Forex Profit Capture Plan-B Robot

Profit Capture Plan-B is a GBP/JPY 15-minute day trading swing trade.


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Profit Capture Plan-B is a GBP/JPY 15-minute day trading swing trade.

The default is the portfolio performance of the Forex Profit Capture Plan-B Robot. Please check the individual results by selecting the magic number from the details.

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Overview from the backtest results of the past 13 years

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Forex Profit Capture Plan-B Robot Features

  • No loss in all years!
  • The profit that can be expected in one trade is 4,400 yen!
  • Starting at 1 million yen, the average annual profit is 480,000!
  • Maximize profits when the trend continues with the trailing function!
  • Respond to market conditions with the variable stop loss (up to 110 pips)!
  • Entry emphasizes reproducibility of backtesting with opening price operation
  • The maximum position is 2, and the average number of trades is 1-2 times a week
  • No Namping, No Martingale

Spread tolerance

Since the profit expected in one trade is as high as 4,500 yen, it is expected to be sufficiently positive even if it is affected by the spread.

The following results from backtesting the spread with ” 5 pips “, but it can be confirmed that the profit graph can be maintained upward.

Picture 6

Concept of operation lot

The concept of operation lot will vary depending on each user, but the most important thing is: “How much percent of the money can you endure?”

Please refer to this way of thinking when deciding which lot to operate.

The backtest of this EA is 0.35 lots for 1 million yen.

If you start with an investment capital of 1 million yen, it will be an operation that the fund may be reduced to 300,000 yen due to drawdown.

In other words, a slightly higher risk setting allows a drawdown of about 30%.

If you want to set low-risk low returns, please reduce the number of lots.

Parameter Settings

MagicNumber: Magic number Initial value “97101202”. Please set it, so it does not overlap when using it simultaneously with other EAs on the same account.

Lots: Number of trading lots Initial value “0.35” Please set based on the acceptable risk.

MaxSpread : Maximum spread Initial value “5.0 (5.0 pips)”

Slippage: Slippage initial value “3 (3 pips).”

GMT: Initial value of GMT of each Forex company “2” If the GMT of the Forex company is GMT+2/Summer+3, “2”, GMT+9 “9”, GMT+0 “0”

Summertime: Summer time correction Initial value “1”. Enter “1” for the US system, “2” for the British system, and “0” for Forex companies that do not have summertime.

WeekendClose: Weekend settlement Initial value “true” Enter “true” for forced settlement on the weekend, and “false” for carryover of weekend positions.

EntryNG_EndofYear: Year-end and New Year operation restriction Initial value “true” Restricts year-end and New Year operation with “true.”

RolloverDelay: Entry delay time at Initial rollover value “5”. Many Forex companies do not accept orders during rollover time.

In addition, there are concerns about the deterioration of performance due to the sudden spread of spreads at Forex companies that accept orders.

As a countermeasure, we have implemented a function to delay orders only for the rollover time. *

For example, if you enter 5 (minutes), an order at midnight will be 0:05. (Japan time 7:05 (6:05 in the case of US Eastern Daylight Savings Time))

Doing this can reduce the opportunity loss caused by the midnight order not going through.

The backtest is performed with the initial value of 5 (minutes).

Any domestic or overseas Forex company can use MT4 if the target currency pair can be traded.

Once set, there is no need to change the GMT setting when summer time changes.


Specification: Forex Profit Capture Plan-B Robot

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