Forex Stinger Strategy

Forex Stinger Strategy is a new trading strategy that is based on years of research and analysis. It predicts price movements with unbeatable accuracy.


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Forex Stinger Strategy: Know With A Lot Of Confidence When Exactly To Open And Close Your Trades To Make The Biggest Possible Profit From Almost All Price Movements!

Picture 1

I want to share some great news. Our team and I have just released Forex Stinger Strategy.

It’s a brand new trading strategy that is based on years of research and analysis.

This research is proven to work but is often discarded.

With Forex Stinger Strategy, you’ll always know with a lot of confidence…

…when exactly to open and close your trades to make the biggest possible profit from almost all price moves!

How Forex Stinger Strategy Works

  • New Advanced Code
  • ​Daily Trading Signals
  • ​No Experience Required
  • ​Smart Trend Technology
  • ​Supports All Currency Pairs
  • Supports All Time Frames
  • ​Reliable No Repaint Signals
  • ​Minimal Time Investment
  • ​Unique Trend Detection

Easily Find The Best Trends on lower time frames

Picture 3

CAD/CHF on 1 minute chart with perfect timing sell short breakout confirmed by currency meter

Picture 4

EUR/CHF on 1 minute chart with buy long profitable trade

Picture 5

EUR/NZD on 5 minute chart with sell signal led by some swings but still up for more pips

Picture 6

GBP/CHF on 1 minute chart with sell signal confirmed with currency meter

Picture 7

GBP/JPY on 1 minute chart with new buy long signal to the upside

Unbeatable Accuracy

My team and I have spent a considerable amount of time researching, developing and optimizing Stinger Strategy, one of the best and most reliable trading systems ever created.

We developed Stinger Strategy to predict when and where price will make a pulse in the direction of the trend with an unbeatable accuracy.

You will be executing trades exactly as shown by Stinger Strategy right on your chart.

The more experienced you become with Stinger Strategy, the better traders you will make, and the more profits you will keep making.

It’s such a simple and smart trading system that once you start trading with it, you will start thinking like a professional trader. You will no longer have any amateur trading ideas or attitudes.

In fact, by using Stinger Strategy, you are already well ahead of the average trader, who’s depending on “gut-feelings”.

The Trend Is Your Friend

Have you ever heard the saying, “The trend is your friend”?

Well this is 100% true. You should always be trading with the trend. Even if you don’t have the best trade entry, if you trade with the trend, there’s a much higher chance your trade will succeed.

The biggest issue most traders have is identifying the trend and knowing when to enter and exit a trade before the market changes its direction. You will no longer have this issue as this is exactly what Stinger Strategy is going to help you with.

Stinger Strategy is a trend-based system that uses a special algorithm that identifies every aspect of a trend from beginning to end and alerts you to trades with the highest probability of success.

Most importantly it also helps you avoid bad trades by filtering out flat movements, when there is no noticeable trend. This will help you tremendously because many traders screw this up by trading into a flat market where they have no clue if it’s going to go up or down.

Stinger Strategy will give you accurate buy and sell signals that will allow you to extract the most profit from almost all price movements with the least amount of risk.

Everyone from the large hedge funds to investment banks have large trading teams that simply observe and make decisions based on trends…

….and there are numerous investors from Marty Schwartz and Ray Dalio to Paul Tudor Jones that depend heavily on trends and to run their billion-dollar funds.

Here’s what Tom Basso say in the book Trend Your Way to Financial Freedom: “Every trader needs a trend to make money. If you think about it, no matter what the technique, if there is not a trend after you buy, then you will not be able to sell at higher prices.”

Lets check day trading examples:

Picture 8

AUD/USD on 15 minute chart with sell signal confirmed with currency meter

Picture 9

AUD/NZD on 1 minute chart with great accuracy two trades

Picture 10

EUR/NZD on 30 minute chart with sell and buy long signals

Picture 11

GBP/CHF on 30 minute chart with buy long breakout signal

Picture 12

USD/JPY on hour chart with buy long stable signal

Forex Stinger Strategy has 3 Methods For Alerting You To All The New Trading Opportunities

Forex Stinger Strategy has multiple built-in alert systems that promptly notify you of new trading opportunities within seconds. Each alert gives you the Currency Pair, Time frame, Price and the signal which was generated on.

1. MT4 Platform Pop-up Alert with Sound

This box will pop up from the broker platform on your computer to notify you of a new trading opportunity, so you can take quick action.

2. Instant Email Notification

You can also choose to receive an email alert notifying you.

3. Push Notification to Your Mobile Phone

Finally, if for some reason you didn’t notice those notifications because you were not in front of your computer, you can have an automatic notification sent to your mobile phone.

Let’s check chart examples on higher time frames for swing traders:

Picture 13

AUD/CAD on 4 hour chart with two profitable trading signals

Picture 14

AUD/USD on 4 hour chart with perfect timing signals

Picture 15

GBP/JPY on 4 hour chart with profitable buy long and new sell short trades

Picture 16

GBP/CHF on daily chart with two great trades for swing traders

Picture 17

USD/CAD on daily chart with great stability signals on volatile market condition


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Metatrader 4

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Here’s what you will get when you join…

Software – You will get a full non-expiring lifetime version of the exact software with the same settings that I used to execute all those winning trades that I just showed you.

Support – I want to see you thrive at trading. And that’s why I will give you my full support for anything at all. Whenever you need help just reach out to me to my personal email address.

Step-by-Step Beginner Friendly User Guide – My beginner friendly user guide will take you step-by-step and show you exactly how to install, setup and profit with the Ertha Renko Trading system (it’s really easy).

Updates – And of course updates are included for life, absolutely free. If we find ways to improve Forex Stinger Strategy even further, you will get access to the new updated versions immediately.

Give Me My Copy Of Forex Stinger Strategy!

Okay, now you are 100% ready to gain access to this indicator software.

But you are probably curious to know the price.

Unfortunately, I can’t give it away for free. I have staff, designers, programmers and tons of other expenses. It costs me a lot of time and money to develop, design and optimize trading tools like this one.

My team and I are doing everything we can to ensure you get reliable and powerful trading tools that can truly help you be successful in Forex.

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