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Forex Pips Master Premier

Forex Pips Master Premier is an amazingly profitable Forex System that works on ANY pairs, ANY timeframe … and is so simple you can be trading in less than 7 Minutes!


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Forex Pips Master Premier is an amazingly profitable Forex System that works on ANY pairs, ANY timeframe … and is so simple you can be trading in less than 7 Minutes!

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Yes, the Forex Pips Master Premier is an All-rounder…

Dear Profitable Trader:

2 Minutes and 38 seconds is all I ask…

Give me this tiny amount of your time, and I will prove what I’m about to show you: The Real Premier Forex Trading System!

There will be no hype, no lies, and no false promises!

I bet you’re sick and tired of all the same over-hyped junk Forex products that land uninvited in your inbox, right?

I know the feeling… I wonder how often I must click the “unsubscribe” button –to try and…

Picture 4

I don’t understand why it isn’t that hard to make money in Forex.

So why do these guys make such a massive effort to sell you their nasty “overnight riches” Forex products?

They’re doing it to make money… so why don’t they trade Forex rather than try and sell you what is typically a “scam” product?

Picture 5

Well, at least, I know part of the answer– these guys can’t trade Forex, so they try to sell you something they “invented” instead.

But that’s only half the truth – what they’re selling you is just some garbage they made up – they have to over-hype to convince you to buy their products!

But you’ve got to hand it to them – some of their “sales pitches” are appealing.
(and they need to be with the junk they sell.).

The fact is, I feel sorry for these guys!

They’ve somehow managed to fail at trading completely.

And you know…

Grafik 21

Listen – most people think Forex is some “mystical” market where you need the latest technology or system.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

How do I know this? Because…

Grafik 20

Here’s something else… when you see a Forex system that says it’s for a specific currency pair or specific timeframe… be very cautious.

You do realize that…

Grafik 19

A system that works on one currency pair today could quickly stop working tomorrow!

Of course, a system that works on ALL currency pairs is unlikely to stop working …EVER!

The same is true for systems that work on ALL timeframes – they are unlikely to stop working.

Now, listen to this carefully: you need to know that the system you decide to trade will not suddenly stop working tomorrow!

So while the self-proclaimed Forex “gurus” are all climbing over each other to grab your attention and sell you their next “killer system,”…

Grafik 18

It gets even worse… most of the systems you see are just “curve-fitted” to make them look profitable historically.

Yes, you heard me correctly…

Grafik 17

Hell, I don’t even need to tell you this…

If you’ve ever bought one of those Forex “robots” or “automated systems,” – you’re almost certain to have experienced poor results.

You will probably have experienced break-even on your account if you were lucky!

In most cases…

Grafik 16

I’ve seen it happen – and it’s not pretty!

Forex is not about trying to find something that you hope will work for a year – or even just a few months.

If you take your trading seriously (which I assume you do!), you’ve got to think…

Picture 12

Okay, now let’s get down to business: I’m not here to tell you to keep away from poor Forex products – well, not without offering you an alternative, at least!

Like I said – I trade a straightforward Forex system – and I’ve done this for quite some time.

Check the system out for yourself…

Picture 13

Our Powerful Indicators will show you where to place your Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit Target.

There is no second guessing…

Picture 14

Here’s another example of the USDJPY M15 timeframe.

We place our stop orders waiting for the Bears to take charge. Our TP targets were met in 2 hours or less, and we were out of position and ready for the next trade.

Picture 15

Even for Gold or XAUUSD on the M5 chart, we placed our Buy Stop Order waiting for a breakout. When the Bulls decided to take charge, we quickly got into and out of position.

That’s the power of momentum trading!

The new Forex Pips Master Premier is extremely easy to use, making it so powerful that even a New Trader can use it with little learning time.

  • Works with ALL Instruments as Long as It’s on MT4!
  • Generates more trading signals, and You Don’t have to wait for the signals to happen! You already know ahead of time the levels you need to enter into a position.
  • Has Market Noise Filters embedded!

Grafik 11

It provides you with automatic buy/sell/exit signals, so you never have to worry about whether you are making the right decision or not!

Works in multiple market conditions (trending, reversal, or sideways). You don’t need to wait for signals, as it works on any timeframe, any pairs. And it even works well in all market conditions… if there is no movement, you are in a cash position!

False signal filtering prevents entering losing trades and deceptive market movements. Safe & Risk-free!

It gives you 100% control over your trades – this is an indicator, not a robot, so you always maintain complete control of your trades!

It is straightforward to use. Set it up in just 3 minutes and start receiving automatic buy/sell/exit signals – nothing could be easier!

It offers you an unmatched high winning rate! The average annual profit of the software is 3,182.29%

Will this Work on Indices? Absolutely!

Picture 17

The Main thing that makes this system so powerful is that you are in a cash position most of the time. When there’s momentum, then only you get into position.

The System is designed to make steady, consistent pips for me… and now you too.

I see much junk out there in Forex … and I thought it was about time I gave YOU something that would finally bring you success!

I’ve detailed my entire trading system for you:

Picture 18

Grafik 8

Here’s what you need to know – I cover everything from when to enter to when to exit.

There are clear-cut, black-and-white rules for every part of my system – so you’re never left in the dark!

You can download the indicators that will help you identify critical price levels for Entry, Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Specification: Forex Pips Master Premier

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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