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Forex Scout Gold Robot 9.5.7

This fully automated Forex trading robot for Metatrader 4 is designed to trade Gold (XAUUSD) on the 1-minute chart for quick profits.


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Introducing the Forex Scout – the ultimate automated Trading MT4 EA designed specifically for trading on the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair.

With the gold market being more profitable yet riskier than other pairs, having the right to assist you is crucial for a successful gold trading experience.

In the ever-changing gold market, success lies in recognizing that there is no fail-safe method guaranteeing indefinite victory. That's why the Scout Gold EA implements the primary strategy of “eat fast, withdraw fast,” allowing to swiftly seize profitable trades and exit before market shifts occur.

This strategy becomes particularly valuable once your initial capital is recovered. Once your investment is secured, you are encouraged to explore higher-risk strategies, opening up the potential for achieving even greater returns.

A key feature of the Scout Gold EA is its ability to identify market reversal points. By entering the market before virtual orders, traders can seize the moment as the market shifts. However, due to the volatile nature of the market, there is always a possibility of error.

If the initial prediction proves incorrect, the EA utilizes a martingale strategy to average the price. This strategy involves increasing the trade size with each losing trade. Although it carries risk, it effectively manages losses and can turn a losing streak into a profitable one.

The Scout Gold V9 offers a quick close feature, providing traders with an additional layer of control over their transactions. This includes buttons such as ‘Close All,' ‘Close Sell,' ‘Close Buy,' and ‘Close Profit.' Traders can swiftly close all open orders simultaneously or selectively close selling and buying trades. The ‘Close Profit' button allows for the prompt closure of profitable trades. These features ensure flexibility in responding to market changes, minimizing potential losses, and maximizing profits.

While the Scout Gold Robot can be somewhat risky due to its occasional utilization of the martingale method, it boasts a very high ROI (Return on Investment). According to the developers, this automated trading system is capable of performing miracles. The monthly profit you can achieve depends on your chosen lot size and risk value.

The strategy with this EA is to generate fast profits and swiftly withdraw them. However, it's essential to acknowledge that although this approach may seem like a holy grail, there is still risk involved, and the advisor may eventually deplete your deposit. The main rule is to withdraw the deposit after doubling it.

Before using the Scout Gold Robot in a real account, we highly recommend testing it in a account for at least a week. Take the time to familiarize yourself with how the EA works and understand its functionalities before proceeding.

Here are our recommendations for using the Forex Scout Gold Robot:

  • Maintain a minimum account balance of $1000 or the equivalent cent account.
  • Risky Method: For those willing to take higher risks, a $500 account can be used with the intention of withdrawing the deposit after doubling it. Please note that this method carries a risk of potentially blowing the account.
  • Safe Method: Alternatively, you can use a $100 cent account or an equivalent normal account for a safer approach.
  • The EA works best on GOLD (XAUUSD) but can also be applied to any pair.
  • Optimal performance is achieved on the M1 timeframe, although it can work on any timeframe.
  • Keep in mind that the EA requires active monitoring of volatile markets and the timely closure of trades.
  • For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the Scout Gold EA online 24 hours a day. Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is highly recommended.
  • A Low Spread ECN account is also recommended to enhance the trading experience.

Upgrade your gold trading journey with the Forex Scout Gold Robot. Maximize your profits, minimize risks, and take control of your trades like never before.

Specification: Forex Scout Gold Robot 9.5.7

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Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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What You'll Get:

  • Scouts Manual.pdf
  • Scouts Gold v9.5.7.ex4
  • Scouts news .ex4
  • IceFX.NewsInfo.dll
  • Metasetup.dll
  • Scouts Gold v9.5.7.dll
  • Scouts Gold v9.5.7_.dll
  • Scouts Gold $10.000.set
  • Scouts Gold $1000.set
  • Scouts Gold $20.000.set
  • Scouts Gold $2000.set
  • Scouts Gold $3000.set
  • Scouts Gold $4000.set
  • Scouts Gold $5000.set
  • Scouts News Indi Filter Setfile.set

Forex Scout Gold Robot 9.5.7


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