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Forex Wintimes Expert Advisor

Forex Wintimes Expert Advisor is a scalping EA, keeping short profits, closing day-to-day profits, and no overnight orders!


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Forex Wintimes is a scalping EA, keeping short profits, closing day-to-day profits, and no overnight orders!

If you open an order, you have a of 90%. Still, there are times when the Forex Wintimes Expert Advisor comes across slippage (anticipation of the opening price ), resulting in negative consequences.

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That's almost 5 parameters for us to set together.

  • Zone1 is an order placed in zone 1, and the standard value of Value is set to 2, if we do not want to use zone1, double click on Value zone1 and adjust the value to 0 zone1, it will not work.
  • Zone2 is an order in zone 2, and the standard value of Value is set to 3, if we do not want to use zone2, double click on Value zone2 and adjust the value to 0 zone2, it will not work.
  • Zone3 is an order that is in zone 3, and the standard value is set to 4, if we do not want to use zone3, double click on value zone3 and adjust the value to 0 zone3, it will not work.
  • Maxorder is a value that prevents an EA from opening too many orders. If there are more than 6 concurrent orders, the EA will start closing all pending orders
  • Risk = 2 is recommended and do not adjust the Risk value more than 3 because your portfolio may break (Lotsize will be too large), and if you want to reduce the risk less but do not want to adjust the Risk, you can adjust the Zone value.

If the EA calculates Lot size smaller, adjust the value to Risk = 1 (less risk, less profit).
If you want the EA to calculate lotsize larger, adjust the value to Risk = 3 (more risk, more profit).

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EA Wintimes Setup Update v3.4.6

  • All NZD currency pairs close Pending at 4.30am to avoid NZD's red box news.
  • Add Monday function is that if anyone wants to close the EA every Monday, select monday = close every Monday, the EA will not work, so it is convenient not to remotely close the EA in the VPS.
  • Add a risk management function in each zone whereby friends can set each risk zone freely, such as Riskzone1 = 2, Riskzone2 = 3, Riskzone3 = 3
  • When you place an order in Zone2, Zone3, we will get more profit, or some of you may see zone3 for a long time stuck on the stick and the chance of getting stuck, so you can control the risk by putting the value = 0, i.e. closing the work, it is another idea.

Picture 3For example, the idea of setting EA Wintimes V.3.4.6 if the statistics from a particular currency pair are very small or more negative from the slippage, then set it to 0, if it is found to be in zone 2 frequently. The result is positive, then the Risk is set to 3, and the frequently negative statistics close the trade on that currency pair. Set the value to close.


EA calculates Lot size based on capital. Initially, the capital was recommended at 500$, but if anyone doesn't have capital at all, it's recommended at 100$, the cost of people is not the same, I understand it, so I recommend it in 2 cases, the to invest should be cold. Cold money is money that has already been lost and does not suffer. Don't invest your whole life in it, it's risky. “I'm worried.”


Initially, I recommend these 17 pairs by having your friends install Forex Wintimes Expert Advisor on all 17 of them. The number of orders will not exceed 300 orders, so you will not break the XM rules, each broker has a rule on how many maximum orders are allowed for us to pending, so be sure to check the rules of each broker to see how many pending orders are allowed.

Take the example of calculating pending orders with the XM broker.

XM allows us to open up to 300 orders per profile, EA Wintimes will open 6 pending orders per currency pair, divided into Selllimit 3 orders, Buylimit 3 orders will be equal to 6 orders X 17 pairs = 102 orders

Therefore, if you run 3 ports, xm broker's portfolio can be arranged to no more than 300 as follows:
Port 1 runs 17 currency pairs = 102 orders
Port 2 runs 17 pairs = 102 orders
Port 3 runs 16 currency pairs = 96 orders

** A total of 3 ports equals 300 orders.

Currency Pair AC , ACHF , AJ , AN , AU , CCHF , CHFJ , EC , ECHF , EN , GCHF , GU , NC , NCHF , NJ , NU , UCHF


Forex Wintimes Expert Advisor has already been coded to calculate timeframes inside. You can install it in any timeframe, so it doesn't work in EA.


If any order has a negative slippage. After 7:00 a.m., let your friends analyze the direction of the price. If it goes against an open order, close your hand immediately. Do not let it drag, but if it does not close the hand itself, there will be a trailing stop, a slide along the price, and the order will be closed at a moment when the chart abbreviates.


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