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With Forex Xcelerator, you will get the best of everything: algorithm, interface, tech support. Trading Forex has never been more accessible!

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Forex Xcelerator: Excel Yourself To Reach The Desired Level Of Profit!

Dear Trader,

You are about to be among the first ones who will get the chance to lay their hands on the software that has already proved its ability to earn real money. This new system will take the guesswork out of the trades and lead you to the financial stability you crave and deserve.

With Forex Xcelerator, you will get the best of everything: algorithm, interface, tech support. Trading currencies has never been more accessible – just follow the signals you receive and get profit. Don't believe those “gurus” who tell you that trading is hard to make you buy their online course – tens of thousands of people are earning money on Forex every day just by sticking to one profitable strategy.

Your Best Solution

Forex changes every day. The situation in the world is never the same as before – that is why we always need new tools to accommodate it. We need to grow, and we need to adapt, so we keep designing and developing new ways to do it.

But new does not mean more complicated! Good software does not equal challenging to use. We spent years creating different ways to make a living with trading, and we are the best in the trade – 100%. We can offer you a breathtaking algorithm in a simple, elegant form, which will suit both novices and seasoned traders.


Forex Xcelerator: Real Results

That is how it's done: $6,915.66 total – incredible profit on M30 timeframe! Thanks to Forex Xcelerator and its laser precision, you will get such results !


Winning again and again: that's the key to turning your Forex trading from a hobby into a source of income! How about 7 wins with $2,323.91 total profit on M15 timeframe? Yes, please!


Accelerate Your Trading

What makes a good Forex tool?

Its ability to select and process enormous amounts of data in the quickest time possible. In Forex, those who think fast – win big.

And I am sure that you want to be a winner.

There are no unimportant trades in Forex. To accumulate profit you need your software to be able to make incredibly complicated calculations in the shortest time possible so that you will be the first to identify trend formation. A typical trader is not capable of doing this – but Forex Xcelerator is.

Using Forex Xcelerator is like having the best minds in trading history on speed dial. You don’t need to make decisions – you need to leap of faith and trust the team of trained and experienced traders and software developers. We want you to succeed – and we know you can.

Forex Xcelerator Features

We don't want to waste your time trying to figure out how to get started with your Forex Xcelerator. The download and installation process will take under 5 minutes – and you will be all set and ready to go!

Forex Xcelerator was created to suit every member of our trading community – whether a seasoned trader with 10+ years of expertise under their belt or a novice who just downloaded MetaTrader.

Forex trading is used to make money – it is quite a simple truth. So, our main aim was to make Forex Xcelerator as profitable as possible – thanks to our sophisticated combination of several algorithms.

Forex software should be created by Forex traders – period. Yes, we use other professionals to make the final product, but only those who trade themselves can develop a profitable algorithm.

Forex Xcelerator Trading Results

Forex Xcelerator is the best at winning one trade after another: look at these smooth wins on US dollar / Swiss franc, M15 timeframe resulting in 299 pips! Isn't it just amazing?


The catching trend is so easy for Forex Xcelerator – just like with these trades on Canadian dollar / Japanese yen, M30 timeframe that resulted in 302 pips total!image4

Profitable, quick, and reliable: Forex Xcelerator will change your life! 5 consecutive wins and 505 pips total on US dollar / Canadian dollar, H1 timeframe – that's what every trader's dream look like!


Crazy profit? Yes, please! 1255 pips total in just two trades on Euro / New Zealand dollar, H4 timeframe – Forex Xcelerator users deserve all of that and even more!


  • Adaptive Trading Algorithm
  • Any MetaTrader 4 Broker
  • Any currency pair
  • No repaint!
  • M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1 Timeframes
  • Email & Push Notifications
  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant Download

What Will You Get with Forex Xcelerator

Being a Forex trader is not an occupation – it is a lifestyle. It is an opportunity to earn your living with your head, not your hands. The chance to buy nice things, travel, and make your family happy every day for the rest of your life.

Trading changes lives – I’ve seen it a hundred times. I’m not promising you to become a millionaire overnight – it’s not how this works. What I can promise you is that with Forex Xcelerator you will get a stable source of additional income that can grow into the main one.

The decision to change your family's life for the better once and all might be the easiest one the person can make. I’ve never met a person who didn’t want a chance to make their dreams come true. In the end, we all want to have a decent life, don’t we?

You can aim at any of the three TakeProfit levels that Forex Xcelerator has and always get profit in the end.

The user experience is significant: we want our software to be as sophisticated as possible.

We are very proud of our Forex Xcelerator – its proven results show that you will be getting quite a lot of money!

The team of professional traders created forex Xcelerator, software developers, and designers to ensure the best possible trading experience. You can trust us – we know what we are doing!

On M15 timeframe, for example, we can say that a win brings about ~200 pips , and it will take about 11 candlesticks to achieve such a result.

H4 timeframe is for those who prefer to set it and forget it – and you can usually earn approximately ~650 pips every 14 or so candlesticks.

Forex Xcelerator is the best way to earn money in the trading world – and we can prove it!

Forex Xcelerator is created with all the latest trading tendencies in mind, so you will not be able to find a more sophisticated product on the market. And that is why we are sure that it will serve you faithfully for many many years to come.

The main idea behind Forex Xcelerator is to provide you with a long-term consistent source of profit. You will see how your account grows before your eyes even if you have never tried trading before. All the hard work has already been done! You need to reap the benefits of several long years of developing this trading masterpiece.

Trading with Forex Xcelerator is easy, fast, and profitable. No complex analysis, no stress, no wasted time – just incredible results.

You have an opportunity to get access to the secret that is worth killing for.

Maximize Your Profit Even More

When it comes to my software, I am very meticulous, to say the least. I always try to perfect my product to make it better, faster, and easier to use. That is why I'm incredibly proud of my Forex Xcelerator Manager.

This incredible system will allow you to minimize the time that you spend in front of your screen. You will still get all the profits while being with your loved ones or doing your favorite things! Pretty good, huh?

Enter trades with one click
When the new signal is generated, Forex Xcelerator Manager pops on the screen, and all you have to do is click one button to enter the trade!

Exit your trades automatically
As soon as the opposite signal is generated or the desired TP level is reached, Forex Xcelerator Manager exits the trade automatically. You don't even have to be near your PC!

Multiply your profit
This one is straightforward: you multiply your profit by minimizing your losses. When all the processes are automated, you do not make mistakes, and you don't miss your chances to get money!

How Does Forex Xcelerator Manager Work?

When the Forex Xcelerator BUY/SELL signal is generated, the Forex Xcelerator Manager window pops up on the chart. It contains all the necessary information about the trade. You need to choose whether you want to close the business at the opposite signal or the TakeProfit level, and voila! Forex Xcelerator Manager will enter the trade for you with all the necessary settings!

And the best thing is that after clicking one button, you can go on with your day without worrying about your trades: Forex Xcelerator Manager will exit them automatically with profit at the most opportune moment!





100% Automated Trading

I've heard many wannabe traders complaining that they cannot find time for trading at all. It is understandable: it takes a while for any person to become a full-time trader, and many people still have their daytime job while taking their first steps in trading.

That's why I came up with one extra feature for Forex Xcelerator and Forex Xcelerator Manager.

Once you have a hand in utilizing Forex Xcelerator, you can switch Forex Xcelerator Manager to AutoMode and get an EA to load on your charts and get back to your daily tasks.

This set-and-forget system will allow you to spend zero time trading and still make a profit literally!

So, you get three products simultaneously: an indicator, a Manager, and a fully functional trading robot!

We know that Forex Xcelerator is an investment. But everyone has the right to ensure that they get something they need!

That's why we made sure that you can try Forex Xcelerator 100% risk-free for 14 days! Watch it perform, record your profits and decide if
Forex Xcelerator is suitable for you.

If not, contact us, and we will happily give you all your money back!

Specification: Forex Xcelerator 1.0

Product Type

Technical Indicator



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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    trIstanbul, Turkey

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  2. Egis

    Hello admin, how can I buy this? I don’t see

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    • forexshop24 (store manager)

      There are some technical issues with this indicator. So we temporarily removed it. As soon as the indicator works, you can buy it again.

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  3. Gabriele B. (verified owner)


    Good system

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  4. lethalturok

    Will Forex Xcelerator be available soon?

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    • forexshop24 (store manager)

      Sorry, a working version will not be available in a short time.

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