Forex RH Viper Trading System


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If you are new to trading, Forex RH Viper Trading System could help you become profitable and start making money sooner because of how visual and simple the system is.

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With Forex RH Viper Trading System You Find 6 or more winning trades in the time it takes most people to find one decent setup!

If you need to make money fast…

And need to keep making money consistently from now on…

Then you are in exactly the right place at the right time.

Because whether you are new to trading, or have been at it for years, I can promise that you have never seen a trading system quite like this…


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Because the Viper Indicator powers no other system on earth.

It lies in wait and tells you exactly when to strike, to ensure you are entering only those trades with the highest probability of being big winners.

Live trade EURUSD $2,756.00

This one indicator alone, makes it one of the most accurate, and simple-to-trade systems ever developed.

It also has a unique feature that slashes your risk on every trade…

You will get a double confirmation on every trade, so that you know you are entering a trade that has a rock-solid chance of making you some good money.

But it gets even better…

Because it won’t find you just 1 winning trade…

It will find multiple opportunities within the trend, giving you winning trade after winning trade as fast as you can pull the trigger.

More on that in a minute…

First, there is something else about this system that I think you are going to love…

It uses another indicator called the Viper Filter. Which is actually 2 custom indicators in 1.

It dives deep into the signals to look for anything that could prevent a trade from being a winner, giving you yet another way to be certain that this is a trade you want to make.

It also does something else that’s interesting…

It will find additional bonus trading signals that could lead to some big winners, that no one else would ever even see.

Because you would only see these hidden opportunities to make additional money if you are using the Viper Filter Indicator.

How much money could the RHViper system make you?

It just made a 216.60% gain, with an 88.46% win rate

Grafik 32

Think about how fast your account could grow if you were making gains like these.

It is one of the most visual systems I have ever seen…

Making it fast and easy to trade… Even for complete newbies.

You will know at a glance if there is a money-making trade you want to pounce on…

One that would add a big fat wad of cash to your trading account.

The way the system finds big profitable trades is lightyears ahead of other systems costing 10x as much.

Which begs the question…

If Forex RH Viper Trading System is that good why does it cost so little?

Grafik 31

That’s a great question.

Russ Horn has been trading and mentoring other traders for over 20 years.

Early on Russ faced all the same problems many of you are likely facing right now…

He struggled to make any money.

He spent his hard-earned money on systems that were complete crap.

He endured the ridicule from family and friends who didn’t believe he could ever make any money trading.

Those days are long behind him now.

I remember the first time he took an account to over one million dollars…

That shut the naysayers up, and launched what has been an amazingly successful career as a trader.

Now his friends and family want to know how he practically prints money on demand.

Without ever leaving the house.

Over the years, Russ has changed the way thousands of traders trade, giving them the tools and knowledge to succeed faster and with less effort.

He has created some of the most accurate and profitable systems ever developed…

I would guess that many (probably thousands) of the people who have used them in the past have become very wealthy.

Because Russ Horn develops systems that help traders win more and lose less.

No one works harder at developing new and unique methods for taking money out of the Forex market than Russ.

Here’s the great part…

Russ is practically giving away this system, which could easily sell for over 10x more than what he is selling it for.

Because that is who Russ is.

He wants you to succeed and wants to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge to do so.

He also knows how tight money is right now, and he didn’t want that to be a roadblock, stopping you from having this proven system.

So don’t worry… you CAN afford this.

Here’s why you cannot afford to be without it…

When you have a system in place that works, you make money regardless of what all the other markets are doing.

If the Dow drops 500 – or even 5000 – points, it has zero impact on your ability to make money in the Forex market.

The fact is, the more volatility in the financial markets, the better the chances are of making money trading Forex.

And with Crypto prices falling off a cliff.

The instability and uncertainty of the stock market.

And inflation eating into every dollar you have.

You need to have something in place that makes you money, no matter how bad everything else gets.

And that is what this is…

A system for making money that works, regardless of how bad the economy is.

Where you can make just as much money when the market is spiraling downward, as you can when it’s going up. Because in Forex, you can make just as much money, either way.

And when you are using the RHViper System, you will know at a glance what trades to make, when to enter them – and exactly when to exit, for maximum profit.

No more guess work… You will know with complete confidence when it’s time to make some money…

These trades could be your trades…

  • GBPJPY $1,493.72
  • USCAD $2,126.05
  • AUDUSD $1,217.70

Russ strongly believes in going with the trend and never going against it.

Because the trend is always where the money is.

And when you have a system that looks at the trend the way RHViper does, you will always be trading with the trend, and never against it.

Trading with the trend has been Russ’s mantra for the past 20 years because it has always made him money.

And trading this way keeps your risk at practically zero.

Because you only enter trades with a high probability of making you money.

And you easily avoid those trades that are destined to be losers.

The Forex RH Viper Trading System System takes away any and all guess work.

You will know for sure when you have a winning trade.

You will also know exactly how to make the trade.

Where to enter.

Where to put your stop loss and take profit.

Where and when to exit for maximum profit.

You will also know how to look for not just one winning trade, but several…

This system’s beauty is in finding multiple winning trades all at once, off just one chart.

It allows you to take winning trades and make money one trade after another. In rapid succession.

It’s like having a machine gun instead of a revolver.

You are able to see not one or two, but many solid setups, that could easily make you a ton of money.

All at the same time.

While other traders are hoping for just one good position, you will be surrounded by multiple opportunities to make money.

Each of the green arrows on the chart below would be a winning trade…

Picture 15

That’s 5 winning trades, one after another.

Picture 24Bonus 1: Crossover Cash Generator

This is a must have tool for your trading arsenal. It pinpoints the absolute best possible entries for you. The ones that can lead to massively profitable trades.

With it you’ll be able to take RHViper to another level. That’s because it will help you locate setups that otherwise might elude you.

Setups that could mean huge cash injections into your account.

It will automate the whole process for you and make trading the system even easier. It is the perfect add-on to RHViper System. One that will greatly increase your win percentage, make the system even easier to trade and make you feel more confident when entering trades.

You will receive this as a free fast-action bonus if you act today and grab your copy of the RHViper.

But that’s not all, it also shows you the spread – and that is something a lot of traders tend to overlook.

Spread is the difference between the bid price and the asking price of a currency pair, and has to be calculated into your trade, when setting your targets, and stop-losses.

Since the spread can change, now you will have it displayed on your chart all the time, and know exactly how big it is, at any given moment.

Bonus 2: Viper Trendline Trader

‘How to properly draw a trendline’ might be one of the most frequently asked questions Russ gets. On the surface, it seems like it should be simple enough to do, but when we start looking at the variety of different market environments that swing highs and lows occur in, drawing trendlines can get a little confusing. This custom-made tool makes that super easy.

Bonus 3: Viper Patterns

Viper Chart Patterns have been designed to deliver a higher-than-average probability of a successful trade. These patterns are reliable and many traders will want to watch for them. Because of the number of traders waiting to trade these patterns, they have a kind of “self-fulfilling prophecy” thing going on. They are more likely to work out simply because the big money trades them too.

These patterns are important because when you see them develop, you get a better idea of which way the market may move, as a result.

There are trend-following or “continuation” patterns, counter-trend or “reversal” patterns, as well as neutral patterns, in which the market can break out in any direction.

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Getting the Forex RH Viper Trading System valued at $497.00 for just $25 is a steal…

And when you act today, you will also get these amazing fast start bonuses…

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  • RHViper System value: $497
  • VIPER TRS value: $197
  • Viper Trendline Trader value: $197
  • Viper Patterns value: $197

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