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GAP Sniffer Pro Expert Advisor

The Gap Sniffer Pro Expert Advisor is a high-performance Forex trading robot. It exploits about 90% of market gap closures. This fully automated tool offers customizable settings to align with various trading styles.


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Gap Sniffer Pro Expert : Master the Gaps

Opt for the Gap Sniffer Pro Expert Advisor, a one-of-a-kind trading robot aimed at seizing about 90% of potential market gap closures.

It's a fully automated, perfect for long-term investing, equipped with a variety of modifiable features to accommodate diverse trading styles.

The Pro Forex EA employs a unique gap tracking strategy, executing a profitable order at the gap's peak, ensuring a stable return on investment over time.

Customize Your Trading

The Gap Sniffer Pro EA is lauded for its flexibility, offering customizable settings that you can tweak based on your trading preference.

Whether you prefer frequent smaller trades or less frequent but larger trades, this tool aligns with your needs.

If you're uncertain about the EA's performance, testing it on a demo is highly recommended before taking it live.

High ROI, Risk Mitigated

Despite employing a potentially risky martingale approach at times, the Pro Forex EA boasts a high ROI.

The earnings potential is dictated by the chosen lot size and value at risk.

While some account loss is inevitable over time, regular withdrawal of investments can turn the martingale strategy from risky to profitable.

Before You Go Live

We highly recommend testing this tool on a demo account for a minimum of one week.

Acquaint yourself with the EA's workings to confidently leverage its functionality on your real account.

Key Features

  • Exploits approximately 90% of market gap closures
  • Fully automated and customizable
  • High ROI through the martingale approach
  • Suitable for various currency pairs, best for EURUSD, GBPUSD
  • Most on M1 timeframe
  • Recommended for use on VPS for uninterrupted and low latency operation
  • Ideal for accounts with low spreads
  • Suggested minimum account balance of $1000 (medium risk), $100 for low risk.

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Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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