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The Forex Triple B Pro system consists of the following 6 KEY elements. These elements are – Automated trend scans in different sensitivities.


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The Evolution of Forex Triple B Pro

Forex Triple B Pro was released in November 2014 and got fantastic feedback from Forex traders. I got my idea to create the system after I completed my research on the Bollinger Bands indicator.

As you might know, Bollinger Bands is one of the most powerful indicators in the technical analysis world, available for traders. After completing my research and finding some fantastic things, I decided I had to create a powerful trading tool for myself and my followers. That is where the idea for the Forex Triple B system was born. Its accurate trading alerts based on Bollinger Bands indicator, combined with additional divergences filters, and built-in risk-reward filters, met the needs of many traders, who were thrilled with the system.


Although many traders have used it since its launch, I understood something was missing. Some KEY “ingredient,” you might call it.

The Forex Triple B was designed mainly for swing traders and served them successfully, but the short-term traders, or those who love to “scalp” the markets, could not enjoy the Forex Triple B system in its total variation.

Thus, I decided to “shift” my algorithm in a way it could effectively serve all types of traders and provide them with a robust, accurate, and reliable solution.

So, two years later, around 2016, I introduced the online trading community to the Forex Triple B 2.0.

Since then, the Forex Triple B has constantly ranked at the top of the trading system and greatly serves its users. Its reputation and success level speak for themselves.


Since I admire creativity, I always look for ways to make things easier, better, more reliable, stronger, and more accurate. I always look for patterns and methods to improve my trading tools. In addition, market changes require constant updating and updating strategies, processes, and techniques.

As a certified financial technician, I am a BIG fan of technical analysis and always looking to create the best tools for myself and my community.

And now, I am VERY PROUD to introduce you – my latest development, the Forex Triple B PRO.

The PRO version is the highest-level version I have ever created. During these years, my team and I gained lots of experience in technical aspects, programming, trading wise, and user-friendly techniques. We developed a version that we think will serve our clients with the highest accuracy and reliability.

Please, note that when you get the Forex Triple B Pro edition, you also receive the Forex Triple B 2.0 version. So, you will be able to use two strategies at total capacity.

The Forex Triple B PRO Trading System Features


First-Hand Look at the Triple B Pro Trading System


There are many ways to trade with the trend. One of the best ways I found is using a classical trend trading indicator, the Bollinger Bands. The Bollinger Band is one of my favorite indicators, and there are many reasons why I love it and find it reliable. Still, the bottom line is that you can find highly accurate trading opportunities with the proper use of this fantastic indicator. The Bollinger Bands could also be used for reversals, but its primary purpose and classification is a trend trading indicator.

The Triple B project, since its first days, was entirely based on Bollinger Bands. And with the experience I gained, I found the best ways to apply the Bollinger Band in an extraordinary way for higher accuracy trading and better probabilities opportunities.

What you get in the Triple B PRO version is the latest and the best of our trading techniques. The Bollinger Bands “cloud” we’ve created will appear in pre-analyzed trending market conditions and will provide you with “ready-to-trade” opportunities.

Picture 2


One of the Forex Triple B PRO version’s main features is the automated trend-analyzing tool. And you get the fully “pre-analyzed” conditions for easy use and reading of clear trending conditions. We classified three different trend sensitivities, and you can enjoy our indicator’s automated analysis.


Another feature we built in the PRO version is the built-in Pivot levels. Pivot levels help traders to spot the best trading levels during the day or the week based on a purely mathematical calculation based on the price action. Our indicator allows you to check all the indicator from our comfortable trading dashboard.

Grafik 49

Picture 7


Undoubtedly, the most user-friendly NEW feature of the PRO version – The automated trading scanner. Instead of running the trading strategy on multiple charts and following them all for alerts, our scanner automatically does the job for you! You input the instruments you want to trade, and the scanner does the rest for you, letting you know when an alert is found!

As simple as that!
That saves you LOTS OF TIME and eases the whole trading task for you.


The heat map is your “hottest information” map. In other words, this feature lets you know what pairs are the “hottest” ones in the current market conditions and help you spot better trading opportunities. Our heat map allows you to choose the instruments you are interested in and see the data for the last t trading day or seven days.

Grafik 47

Grafik 46


You don’t need to wait for conditions to build in the market. Triple B PRO will alert you once the requirements are met. You can get an MT4 alert, email, or mobile notification.


The Triple B PRO helps you here as well. Once you enter the trade, the rest will be done for you. The PRO version shows the pre-analyzed levels, and once you enter a trade, it will manage your trades; FOR YOU!

Step 1 – you get an alert. If you approve, the Triple B PRO system prepares you for the trade.

Grafik 45

Step 2 – Levels are automatically ready for you on the chart: the entry-level, the suggested protection, and the proposed target. You can then manually change them if you wish to do so.

Picture 11

Step 3- Automated management. The Triple B PRO will enter and manage the trade you asked it to do with the desired risk. You can also move to break even once in profit to risk-free your trade and close partial trade.

Picture 12

Picture 13 Picture 14 Picture 15


Don’t be afraid of missing an alert anymore; the two features will help you be updated! If you missed the alert for any reason but still want to trade it once you are free, and as long as the market conditions allow it, you can re-activate the latest alert given by the system. Alternatively, if you find an alert you won’t want to work with, you can deactivate it.


An indicator that helps you to work only with the best setups! You don’t need to put ANY new hands on the chart. We have all built-in for you! And the best part – you don’t need to switch time frames for multi-timeframe analysis; our built-in MACD allows you to see different time frames on the same chart you trade with!

Picture 16

Proof Elements

Below you can find a table showing examples of trades using the Triple B PRO with images showing the exact entries and exits and trades information, such as entry-level, stop loss, take profit, etc.

The idea is simple – showing you how the Triple B PRO looks.

The examples of the trades are organized for you by dates.

It is essential to mention that NOT all signals generated by the software are tradable, and signals that create the system ARE NOT advice or recommendation for action. There are clear and specific rules explained in the trading manual, and the additional others come along with the software you can find inside the download. The trades you see in the table below represent trades using the rules of the Triple B PRO strategy.

Please make sure to go over these materials before you start trading!

The trades below demonstrate what trading setups using the Triple B PRO look like, why they are acceptable, and how to handle them.

Past success does not guarantee future performance. The trade examples below are not trading advice! The purpose of this table is educational only. None of the above and below is a recommendation or a suggestion for a specific buy or sell action.

  • Picture 17


The system is installed on Metatrader 4 platform, the world’s most popular trading platform. It analyzes the markets 24/5 and can be applied to any combination of timeframes and currency pairs. When the Forex Triple B Pro identifies a trade setup, it generates a Metatrader4 alert and email\mobile notification. You can choose what serves you best, and the Triple B PRO will do the rest for you!

The Forex Triple B Pro system consists of the following 6 KEY elements. These elements are – Automated trend scans in different sensitivities. Automated Bollinger Bands-based checked alerts. Built-in Pivot levels. Built-in MACD. Automated management solutions. ONE PLACE trading scanner. These revolutionary elements turn your trading into a simple-to-follow and user-friendly experience.

Picture 47


Specification: Forex Triple B Pro Trading Robot

Product Type

Expert Advisor, Technical Indicator

Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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  1. R.O. (verified owner)

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    Looks as a very professional program, could be very good, I don’t know, I still have to check this program.

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    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Well designed software

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