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Forex Lock Balancer

For any price movement that is against a trader, the Forex Lock Balancer is employed to block losses, enables earnings to increase when the pricing changes for the better!


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For any price movement against a trader, the Lock Balancer is employed to block losses, enabling earnings to increase when the pricing changes for the better!

Forex Lock Balancer can lock a grid or one location and reduces drawdown for other robots by locking-

Instead of employing the standard stop loss, the trader manually sets the first locking line of this . The robot observes the behavior of the price to this line. The robot locks the position (or numerous positions) with a counter order, which acts as a stop loss and limits the loss if the price moves against the trader. However, this is preferable to a stop-loss because it enables you to maintain position in the event of any significant price swings toward loss.

When the lock is closed correctly, you can recover any lost money when the price eventually returns to where it started. You can even increase your earnings as the market swings in your favor. When the price swings in the direction of a loss, the robot performs all locking functions around the level established by the trader, ensuring that losses are limited and creating the opportunity for increased gains when the price moves in the right direction.

Main settings

  • Language – robot message language (English/Russian);
  • Direction – trade direction (BUY/SELL);
  • Mode of operation – Testing  / with manual main entry, or with the main robot;
  • Lot – lot only for the Testing operating mode;
  • Take of the main order – take profit of the main order for the Testing mode, points (0 – no take profit);
  • Magiс of the main positions – Magic of the main positions, (0 – we work with positions set manually);
  • Magiс of the lock – Magic of the Lock (0 – lock will be without Magic);
  • Initial stop loss of the lock – initial stop-loss of the lock, points. It is set when the pending lock turns into a market lock;
  • Break Even – anticipating the closing of the active lock when the price returns in the direction of the profit of the main position;
  • Activation for Break Even – the level of activation of the break-even level, from the level of the initial locking line, points;
  • Trailing the initial lock line – trailing of the initial locking line, points, (0 – trailing is disabled).


Stop losses cannot be used on primary positions; instead, the robot will utilize a standard lock.

You must set Magic of the major positions = 0 if the robot is used to maintain the manually defined positions.

The major positions' Magiс must be set to the same values as for the main robot if the robot is being used to ensure the main positions specified by another robot.

The robot establishes the pending lock at the level indicated by the initial lock line if there are any market positions. The lock will turn into a market and prevent the loss from increasing as the price advances approaching the loss. The loss does not increase even if the price moves significantly in the direction of the loss. When the price reaches the initial lock level, the robot closes the market lock at the break-even point, allowing you to recover funds from the drawdown when the price moves toward the profit and continue to profit. When the price toward locking hits the Activation for Break Even level, the Break Even level is activated.

Depending on the trader's , the positions of the initial lock's lines and orders can be manually changed at any time during the trading process. The robot automatically closes the lock when all positions are closed, whether automatically or manually using take profits.

The initial locking level should be where the chosen strategy would place a stop loss in manual trading. The initial locking level should be where the chosen strategy would place a stop loss in manual trading. However, one should make an effort to select a level with a low probability of flat development to minimize locking losses. It is advised to manually relocate the line outside the flat border if a flat is discovered during work at the level of the first locking line that causes frequent lock triggering.

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