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Gold F35 Expert Advisor

The Gold F35 Expert Advisor for XAUUSD is a superior trading algorithm with 22,728 trades to its name. With an average win of €7.73, a profit expectancy of €1.91 per trade, and a win rate of 66% for both long and short trades, it’s an efficient and powerful tool.


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Revolutionize Your Trading with the F35 Advisor for XAUUSD

This premier algorithmic trading allows for an impressive number of trades. With 22,728 trades under its belt, it demonstrates robust engagement with the .

The Gold F35 Expert Advisor features a profitability pivot with an expectancy of €1.91 per trade. This high-tech , despite its average loss of -€9.72, stands out with an average win of €7.73.

Its performance shines through in its highest trade achievement. The best trade saw a phenomenal profit of €3,349.66. This trade, along with others, contribute to a profit factor of 1.59.

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

This Expert Advisor performs with remarkable efficiency. It maintains an average trade length of 1 hour and 7 minutes. Despite its worst trade loss of -928.92 euros, it continually proves its worth.

Its proficiency extends to both long and short positions. It boasts a winning rate of 66% for both longs and shorts. The EA also has a strong Sharpe ratio of 0.06, denoting its solid risk-adjusted returns.

The standard deviation stands at €66.295. This value highlights the EA's consistency in trading returns. The Z-Score, at a stunning -31.59, points to a high degree of accuracy.

Key Features of the Gold F35 Expert Advisor

  • Remarkable 22,728 trades recorded
  • Profit expectancy of €1.91 per trade
  • Average win of €7.73
  • Profit factor of 1.59
  • Efficient average trade length of 1h 7m
  • Impressive win rate of 66% for both longs and shorts
  • Solid Sharpe ratio of 0.06
  • Consistent trading returns, with a standard deviation of €66.295
  • High degree of accuracy as shown by a Z-Score of -31.59

Through its advanced algorithm and efficient performance, the Gold F35 Expert Advisor for XAUUSD is poised to take your trading to new heights. Get ready to reshape your trading experience with this unrivaled EA.

Specification: Gold F35 Expert Advisor

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Expert Advisor



Trading Terminal

Metatrader 4

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