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Forex MinMax Scalper Indicator

Forex MinMax Scalper Indicator: Scalping Indicator that makes Money! MinMax Scalper works perfectly on M1-M15 timeframes, allowing you to get the most out of your trading really fast and easily.


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Forex MinMax Scalper Indicator: Scalping Indicator that makes Money!

Dear Trader,

It seems that I've just found a  recipe for my , and I'm sure it will also suit all your preferences!

It's perfect for you if you know ALMOST NOTHING about trading but want to get an easy daily income whenever there comes an opportunity.

If you've been already thinking about mastering new skills and starting your work in a new field, welcome to our team!

My key idea was to make it as simple and profitable as it could be. I wanted to make it affordable for each trader, no matter how skilled and experienced you are. And I've succeeded one hundred percent.

What is Forex MinMax Scalper Indicator?

BUY or SELL when lines appear with a recommended Stop Loss, and then you will get 2 adaptive Take Profit levels: Min Take Profit and Max Take Profit. For , who are less risky, Min Take Profit is the right moment to exit a trade. Max Take Profit can give you more profit, and it is a good choice for more risky traders.

It's as easy as one-two-three!

“MinMax Scalper” works perfectly on M1-M15 timeframes, allowing you to get the most out of your trading really fast and easily.

Even if you have a small deposit, you can easily make from 5 to 10 quick trades that will boost your profit up to $100 or more per day. With a good strategy and high-quality tools, you can multiply your profit without any limits and become financially free.

What Is Inside The NEW MinMax Scalper



Picture 14

Never-ending profit with “MinMax Scalper”


4 successful trades in a row on M1!

Picture 18

*Screenshots are showing the profit that could be made if trades are closed at max TP levels.

+215 pips with “MinMax Scalper”! Get your easy profit right now!

Picture 19

*Screenshots are showing the profit that could be made if trades are closed at max TP levels.

3 fresh trades on M1! No need for hard work.

Picture 21

*Screenshots are showing the profit that could be made if trades are closed at max TP levels.

+357 Pips Total Profit! “MinMax Scalper” can get you mind-blowing profit!

Picture 22

*Screenshots are showing the profit that could be made if trades are closed at max TP levels.

+302 pips on M5 and no worry about the future!

Grafik 107

*Screenshots are showing the profit that could be made if trades are closed at max TP levels.

6 wins on M1 CHF/JPY. Get your profit easily and fast! +212 PIPS

Picture 25

*Screenshots are showing the profit that could be made if trades are closed at max TP levels.

Forex MinMax Scalper Indicator Will Change Your Life!

Isn't it amazing to be independent and carefree?

I know the taste of life like this, and I'm absolutely sure that you'll love it too.

The list of advantages is significant! You can say goodbye to your boss, joyless work! You can stop blocking the voice of reason, start spending time the way you want, try out new hobbies, dedicate more time to your friends and family, and get the opportunity just to slow down and enjoy your life!

Why am I telling you this? Because I know the difference between an office job and being your own boss, taking control of your life.

I used to jump from one job to another, hoping the next one would be “the right one for me”.

But every time I made a move, thinking the grass would be greener on the other side, what I discovered was more dirt.

And at some point, I decided that I'd had enough. I'd suffered enough, I felt devastated. I needed a breath of fresh air coming into my life, I needed something to bring me back to life.

The Forex Market gave me this possibility. That's why back then, I decided that I could spend my free time helping people, who are eager to start their trading path.

Picture 28


Picture 37

The basic principle of the “MinMax Scalper” has cutting-edge solutions, helping you to get reliable signals one by one with guaranteed security and stability.

Select a Trading Style that suits you: Conservative, Medium, Aggressive, or Custom (it allows you to manually alter the frequency and range parameters).

As soon as “MinMax Scalper” detects a trading opportunity, you can see the BUY/ SELL Entry Levels on your chart. BUY Entry lines are marked yellow. SELL Entry lines are marked red. Once the price strikes BUY/ SELL Entry lines, you immediately receive an alert, as the Indicator confirmed a good trading opportunity. You open an order, and the Stop Loss level line is rendered automatically. After a while, when the Indicator finds an optimal moment, the Take Profit Range with Min and Max Take Profit Levels becomes visible on your chart and all you have to do is to choose when to close the trade with Min Take Profit or Max Take Profit.

As you can see on the chart, you enter a trade when the price hits Buy or Sell Entry Level that are generated at the most advantageous moments by the highly efficient algorithms.

After this, Stop Loss Level is rendered automatically. When the Take Profit Range with Min and Max Take Profit Levels becomes visible, all you need to do is to wait until the price strikes the Range.

Even if the price hits Min Take Profit Level, you can exit manually whenever you want if the price goes beyond Min Take Profit.

It's a great opportunity to see how safe you are in your trading and where you can exit trades, as Take Profit Range shows it clearly where you can exit with minimal risks and minimal profit as a consequence and where you can increase your profit, increasing the level of risks as well.

Trading with this feature will help you to step into worry-free and fulfilling future, make all your dreams come true and bring your life to the next level.

The signals never repaint.

Picture 38

Forex MinMax Scalper Indicator Scalper Kit

As I've already mentioned, it's possible to gain profit even without any Forex competence. And what is amazing is that you can do lots of different things at once: study, practice sports, spend time with family, travel, work at another place and run your own business! Everything you want! Forex profits can be just an additional pleasure in your life.

It's up to you what to choose and how much time to devote to your trading career.

And to offer you even more freedom than we've already offered, we've designed a special add-on tool just for “MinMax Scalper”. We're glad to present you with the “MinMax Scalper Assistant”. We've done everything to simplify the process of trading and make you fall in love with our tools!

Picture 41

We want to make trading available for everybody and “MinMax Scalper” as easy as it can be! My dream is to create a perfect kit, which will satisfy the preferences and needs of each trader, no matter how experienced they are.

That's why I keep working and moving forward, allowing you to experience all the joys of trading using my indicators and assistants.

Combined with “MinMax Scalper Assistant”, our “MinMax Scalper” is just the 8th world wonder!

Where else can you find a product so eye-pleasing, easy to use, effective, and profitable? You can invest your money in something, which will definitely get you a huge profit, and you'll return all the spent money over and above.

Once the indicator generates a new signal, the Assistant window pops up on the chart and enables you to enter a trade with only a few clicks and a couple of seconds.

The next step is to choose one of the proposed entry points and click on the corresponding button. And the next steps will be taken by “MinMax Scalper”. It will take control over all needed actions such as opening and closing orders at the optimal moment (according to chosen settings).

Our software is extremely efficient and accurate. It analyzes the market on the basis of its history. Due to different algorithms and strategies, the results of trades are simply fantastic! Isn't it the most important thing for all traders?

We give all the detailed information and examples in our simple-to-read-and-follow User Guides.

Picture 42 Picture 43

There are 3 Exit available: “Exit at Min Take Profit”, “Exit at Max Take Profit” and “Exit at chosen % of Take Profit”.

Once you choose the “Exit at Min Take Profit” option, an order will be opened immediately and closed when the Minimum Take Profit is reached. If you click on the button “Exit at Max Take Profit”, an order is opened and closed when the Maximum Take Profit is reached. If you choose the third button, you exit the trade at the Take Profit you've set manually.

You can choose the % of Take Profit whichever you want. Our default % of Take Profit is 33%.

Such a wide variety of Exit options! Choose whatever you want with different levels of risk. So, everybody will find a strategy that is close to their preferences.

Click “Order Now” and enjoy trading with the “MinMax Scalper Kit”!

There's no way you'll miss a moment to enter or exit a trade because three different alert notifications notify you when to open and close your order.

Even if you tend to forget about Forex trades, our Indicator won't give you such an opportunity. It will inform you of each new signal via the following channels:

1. Pop-up Alert with Sound on MT4 Platform

No need to stare at your screen, trying not to fall asleep for hours, and guessing when it's the right moment to enter a trade. Just turn the volume up and get other things done in the meantime. When you get the alert, check your chart with the “MinMax Scalper” attached and place your trade.

Grafik 76Grafik 75

2. Instant Email Notification

You can receive email alerts within seconds. It's really convenient when it pings on your phone.

Grafik 74

3. Push Notification to Your Mobile Phone

The good thing about this method is that as soon as you get the notification, you can pull up your mobile trading platform and open the trade right away.

Grafik 73

Every trade is important. The more trades you open, the faster your financial status changes for the better.


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