELL trades and when to Exit them.

“Forex Heartbeat” also works great for people who are more experienced in Forex trading. Due to the combination of its smart algorithms, special features and changeable settings, you are getting a wide range of possibilities to make your trading even more profitable.

Thus, “Forex Heartbeat” is a perfect Indicator for both newbies and experienced traders.

Unique Exit Features

“Forex Heartbeat” Indicator shows you several exit options so that you could choose the best one that suits your trading style more

Exit at Extra Exit – is the best for those who prefer safety. In addition, you can choose the speed of Extra Exit generation: Earlier, Standard, or Later.

Exit at Main Exit – for those who are ready to wait a bit longer in order to grab more profit

Also, you can partly Exit at both Extra and Main Exits – it’s a mix of stable but not so big profit and a possibility to get maximum from the price movement

And of course, you can Exit at Take Profit Level of your choice

Thus, “Forex Heartbeat” unique features allow you to catch the right time for closing orders while gaining profit safely.

While arrows near the very candles show when to enter trades, the downside of the screen shows when to exit these trades.

Extra Exit is an additional exit. It’s shown as a small impulse with a cross symbol.

Main Exit goes after Extra Exit. It’s shown as a big impulse with a cross symbol. The Main Exit is generated the very moment a trend changes and an opposite signal (BUY or SELL) is generated.

Sometimes there’s only Main Exit without Extra Exit on the chart.

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Sometimes Extra Exit brings less profit than Main Exit.

Sometimes it may bring even more profit.

Extra Exit is the most optimal choice!

It’s time for new beginnings

Picture 12Whenever you’re doubting yourself or delaying any changes, you lose. I offer you to become a winner for life. If that's what you want, it’s high time to take charge of your own life and change your course. The best things start happening to us when we’re ready to embrace the unknown.

I want to help you walk the path to success and I am ready to lend you a helping hand. And there will be not a fish, but a fishing rod in this helping hand, because as you know: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Such a fishing rod is my “Forex Heartbeat” Indicator. With its help I will assist you to master the skill of earning money in the forex market.

There’s no need to spend lots of time on analyzing the market and calculating the best points to enter or exit trades, “Forex Heartbeat” Indicator will do it for you! You'd better spend the free time on more pleasant things that bring you true pleasure: meet friends, spend time with family and loved ones, work out or watch Netflix on your favorite couch… Picture 13And with all this, your account will constantly grow without much effort. This is what each of us dreams of. And this is what is already in your hands!

Get your copy of “Forex Heartbeat” and do what you really love!

Real Testimonials From Actual Users

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“Forex Heartbeat” in Live Action

Have a look at the superb live trading with “Forex Heartbeat”:


Specification: Forex Heatbeat Indicator (Full Kit)

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Metatrader 4

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Forex Heatbeat Indicator (Full Kit)
Forex Heatbeat Indicator (Full Kit)
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