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Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor 3.3

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Revolutionize your Forex trading with the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor. No indicators, just virtual trades. Simplify, automate, and maximize profits. Get it now!


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Introducing the SouthEast – A Revolutionary Trading Solution!

Are you tired of complex settings and unreliable indicators? Look no further! The Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor is here to simplify your trading experience. Say goodbye to confusing setups and hello to profitable trades!

Simplify Your Forex Trading with the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor!

With the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor, you won't need to spend hours configuring settings. Our user-friendly interface allows you to upload the preconfigured set file and start trading immediately. It's that simple!

Get Started Instantly with the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor!

We understand the importance of flexibility in your trading . That's why we offer set files for 20 different forex pairs, giving you the freedom to choose the ones that suit your trading style and preferences.

Choose Your Preferred Forex Pairs and Trade with Confidence!

To make the most of the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor, we recommend using a VPS with a reliable internet connection. This ensures uninterrupted trading and maximizes your potential for success.

Optimize Your Trading with a Reliable VPS and Strong Internet Connection!

Let's explore some key inputs and features of the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor:

Manage Open Positions:

  • Trade Buy/Sell: Enable or disable buying or selling trades.
  • Trade on New Bar: Start trades on a new bar.
  • Continue New Cycle: Manage remaining open positions until all are closed.
  • Stop New Cycle on Xmas holiday & New Year: Avoid trading during the holiday season.
  • Smart Multi Symbol Control: Control the maximum number of pairs traded based on risk.
  • Maximum Allowed Number of FX Pairs on Risk: Set the maximum allowed pairs on risk.

Manage Pending Orders:

  • Working TimeFrame: Set the timeframe for virtual trades.
  • Open Next Virtual Grid on Trend Direction: Open virtual grids based on trend .
  • Start Placing Real Pending Orders: Specify the number of virtual orders before placing real pending orders.
  • Distance of Real Pending Orders: Set the distance in pips from the current price.
  • Step Size to Move Real Pending Order: Define the step size in pips to move pending orders.

Manage Lot and Money:

  • Lot Type: Select the type of lot.
  • AutoLot: Automatically manage lots based on available funds.
  • Money to Manage (AutoLot): Define the amount of money to manage.
  • Start Lot (AutoLot Off): Set the initial lot size.
  • Multiplier for Martingale: Adjust the lot size based on a multiplier.
  • Maximal Lots: Set the maximum lots per trade.
  • Maxtrade: Define the maximum number of trades.

Manage GRID:

  • Step: Set the distance in pips to open the next position.
  • Expanding Step Coefficient: Multiply the step size for expanding grids.
  • Change Step: Enable or disable step size changes.
  • Coefficient Lot to Start Changing Step: Adjust the lot size for changing steps.
  • Change Step to (in pips): Define the new step size.
  • Open Next Change Step Grid on Trend Direction: Open new positions based on trend signals.

Manage Virtual SLTP:

  • Use Virtual Stop Loss & Takeprofit: Enable or disable virtual stop loss and take profit.
  • Virtual Stop Loss: Set the stop loss in pips.
  • Virtual Take Profit: Set the take profit in pips.

Manage Trailing:

  • Trailing Type: Select the trailing type.
  • Trailing Start: Set the trailing start in pips.
  • Trailing Size: Define the step size for trailing in pips.

Manage Drawdown Reduction:

  • Use Auto Close Partial (in money): Partially close positions based on a money value.
  • Select Close Partial Method: Choose the method for partial closure.
  • Number of Trades to Activate Partial Close: Set the minimum number of trades to apply partial close.
  • Minimum Profit to Close Partial $: Define the minimum profit required to partially close positions (in money).
  • Use Auto Close Partial (in percentage): Partially close positions based on a percentage value.
  • Percentage of Profit to Close Partial %: Define the minimum profit required to partially close positions (in percentage).

Time Management:

  • Trade Start Time: Set the time to start trades.
  • Trade End Time: Define the end time for the trading session.

Manage Others:

– Max Spread: Set the maximum allowed spread in pips.
– Coefficient (if Freeze = 0 or StopsLevels = 0): Anticipate volatile market conditions by adjusting the coefficient.
– Magic Number: Identify open positions based on the assigned magic number.

Take Control of Your Forex Trading with the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor!

The Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor empowers you with advanced features, flexibility, and ease of use. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your trading strategy. Get the Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor today and unlock your trading potential!

Specification: Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor 3.3

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4


2.4, 3.3

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  1. lafuntain crenshaw (verified owner)

    Lots of settings to be set which will profit.

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    What You'll Get:

    Version 2.4
    • README FIRST.pdf
    • User .pdf
    • SouthEast.ex4
    • DM AUDCAD M15 2010-22.set
    • DM AUDNZD M15 2010-22.set
    • DM AUDUSD M15 2010-22.set
    • DM CADCHF M15 2010-22.set
    • DM EURCAD M15 2010-22.set
    • DM EURCHF M30 2010-22.set
    • DM EURGBP M15 2010-22.set
    • DM EURUSD M15 2010-22.set
    • DM GBPCAD H1 2010-22.set
    • DM GBPCHF M30 2010-22.set
    • DM GBPUSD H1 2010-22.set
    • DM NZDCAD H1 2010-22.set
    • DM NZDCHF H1 2010-22.set
    • DM USDCAD H1 2010-22.set
    • DM USDCHF H1 2010-22.set
    • NET 8 AUDCAD M15.set
    • NET 8 AUDCHF M30.set
    • NET 8 AUDJPY H1.set
    • NET 8 AUDNZD H1.set
    • NET 8 AUDUSD M30.set
    • NET 8 CADCHF H1.set
    • NET 8 CADJPY H1.set
    • NET 8 CHFJPY H1.set
    • NET 8 EURAUD H1.set
    • NET 8 EURCAD M15.set
    • NET 8 EURCHF M15.set
    • NET 8 EURGBP H1.set
    • NET 8 EURJPY H1.set
    • NET 8 EURNZD H1.set
    • NET 8 EURUSD H1.set
    • NET 8 GBPAUD H1.set
    • NET 8 GBPCAD H1.set
    • NET 8 GBPCHF M15.set
    • NET 8 GBPJPY H1.set
    • NET 8 GBPNZD H1.set
    • NET 8 GBPUSD M30.set
    • NET 8 NZDCAD H1.set
    • NET 8 NZDCHF M30.set
    • NET 8 NZDJPY H1.set
    • NET 8 NZDUSD M30.set
    • NET 8 USDCAD H1.set
    • NET 8 USDCHF H1.set
    • NET 8 USDJPY H1.set
    • NET 8 XAUUSD H1.set
    • SEA AUDCAD M15.set
    • SEA AUDCHF H1.set
    • SEA AUDJPY M15.set
    • SEA AUDNZD M15.set
    • SEA AUDUSD M15.set
    • SEA CADCHF M15.set
    • SEA CADJPY M15.set
    • SEA CHFJPY H1.set
    • SEA EURCAD M15.set
    • SEA EURCHF M15.set
    • SEA EURGBP H1.set
    • SEA EURNZD H1.set
    • SEA EURUSD H1.set
    • SEA GBPAUD M15.set
    • SEA GBPCAD M30.set
    • SEA GBPCHF M30.set
    • SEA GBPNZD H1.set
    • SEA GBPUSD H1.set
    • SEA NZDCAD M30.set
    • SEA NZDCHF M30.set
    • SEA NZDUSD H1.set
    • SEA USDCAD M15.set
    • SEA USDCHF M15.set
    • SEA USDJPY M15.set
    • SEA XAGUSD H1.set
    • SEA XAUUSD H1.set
    • README FIRST.pdf

    Version 3.3
    • SouthEast.ex4 V3.30



    Forex SouthEast Expert Advisor 3.3


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