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FTS Pro Expert Advisor 1.6

Boost your trading with FTS Pro Expert Advisor! High-performance, trend-following, and designed for stability in volatile markets. Your profit growth awaits. Act now!


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FTS Pro – an exceptional Expert Advisor engineered for maximum performance and stable profitability, even in volatile market conditions.

Introducing the FTS Pro Expert Advisor, an exceptional tool engineered for maximum performance and stable profitability in volatile market conditions. With its high trade density and trend-following for short and take profit, this EA is designed to revolutionize your trading experience.

Trade Simultaneously on Multiple Currency Pairs

The FTS Pro Expert Advisor operates seamlessly on 11 currency pairs simultaneously, maximizing your potential for profit. Our carefully curated setfiles cater to different capital sources and types, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Secure and Sustainable Trading

The FTS Pro EA requires a minimum capital of $5000, but for smaller capitals, we recommend opening CENT or Micro accounts for secure trading. With stop loss settings on every currency pair, this EA prioritizes long-term sustainability. Make sure to prepare adequate capital and use the appropriate setfile to align with your available funds. Expect stable monthly profits ranging from 15-30%.

Proven Robustness and Recovery

Even in the face of adversity, the FTS Pro EA demonstrates its robustness. It experienced three automatic stop losses, yet achieved a remarkable 95% growth after just five months. This EA has the capacity to recover losses swiftly, reducing the risk of account breakage and ensuring your investment remains secure.

Protecting Against Market Fluctuations

Market fluctuations are inevitable, but with the FTS Pro EA, you're well-prepared. On March 10, 2023, during a tumultuous market shift involving the CHF currency, the EA automatically enacted a stop loss.

This dynamic response protected accounts from severe losses caused by a mass influx of investments into Switzerland after US banks declared bankruptcy. In just two weeks, it recovered 70% of its losses, showcasing its ability to navigate unpredictable market events.

Sustainable Growth and Future Prosperity

With safety settings like stop loss, the FTS Pro EA ensures long-term profitability. Rest assured that your account will experience sustainable growth over time, providing you with the financial security you deserve.

Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity

Transform your trading today with the FTS Pro Expert Advisor and secure the financial future you've always dreamed of. Act now to be part of the future of trading. Your prosperity is our priority, and tomorrow may be too late. Invest in FTS Pro EA and unlock your trading potential. You deserve it!

Specification: FTS Pro Expert Advisor 1.6

Product Type

Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4


1.3, 1.6

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What You'll Get:

Version 1.3

  • FTS EA V1.3.pdf
  • FTS EA Pro V1.3.ex4
  • Global pro news.ex4
  • IceFX.NewsInfo.dll
  • BTCUSD – H1.set
  • EURGBP-M30.set
  • EURJPY-H1.set
  • EURUSD-H1.set
  • GBPJPY-H1.set
  • GBPUSD-H1.set
  • USDCHF – M30.set
  • USDJPY-H1.set
  • -H1.set
  • GOLD -M5.set
  • Pro News Indi Filter for GOLD.set
  • Pro News Indi Filter Setfile EJ.set
  • Pro News Indi Filter Setfile EU.set
  • Pro News Indi Filter Setfile GJ.set
  • Pro News Indi Filter Setfile GU.set
  • Pro News Indi Filter Setfile UJ.set

Version 1.6

  • : FTS Pro EA V1.6.ex4 (Unlocked)
  • 3 Libraries
  • 260 Presets/.setfiles
  • Guide FTS EA V1.6

FTS Pro Expert Advisor 1.6


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