Forex POW Banker EA 7.7 (MT5)

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You don’t need to know where the markets are going next; let the Forex POW Banker EA for Metatrader 5 do all the work for you.

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You don’t need to know where the markets are going next; let the Forex POW Banker EA do all the work for you.

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The Forex POW Banker EA will work 24/5, so you don’t have to.

  • It runs itself 24/5. Once set up, the EA will do its thing while going about your day as usual.
  • Hedging & Averaging Strategy. It will enter both buys and sells as and when required.
  • Integrated Risk Management. Manage open drawdown with the integrated equity protector settings.
  • ​Built with Prop Trading in mind. That’s right; you want an EA that will help you pass a Challenge and trade live? We’ve integrated the most common Prop Trading rules to prove it works and identify settings that will, in turn, increase the probability of a Challenge Pass!
  • ​The average challenge pass rate from our research is less than 8%. We can 9X this with proven pass rates of more than 74%! All without the stress of analysis and being in front of the charts. We’ve created a ‘custom criterion’ in MT5 to show the pass rates.
  • Using a Prop Firm where trades have to be closed on a Friday? We’ve got you covered with that, too; the EA can close transactions on a Friday and restart itself – all automatically.
  • ​The RSI Feature will help reduce the frequency and drawdown of trades – this can be as specific as you want it to be. With customizable timeframes and RSI Periods.
  • ​Do you want to trade a specific trading session? You can set custom trading times to suit when you wish to trade.

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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” (Warren Buffet)

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Here’s proof Forex POW Banker EA works…

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Click the link below to view google drive, where you can log in to our accounts, check myfxbook stats and see prop firm passes, like FTMO.

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I’ve seen similar things, how is this different?

There’s a load of EA’s out there, I know.

The thing is, sometimes things aren’t as they seem…

Let me explain.

You see a back-test result showing an account going from

£500 to £500k in 3 years, wow, right?

You buy it; it pops your account.

Two main reasons for this one. The vendor hasn’t given you the explanation and guidance on HOW you can manage and set your own risk, agreed?

They just gave you the good news, I bet?

The thing is, ‘Perfection’ doesn’t exist, sorry.

Broker feeds are all different for testing; the past results aren’t guaranteed to replicate into the future – all that stuff.

However, testing is all we have, and yes, it is essential.

BUT, take that £500 to £500k example above – what is the drawdown was above £500 without stop loss or drawdown management?

You would’ve blown your account if you’d have started at a different

moment in time.

We don’t test like this. We factor this in to ensure these sorts of things aren’t misleading.

And we give you the ‘balanced’ view of our trading tools.

They’re tools to help you, but they need understanding and managing in line with your risk appetite.

Else you can say your account goodbye when you don’t set the risk you’re happy with or get greedy chasing that new Lambo that everyone on your social media feed seems to have.

We used Walk Forward Pro to test the robustness of the Forex POW Banker EA.

Walk Forward Pro Software uses multi-stage walk forward analysis, combined with best-practice back-testing & optimization methodologies, to help produce more profitable and robust expert advisors for MetaTrader 4.

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£1k to £22k in under three years with a 30% – Equity Stop set within the test – with 99% modeling data via

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BUT, this isn’t for everyone…

If you’re trying to turn your £1000 into £10,000 in a month.

We’re not right for each other.

​If you’re looking for a guarantee of a 100% pass rate for your prop challenge, we wish you a good day.

It simply doesn’t exist. But, this is as good as it gets, we believe!

​Hoping this is the silver bullet to solve all your problems?

I’m afraid there’s no silver bullet. Every trading system requires you to understand the upsides and limitations. The key to longevity and consistency is always managing your account with control and discipline – never relying on ‘hope.’

Here are questions committed traders as you had before making the smart decision to join…

I’m only a beginner; can this help me?

You’re the perfect person. You’ve not got the bad habits or the shit expectations.

You need to follow the videos provided to get this setup.

Is this MT4 or MT5?

This is to be run on MT5. If you use MT4, only your broker will allow you to set up an MT5 account to use this. Otherwise, too, you can run via a copier.

What is the win rate with the strategy?

Win rate means nothing in isolation. A trader with a 10% ‘win rate’ can make more money than a trader with a 90% win rate. Quoting a 94% win rate means f**k all unless you understand the average winner and loser’s value.

Trading isn't about how many trades you win.

It’s about how much you make when you are right vs. how much you lose when you are wrong. However, the Banker EA will have a high win rate, and trade sequences will not close in an overall loss. However, this isn’t without risk, of course – so managing that open drawdown with our SL feature is key.

How much can I make per month?

The people who give you an average % return per month are talking rubbish. this is an impossible question, I am afraid…

Does this hedge?

Yes, it does by design. We know that some prop funds don’t allow this—however, good news. By using the RSI Feature – you can still set a specific Long or Short direction per pair.

Will you help with pairs and settings?

Yes, we will be sharing all the results of our tests and share the ‘best practice’ from their findings.  

What do I need to get started?

To run an EA, you’ll need access to a Computer and a VPS. A VPS Is a ‘Virtual Private Server’ – this means you’re using a computer that will run 24/7 for the EA to work uninterrupted. These cost $9.99 a month to use.

Can I set up from my phone?

No, afraid not. You’ll need a computer to do this – and a VPS. You can run on a Mac, too, but function to use a Windows PC via the VPS and the remote desktop. Once set up, you can watch and manage trades from your phone as normal.

I’ve tried similar (or seen similar ads) before and it didn’t work, why is this going to work?

There are loads of EA’s on the market; we get that. But, most don’t give you the same profitability they advertise. This is due to numerous factors at play, the server they backtested on, their approach to optimizing, the backtesting data used, etc. We’ve invested in 3rd Party programs to help us use a Walk Forward Process to ensure a robust process. Don’t forget we also have the data on Funded Challenge success rates to enable YOU to take confidence in the pass rate probability. This is the first we’ve seen with this feature and detail.

Is this a martingale strategy?

These have bad press, but the reason is – people forget all about managing their risk. A martingale strategy can work perfectly fine; it simply means the lot sizes will increase while a position is in drawdown. This, however, requires respect and discipline to manage your equity with an SL which can be done. The martingale feature can also be turned off – by changing the Lot Exponent to 1.0.


Specification: Forex POW Banker EA 7.7 (MT5)

Product Type

Expert Advisor

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 5


6.5 (EX5-DLL), 7.1 (EX5-DLL), 7.5 (EX5- NO DLL), 7.7 (EX-DLL)

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  3. takenslav (verified owner)

    not even work

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  4. Peter M. (verified owner)

    Unbelievable! I’ve been buying EA’s for several months and they all sucked. Blew demo accounts, etc. Heard about the Banker EA but couldn’t afford it. This is site here has it and so I tried it. First week it did $10,922 in PROFIT on demo account! Two pairs only. Never ever saw that. A few more weeks of testing and I’ll be going for the funded account!

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  5. Louis-philippe Larouche (verified owner)

    Hi, I just bought the Forex POW EA, followed the instructions but it doesn’t work, may I have some assistance please

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    What You’ll Get:

    • Installation MT5.txt
    • MT5 Testing Time conversion.png
    • Beast mode V2 (Delay).set
    • Video Exp – Beast mode V2.mp4
    • Beast v1.set
    • Gold LTF RSI Delay Backtest Nov.html
    • 01-11 Start.xlsx
    • 08-11 Start.xlsx
    • 11-10 Start.xlsx
    • 15-11 Start.xlsx
    • 18-10 Start.xlsx
    • 22-11 Start.xlsx
    • 25-10 Start.xlsx
    • 4-10 Start.xlsx
    • Oct-Dec BackTest BRK 200k 1-200L.xlsx
    • Pass Rate Test.csv
    • Bailey Gold Tweaked.set
    • VIDEO EXP – Bailey Gold Tweaked.mp4
    • FTMO- Fixed lot- Asian session.set
    • FTMO REPORT- Fixed Lot Asian session.xlsx
    • TCF REPORT – Fixed Lot Asian session.xlsx
    • TPT REPORT – Fixed Lot Asian session.xlsx
    • Gold 3 (RSI) Delay.set
    • VIDEO EXP – Gold 3 (RSI) Delay.mp4
    • 3.0 Lots.xlsx
    • 6.0 Lots.xlsx
    • Gold Asia Set 6.0.set
    • Video Exp – Gold Asia Set File.mp4
    • Gold Live Test Video Results 1201.xml
    • Gold test 2.xlsx
    • Gold test.xlsx
    • Gold testing.mp4
    • Back test Gold 2500 EP.xlsx
    • Gold 2500 Daily Loss.xml
    • dec.xlsx
    • ice ice baby.set
    • Ice Ice Baby.xlsx
    • jan.xlsx
    • nov.xlsx
    • oct.xlsx
    • READ ME.docx
    • TPT 1.xlsx
    • TPT 2.xlsx
    • TPT 3.xlsx
    • TPT 4.xlsx
    • TPT 5.xlsx
    • TPT 6.xlsx
    • TPT 7.xlsx
    • TPT 8.xlsx
    • TPT 9.xlsx
    • OPT 1208.ini
    • FTMO Challenge Set 1 3004 BACK.xlsx
    • FTMO Challenge Set 1 3004 FORWARD.xlsx
    • FTMO Challenge Set 1 3004.png
    • FTMO Challenge Set 1 3004.xlsx.set
    • FTMO Challenge Set 2 3004 BACK.xlsx
    • FTMO Challenge Set 2 3004 FORWARD.xlsx
    • FTMO Challenge Set 2 3004.png
    • FTMO Challenge Set 2 3004.set
    • In-out sample FTMO challenge Test Results.xml
    • Ftmo challenge Set 1 In Sample.xlsx
    • Ftmo challenge Set 1 Out of Sample.xlsx
    • Ftmo challenge Set 1.png
    • Ftmo challenge Set 1.set
    • Ftmo challenge Set 2 In Sample.xlsx
    • Ftmo challenge Set 2 Out of Sample.xlsx
    • Ftmo challenge Set 2.png
    • Ftmo challenge Set 2.set
    • Ftmo Opt Download.xml
    • OPT FILE 3006.ini
    • Test 1 FTMO Backtest.xlsx
    • Test 1 FTMO Forward.xlsx
    • Test 1 FTMO.png
    • Test 1 FTMO.set
    • Test 2 FTMO Backtest.xlsx
    • Test 2 FTMO Forward.xlsx
    • Test 2 FTMO.png
    • Test 2 FTMO.set
    • FTMO Set 1 Backtest.xlsx
    • FTMO Set 1 Forward.xlsx
    • FTMO Set 1 FULL.png
    • FTMO Set 1 FULL.xlsx
    • FTMO Set 1.png
    • FTMO Set 1.set
    • FTMO Set 2 FULL.png
    • FTMO Set 2 Backtest.xlsx
    • FTMO Set 2 Forward.xlsx
    • FTMO Set 2 FULL.xlsx
    • FTMO Set 2.png
    • FTMO Set 2.set
    • HIGH RISK (100K).set
    • ICM Ful OPT Results.xml
    • OPT 1208.ini
    • ICM Challenge Set 1 3004 BACK.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 1 3004 FORWARD.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 1 3004.png
    • ICM Challenge Set 1 3004.set
    • ICM Challenge Set 2 3004 BACK.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 2 3004 FORWARD.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 2 3004.png
    • ICM Challenge Set 2 3004.set
    • ICM In Sample+Out Sample Full Data.xml
    • ICM Challenge Set 1 In Sample.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 1 Out Sample.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 1.png
    • ICM Challenge Set 1.set
    • ICM Challenge Set 2 In Sample.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 2 Out Sample.xlsx
    • ICM Challenge Set 2.png
    • ICM Challenge Set 2.set
    • OPT FILE 3006.ini
    • Test 1 ICM Backtest.xlsx
    • Test 1 ICM Forward.xlsx
    • Test 1 ICM.png
    • Test 1 ICM.set
    • Test 2 ICM Back.xlsx
    • Test 2 ICM Forward.xlsx
    • Test 2 ICM.png
    • Test 2 ICM.set
    • ICM Set 1 Backtest.xlsx
    • ICM Set 1 Forward.xlsx
    • ICM Set 1 FULL.png
    • ICM Set 1 FULL.xlsx
    • ICM Set 1.png
    • ICM Set 1.set
    • ICM Set 2 Backtest.xlsx
    • ICM Set 2 Forward.xlsx
    • ICM Set 2 FULL.png
    • ICM Set 2 FULL.xlsx
    • ICM Set 2.png
    • ICM Set 2.set
    • POW_BANKER_EA_V6.5.ex5
    • 2021 Full Year – Set 1.xlsx
    • FTMO FUNDED 1.set
    • FTMO Funded 1.xlsx
    • In sample _ back test – Set 1.xlsx
    • In Sample _ Out of Sample forward test.png
    • in sampleout of sample..png
    • Out of sample – forward test Set 1.xlsx
    • 2021 Full Year – Set 2.xlsx
    • FTMO FUNDED 2.set
    • FTMO Funded 2.xlsx
    • In Sample – Out of sample _ forward test – Set 2.png
    • In sample _ back test optimisation – Set 2.xlsx
    • Out of sample _ forward test – Set 2.xlsx
    • ICM Funded Set 1.png
    • ICM Funded set.set
    • ICM Funded Set.xlsx
    • ICM Funded Set 2.set
    • ICM Set 2.png
    • ICM Set 2.xlsx
    • TPT Funded.set
    • TPT Funded.xlsx
    • fx 1min rsi 70_30 delay.set
    • VIDEO EXP – FX 1min RSI 70_30 Delay.mp4
    • FX SET RSI DELAY.set
    • 5 min RSI with delay.set
    • fx rsi 1 min delay 0.01.set
    • Master 7 1.PNG
    • Master 7 2.PNG
    • Master 7.txt
    • liveupdate
    • msimg32.dll
    • oleacc.dll
    • terminal64.exe
    • 01dcba0c1235ac897a4114d40cf61f18_314ec
    • Challenge Pass Optimisation File.ini
    • Using the Optimisation File.mp4
    • POW BANKER EA _ Drawdown calculator – Google Sheets – 22 March 2022.mp4
    • POW BANKER EA _ Drawdown calculator MAKE A COPY.xlsx
    • fx 1min rsi 70_30 delay.set
    • VIDEO EXP – FX 1min RSI 70_30 Delay.mp4
    • FX SET RSI DELAY.set
    • POW Banker EA _ Profit Journal MAKE A COPY.xlsx


    Forex POW Banker EA 7.7 (MT5)


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