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The Redeemer system works like a personal Frankenstein monster should. Simple, powerful, unstoppable. It will drag you kicking and screaming into your money-making future.


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Forex Redeemer: 2020 has been a TERRIBLE year for most of us….I have spoken with hundreds of traders over the past year, and they all have one request in common.

Traders are asking for a system that will perform better than anything they have used before, BUT WITHOUT BEING COMPLICATED!

Making money from Forex has become MORE IMPORTANT THEN EVER BEFORE!

Many people have lost their jobs and have been left with little to no income. Other people are finding their full time job simply doesn’t cover the bills. For many families, trading is no longer just a side-hustle or a hobby, it has become either the main income source or a necessary second income.

However, most traders are getting frustratingly AVERAGE TO POOR RESULTS.

Even after years of education and wasting money on the “latest and greatest” trading systems, traders are still struggling to make ends meet. No matter what they do, they aren’t trading any better.

So this was the challenge I decided to take on….I had to flip the tables. The challenge for me was to get you better results WITHOUT improving you as a trader.

I am thrilled to announce that FOREX REDEEMER will give you better returns WITHOUT YOU NEEDING TO BE A BETTER TRADER!!

How it all started:

This began in 2020.

There were rumblings of job losses and other hardships. Every day I was hearing more and more from traders about needing to earn more form their trading.

There was a “situation” growing.

Before we knew it, we were being told to stay home and a big portion of us lost our jobs. 2020 was setting a lot of people back further than they already were. At this point, finding a more profitable way to trade was becoming URGENT.

Things were getting tougher.

I was hearing from a staggering amount of people who were running up their credit cards or borrowing money from friends and family. As if things weren’t tough enough already, this bump in the road made things tougher. Even for those who were able to work, many of them were now supporting family who couldn’t.

You have your OWN personal reasons.

Regardless of a disaster, a stay at home order, supporting additional family, or wanting to get out of overwhelming debt, a lot of people need a way to get better Forex returns as soon as possible. You have your own personal reason for needing to earn a better return from your trading in a hurry.

This is where I come into the picture

All throughout the year, I was bombarded by traders PLEADING FOR HELP.

Traders who were only trading part time were now relying on trading as their ONLY source of income!

The unfortunate truth was that virtually NONE of these traders were profitable, there’s no way trading was a reliable source of income. Even with a full time job, being successful at trading is becoming necessary just to get by.

I needed to approach this problem from a different angle.

Most traders don’t get better, no matter what new system they buy, service they subscribe to, or indicator they download. “Getting better” was no longer an option. So, instead of making a trader better, I asked myself this question:

How can a trader get better results WITHOUT BECOMING A BETTER TRADER?

What happened next CHANGED EVERYTHING!

Over the course of the year, everything I learned over the last 20 years went into solving this problem. I proudly developed the now famous Ultra Blue system. It ‘s a highly reliable set of easy and super-simple systems using the same basic template.

But that wasn’t good enough, we needed BETTER.

What happened next was right out of a science fiction movie. I pulled out the best parts of Ultra Blue and assembled them into one simple SUPER system… Like Dr.Frankenstein building his monster, I created a BEAST!

I used all the best pieces of Ultra Blue, and that night, FOREX REDEEMER was born!

Like a mad scientist, I created the perfect monster! Forex Redeemer was created for one reason only, to earn you an income without you needing to be a better trader! You can literally trade like a ZOMBIE and make money!

There is ONLY ONE very simple way to trade it.

The rules are simple and the system is SO EASY TO TRADE!

If you can spot a simple setup, draw a square, and follow a moving average, you have all the skill you need to make money! All the guesswork is gone. Every step is simple and clearly laid out in front of you. Forex Redeemer has only one mission, and that’s to make everything so simple that you cannot fail.

Lose 70% of your trades and still make money!

There’s no playing around with the Redeemer system. Its single focus is to have you earning like a pro, even if you’re not trading like one. With Forex Redeemer, you CAN use the Forex markets to produce a full time income.

You have no more excuses!

The Redeemer system works like a personal Frankenstein monster should. Simple, powerful, unstoppable. It will drag you kicking and screaming into your money-making future.

FOREX REDEEMER is built NOT to make you a better trader, but to get you better results!

That sounds pretty weird, right?

How can you get better results without being a better trader?

With all the Forex education you purchased, new systems you’ve bought, and fancy indicators you downloaded, you’re still struggling to be profitable. When it comes right down to it, it’s not what you’re using, but HOW you’re using it. By making a few SIMPLE changes, you will start getting MUCH better returns overnight!

Most traders think being a “better trader” requires you to win bigger trades and win more often, but as it turns out, this is a lie.

I wanted to show off my last couple days of trading results using the FOREX REDEEMER system. These can be YOUR trading results!

*Indicators have been removed from the charts.

If you have the discipline to follow VERY SIMPLE rules, you have everything you need to get better results immediately!

Take a moment and think what getting better results can mean for you:

Make more money with the exact same terrible win ratio you're getting right now!

You’re not going to have to get better to do better. You can improve your financial situation by having the same average to poor success you’re having right now!

Trading can finally provide an income

All those years of hard work will finally pay off. No longer just a hobby or a side-hustle, trading can be your full time source of income.

Cover your essential living expenses

In these times, getting your basic needs met is a struggle. You can financially get yourself to a place you were before all this happened.

Get your independence back

Too many people depend on someone else right now for even the most basic of things. Getyourindependence back and not owe anyone anything.

Trade with confidence

No more foolish mistakes! Knowing that you’re still going to lose trades and not trying to “fix” that is what makes you consistently profitable. You’ll take trade after trade with the confidence of the best professional traders.

Financial stability

Maybe this isn’t the most appropriate time to talk about wealth or riches, but if that’s what you want, Forex Redeemer is how you’re going to do it. Once you crush your goal of providing enough income from week to week, month to month, you can take the system farther and grow your account to any amount you want.

Become a full time trader

The dream of most people who start trading is to do it full time. The benefits of trading full time are incredible, even if you aren’t making a million dollars. Working form anywhere you want, not answering to a boss, taking time off as you like, and not having a ceiling to the amount you an earn, makes trading full time an amazing dream come true.

Work less and earn more

As your account grows, each trade is worth more and more. Over time, you can place fewer trades while making more money. Trade fewer hours each month and spend more time doing whatever it is you love most.

Learn Complicated Indicators

By design, Forex Redeemer (and Ultra Blue) uses only the most essential indicators possible. Use Forex Redeemer, or any one of the Ultra Blue systems, on any platform and it will take no new skills to learn.

Use Multiple Timeframes

Trade the charts as you see them. You don’t need to flip back and forth from timeframe to timeframe to figure out what the markets might do.

Learn Crazy Chart Patterns

Forex Redeemer has only 1 pattern we look for, and it happens ALL THE TIME. If you can identify a swing high or a swing low, then you know all you need to know.

Guess at Entries, Stops or Targets

Once a setup is found, your entry level, stop loss level, and your target are CLEARLY defined..

Stare at Your Charts For Hours

Setups occur long before the trade happens. Take all the time you need to set up your trade. You’re NOT required to spend every waking minute in front of your charts. Once you have the orders set up, the trade can happen without you.

Aim For Ridiculous Targets

Too many systems require you to target 2:1, or more. Those kind of trades don’t happen that often, so we are aiming for smaller, much easier targets to hit.

Win Most Of Your Trades

You heard that right! Just by following the rules, you’ll make money if you win only 30% of your trades! Even though it’s not critical, rest assured the Redeemer system has a high win ratio.

What you get as an Ultra Blue member:

  • Auto-installer

The auto-installer will set up your charts for you. It removes the work of setting up the indicators and the candles colors, and it will even install a template. You will find 2 surprise indicators when you use the auto-installer. You get the SRT and the TRS indicators as a bonus.

  • Ultra Blue systems

Ultra Blue is a collection of several simple and highly profitable trading systems that use the same template. These are an amazing set of systems, all there for you to explore and get creative with. Mix and match systems or pick one you like best. You can be your own mad scientist and create the ultimate hybrid.

  • Bonus Ultra Blue systems

Just when you think you have all the systems, there’s MORE. More systems, more methods, and more valuable information.

  • Forex Redeemer System

Forex Redeemer is the star of the show.

The Forex Redeemer system is the ONE system that has been built using all the best parts of Ultra Blue. This is the monster that will make you money with as little as a 30% win ratio. Simple and single-minded of purpose, Redeemer is an account-building animal!

  • Video tutorials

For every aspect of Ultra Blue, there are video tutorials. There are dozens of instructional videos as well as constantly updated and regularly posted educational videos. The libraryofvideosgrows larger every week.

Forex Redeemer was built


There are crossroads that you come to that can change EVERYTHING.

You’re standing at one of these crossroads right now. From here, one small decision can change everything forever. You’re fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Being one of the few traders to read this far, you KNOW you’re ready to finally make that important life-changing shift in your trading.

You’re ready to take your trading to new levels!

If you’re FED UP with your current trading situation and you’re SICK AND TIRED of all the new “fancier than last time” systems, all the new “black box” indicators, and all the “account bleeding” signals, you’re ready to make the change. You’re in this to make money, and up to now, it hasn’t been going very well. You’re in good company though, most traders are in the exact same position you are. But UNLIKE them, you’re going to do something about it.

The sad truth is most traders are not willing to make the change.

Losing traders like to complain about losing, there is a comfort in being like everyone else. Making the decision to commit to improving your situation is a tough one. It’s the kind of decision made by leaders and the courageous.

Your trading buddies will think you’re getting INSIDER INFORMATION.

Your trades will be abundant, your wins will be consistent, your losses will be small, and your friends will wonder what you are doing differently than they are. You will be a CONFIDENT trader, your companions will be in awe of your new success.

You’ll make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

By making more, you can do more. This has a trickle-down effect. Once you get better results in your trading, everything else in your life follows suit. Your family will love the new you.

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