Forex Scalper Bot 2020

Forex Scalper Bot 2020 is a great IT-advisor to check on actual market and give instant reflection of trend, spread and trading conditions. After scanning, it offers instant smart reaction via manual signals, presets and one-click trade control panel.


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We have finally combined all our innovations and modern technologies in one smart IT-product for SCALPING. Forex Scalper Bot 2020 is an ultimate Forex help to master professional trading in your MetaTrader4.

We listen to traders, we trade ourselves.

So when we know HOW to improve your experience, we DO IT!…We release a professional ultimate trading software to reflect all modern innovations and respond to your needs.

This is the most professional scalper software of 2020 we can offer.

TYPE A signals of algorithm are adapted for standard and flat market with small price fluctuations. A-Type signals are ideal for trading with Breakeven and trailing with rather low levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit.TYPE B signals of algorithm are less active and are better for scalping with Breakeven and trailing, targeting for higher profit.DUAL COMBO mode when you switch between signals and ready to follow multiple signals.

PERSONAL STYLE. If you can’t find your own trading style with Scalper Bot, feel free to contact our support. We can adjust type of signals, trading interface or make some other personal upgrades of your Scalper Bot.

Exclusive feature of Scalper Bot is a multi-layered algorithm where you can control quality of signals. You can enable ALERT to be informed when Type A or Type B gets a higher WL ratio.

Type B got a higher WL of previous 10 signals? Getyou alert instantly!

2 types of signals to have your choice of activity/quality. Scalper Bot goes along with Scalping ALERT that informs you when quality of signals changes.

Constant monitor of both Type A and Type B signals with LIVE Win Loss Ratio active control.

Scalping Bot makes all these calculations from chart scanning to signals evaluation in a split second. Now you have DUAL SIGNALS mode with A/B types and Live Quality Control. All these features are available in Manual Scalping Mode and Auto Scalping Mode as well.

How can YOU use Scalper Bot

Manual and auto – chose one you like more.

Be part of the system for better performance.

Universal presets for SCALPING. Pairs and Timeframes

Scalper Bot is not a single style algorithm; it works with multiple layers and patterns.

Primary algorithm of Scalping Bot has been exclusively adapted for one of 9 major pairs.

It scans chart and timeframe and triggers a relevant algorithm pattern. After that, you control type of signals and decide on manual or auto scalping.

Timeframes are typical for scalping. M1 and M5 are fastest and allow you trading intra-day and intra-hour. M15 is also included in Scalper Bot presets. So you can switch from M1 to M15 depending on actual market condition and your preferences.

Quality of signals can be checked within recent history based on top profits and drawdowns. Here is the example of actual signals with enabled PEAK PIPS INFO.

You can use ScalperBot for manual and auto trading at different pairs and timeframes

Forex Scalper Bot is a great IT-advisor to check on actual market and give instant reflection of trend, spread and trading conditions, it also offers instant smart reaction to price fluctuations. Moreover, FX Scalper Bot helps to backup deposit with intelligent BalanceControl.

When Forex Scalper Bot 2020 is installed, you get 3 interactive click-buttons to control different features of scalper: Money Management for Balance Control, Trade Panel with multiple options of manual and auto scalping and SignalPanel with A/B signal switch and Self-Test data with WinLoss and Pips Info.

Each of these 3 main widgets unfolds into sub menu with variable parameters.


Manual Scalping Manager with Instant Scripts and One-Click Lot, StopLoss, TakeProfit, Breakeven and Trailing presets

“Dual signals” approach with instant A/B signals monitoring and online Win/Loss calculation.

Auto Scalping Manager for full auto order management based on filters and presets of SL, TP, Trailing, etc.

Latest signals of Scalper Bot with open PIPS INFO.

These are peak max profits of signals auto calculated by MetaTrader4

Scalping is great opportunity for active trading style.

Just avoid start/end part of the week and night flat.

Switch between 2 strategies and chose the best for current Market.


We prefer showing actual profits based on latest signals in real time market. We trade and verify results so you can actually see real results as you could have shortly after downloading.

Scalper Bot gives a variety of signals with single or dual modes.

We provide signals, you provide quality control. FX Scalper Bot can be used by professionals and novices as well. Itis simple toinstall and handle all options.

How much you can make by trading in manual or auto modes within just a couple of day? Here are 3 latest verified results at FXBlue showing 1-2 days experience

4 major pairs traded within just 1 day

500$ deposit & 0.1 lot size. 10 trades and 138 Pips

Scalper Bot is ready to be used with multiple major pairs….Here is the example of 7 pairs used.

500$ deposit & 0.1 lot size. 19 trades and 99 Pips

One more result of 2 days trading with Scalper Bot using 5 major pairs with 0.1 Lot.

500$ deposit & 0.1 lot size. 12 trades and 124 Pips

Forex Scalper Bot is a new hybrid combo algorithm with signals, alerts, filters, deposit management and auto options. Multi-task algorithm based on one-click control. Trend-trading with a new amazing user-friendly interface.

Download and Install Scalper Bot today to get SIGNALS and AUTO trade options with extra safety options.

5 reasons of Advanced SAFETY with Scalper Bot

WinLoss LIVE Control that monitors actual accuracy of latest 10 and 30 signals, calculates WL Ratio of signals in single and dual modes. ScalperBot scans accuracy of Type A and Type B signals, compares which Type offers HIGHER Ratio and alerts when priority of signals changes.

Extra Safety Option “Close On Opposite”. Enable if you would like a running order to be closed when a new opposite signal appears.

Trading Time Control Filter. Select Start and End time to control Friday/Monday trading.

One-time Auto Loss Compensation. Enable to double Lot size of the next trade after loss. One time compensation, after triggering, Lot goes back to normal and you need to reactivate it.

NEWEST auto balance control. Auto Stop and Alert if total profit/loss reaches your preset limit + Scripts for fast manual order management

MORE SIGNALS of Scalper Bot

Ultimate Forex help to master professional trading in your MetaTrader4.

It is a great hybrid that produces signals in different modes and allows you to have them auto traded as well. We offer an ideal solution for manual or auto trading with the intuitive interface and accurate signals.

Enjoy your trading with flexible interface ever!


Forex Scalper Bot 2020 is a great IT-advisor to check on actual market and give instant reflection of trend, spread and trading conditions. After scanning, it offers instant smart reaction via manual signals, presets and one-click trade control panel.

All manual or auto orders use inputs from this TRADE panel.

Here you can enable Auto trading of 1/2/3 next signals or Full Auto Trading of all signals. Please make sure that you setup all trading inputs like Lot, SL, TP and others to guarantee security of trading. Such a flexible trading panel allows you to adjust Scalper Bot up to your needs.

Scalper Bot produces signals that DO NOT repaint, move or change their place in history. Any signal goes along with a notification or push alert or email.

For those who need more independence, we offer using AUTOTRADE option.

EliteIT4U is our team of traders. We are not a reselling company that distributes some other products of freelancers.

We create our own strategies, test, refine and put a final algorithm into MetaTrader4 code. It is a truly personal system compared with those expensive elite products, but much more cost-effective. Excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Moreover, it helps to backup deposit with intelligent StopBalance Money Management and instant Scripts….

Final reason to get Scalper Bot today is its accuracy and honest statistics

Digital Product. One-time payment. Download via email.

Why is Scalper Bot better? What’s new?…It is system that allows you to trade by following manual signals and to setup autotrade based on your settings. It is optimized for 9 major pairs and main timeframes M5 and M15. M1 is a bonus timeframe supporting only 1 type signal mode of trading. Dual types are available at M5 and M15 only…….What would I need to start trading? What are the main requirements?…You’ll need MetaTrader4 from any broker and a reliable internet connection…….What’s the minimum size of the deposit required for safe trading with this system?…$100. It works with 0.01 lot size. Be careful with lots always. Sure, you can use even less amount, but risks will be higher…….Can you guarantee that I WILL make money using your products?…No one can ever give such a guarantee. However, we are more than certain, that you will be pleasantly surprised to know, that on average the sheer number of successful (profitable) transactions is between 75-85%. Personal updates allow you to get the system as you expected…….How do I get the software?…Instant download. If you don’t get it – we will send it by email…….Do you plan to upgrade the pack? How can I receive it?…Yes, if we update it, you will receive all upgrades for free by email. You can ask for update by email if feel that missed it or something goes wrong…….If I happened not to like your product, can I get my money back?…We are certain, that the program will pay for itself in just a few successful trades, so you won’t even need to seek a refund. However, if for whatever reason you decided to return our product, we have a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee…….Can I change Take Profit and Stop Loss and other settings?…Yes, you have such option. The settings are left open for you. Even more, each TF needs own SL/TP levels. Set it for your own style…….Can I open/close the orders manually?…Yes, sure. You can open/close it. It doesn’t affect to trading. You can combine manual & auto trading at the same time.

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