Indicador de Forex Mr. Y

With indicador de Forex Mr. Y you make money to solve problems, treat yourself or live a better life with your family and friends.


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Hello,  My name is Mr. Y!

And if you are like me, at this very moment you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to earn money.

Money to solve problems, treat yourself or live a better life with your family and friends.

We are clear on something, generating money is not the simplest activity in the world . Well, in the traditional way …

Today I want to show you how you can earn money in the simplest way possible . Exactly how banks and great finance professionals do. All executing it with the Forex. A market that moves 4.5 trillion dollars a day.

After making thousands of mistakes with self-learning I have discovered that only 4 things matter in the analysis to open a successful operation within the Forex , operation that can really give you the possibility of making money; a lot of money in this activity.

Identifying each of these parts is essential to make a lot of money in forex.


Doing each of these steps IS NOT EASY!

And it has taken me many years of training and trial and error to learn each of these parts to know the complete synergy that allows me:

I have created many trainings focused directly on forex teaching , starting from scalping systems, day trading, swing trading, Quarter Theory, MAAW-WVVM pattern, candlestick patterns and special price behavior and many more topics , but, many people simply fail to learn and apply the complexity that this world encompasses . That is why it was absolutely essential for me to teach a method that was SIMPLE and AT THE SAME TIME EFFECTIVE , to create a tool …

And I did it after a lot of research and with a team of elite programmers , so today I will show you a system that allows you to identify the previous 4 points and take advantage of the market in a way that you never thought possible!

With this indicator you can get accurate inputs to trade all currencies in FOREX . While some people prefer an aggressive scalping strategy, others are more comfortable with long-term trading with less stress and without the need to be in front of screens every day . This tool was created to professionally operate Swing Trading and obtain positive trades with a minimum default risk-reward ratio of at least 3: 1.


The Mr. Y Forex Indicator does not repaint or recalculate one way or another. Once the signal is notified, it will not be modified or recalculated.

That is very important to get results! Once the candle closes, the signal will stay there.

Why not repaint? Because it is based exclusively on price, which is the most important indicator and has nothing to do with moving averages, relative strength indices, stochastics, bollingers or any other indicator never used by true professional traders.

Also, the signal does not appear 2 or 3 candles later. The signal appears once a strong price level and a specific candlestick pattern are reached that indicates a reversal of the trend. The most important candlestick patterns where the signal is displayed are LONG DOJIs and ENVELOPING CANDLES – These are two of the most powerful trend reversal candlestick patterns on Forex!

Based on PURE and HARD Automatic Technical Analysis

The indicator is a sniper tool to know if you open a trade or wait a little longer . It is not necessary to have advanced notions of technical analysis to operate with this system and in training you will learn to use it to its full potential. That way you will know how to place the appropriate Stop Loss, the appropriate Take Profits and the appropriate lot size depending on the liquidity of your account.

This indicator works on the Metatrader 4 platform With H1 Charts (Timeframe Of 60 Minutes)

When you purchase it, you will receive the template for MT4 (.TPL file) and the indicator in .ex4 format along with the indications in video and pdf format.

Metatrader 4 is a software that we will use to analyze the evolution of the assets with which we will do operations in the Forex brokers. Also, within Metatrader 4 we will install the Mr. Y Forex Indicator  that will show us through the super signals when we must open a trade with a  reliability greater than 83%.

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Indicador de Forex Mr. Y


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