Larry Williams 2023 Forecast Report


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Larry Williams 2023 Forecast Report is a single PDF document including my annual forecasts and analyses of the futures markets.

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Larry Williams 2023 Forecast Report

  • Larry Williams 2023 Forecast Report is a single PDF document including my annual forecasts and analyses of the futures markets.
  • Predictions for the major indices in Australia, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Korea, Great Britain, India, Hong Kong, and Italy on an individual basis
  • My forecast for the direction of the key futures markets in 2023, including US Stocks, Bonds, Metals, Currencies, Grains, and Softs.
  • Use my Cycle Forecast Charts as specific market route maps.
  • Our 26th Forecast Report-18th Annual Edition
  • Trusted by Investors and Traders in 67 Nations

Two traders are particularly interested in the stock of American Airlines. Both of them are intelligent and driven to succeed. Sadly, no, one does not.

Like you, I frequently wonder why some people succeed at this while others fail. Here is the solution.

The narrative “The Story of Traders One and Two”

Many really intelligent individuals struggle in the marketplace. In this case, that is comparable to Trader One. Although he is ambitious, intelligent, and successful in his work, he struggles or falls short on Wall Street.

The second man, whom we'll name Trader Two, may not be as intelligent or even have as much education, but he does very well on Wall Street. How come? I believe it is because…

Only news and advice are available to follow on Trader One. He is watching talking heads on TV while gazing at a blank chart.

Trader One is looking for a solution.

Trader Two knows the solution.

The solution to this is…

For 2023, trader Two has a roadmap. He knows the best moments to buy, sell, and profit. You wonder if that's feasible. Take a look at these two charts to see for yourself.

Picture 2

Trader One's Predictions for American Airlines in 2023

American Airlines' Future According to Trader One in 2023

American Airlines' Future According to Trader One in 2023

The good news is that every trader or investor may achieve Trader Two's level of success.

Yes, it is possible to create your future road map.

Like most traders and investors, you worry about what will happen to stocks, commodities, and the economy in 2023.


Like Trader One, you are unable to see the future.

You may predict what will happen in the upcoming year with great clarity and reliability, just like trader Two did with American Airlines. For shorter-term swings, you will use the red line cycle forecast, and for the longer-term trend, you will use the blue line. While trader Two has a roadmap, Trader One will be looking around, reading, listening, and attempting to figure it all out.

But… you can get that roadmap for 30 different equities, 30 different futures markets, and all main stock market indices. 8:10

Background Information

Some individuals believe it is impossible to predict the future since we cannot see it. I'll allow you to make that decision right this second by displaying a chart from my Forecast 2022 Report. Then you can determine if this is true knowledge or simply nonsense.

Chart 14 for the Long-Term Cycle Forecast for 2022

Chart 14 for the Long-Term Cycle Forecast for 2022

What do you think, then? That was the prediction made for 2022 and published in 2021. to check how it turned out, glance at your charts.

Maybe it was just a lucky call. But readers from 67 nations have been reading my forecast forecasts for the past 18 years. Almost the majority of them are recurrent customers who purchase each year.

Although not flawless, my predictions are as accurate as they can be. I suppose that's why when people introduce me, they frequently call me “The Legendary Larry Williams.” Since 1962, I've been observing the markets. I certainly had my share of ups and downs. However, Futures magazine said that Larry “has endured the test of time in a country of one-hit wonders.”

Have you ever used YouTube? There is my work. Additionally, it has been mentioned on “Mad Money” with Jim Cramer, CNBC TV,, etc. Every significant organization in our field has given me lifetime achievement honors, which is an honor. I just turned 80, so I'm no spring chicken. What works and what doesn't, I am aware of. They are accurate.

However, this letter focuses on you and how you can succeed like trader Two, not on me.

Now you are aware. The most important changes should be made a year in advance. In every significant stock index and commodity…

What is in my forecast report for 2023?

In this year's prediction, you will see the road maps I made for almost all of the major stock market indexes, futures, and equities throughout the world.

The report for this year has more than 100 pages. The report is comprehensive. Yes, it is concise and covers the S&P E-minis, Dow, bonds, precious metals, grains, softs, all the major currencies, energies, and stock markets worldwide, as well as a few specific stocks.

Simply put, nothing else exists quite like this since the majority of futures markets are covered in my research. Additionally, I forecast 30 important stocks this year, including 5 of Warren Buffet's favorites!

Along With My Roadmaps, You Will Discover All Of This

1. The Year's Best Trades

I'll be demonstrating to you the absolute greatest times of the year in 2023 to buy S&P 500 E-minis, Crude Oil, Gold, Bonds, and as a special surprise market with 94 percent accuracy for these trades in the previous 54 years and an average profit per trade of over $4,000. This one small deal alone justifies the entire study's expense.

Over the past 25 years, two S&P 500 E-mini trades with over 90% accuracy have generated returns totaling approximately $60,000 (average profit per trade of $1,208 combined).

Gold miners will experience the best periods of the year in the gold market; the top three transactions have over 80% winners and have generated about $80,000 in total profits.

I see no hedging here. You'll be aware of the precise trade day to buy.

2. How to Use Cycles Effectively

Cycles can be hard, and I'll show you the best approach to use them so that you can often determine the degree of accuracy of the planned moves.

3. The Yield Curve Began to Straighten

I'm studying the Yield Curve in great detail this year. As opposed to what the talking heads suggest, you will observe its history compared to stock values. You'll be aware of the details as well as my predictions for what it will do in the future!

4. GDP Prediction

I fully disclose my GDP model, which predicts an acceleration of GDP growth. That's good for stocks and will surprise Wall Street, as most expect GDP to continue to decline.

5. This Indicator Provides the Best Sell Signals on the Stock Market

We'll go back to 1948 and examine this signal. Then I'll demonstrate how to utilize this technology to identify major market tops quickly.

The model is bullish right now. As a result, we must watch out for a sell signal.

6. Predict Joblessness!

Yes, the report for this year demonstrates a sophisticated algorithm that does a fantastic job of predicting when the crucial FED unemployment data will trend upward or downward. To read this, you must first study.

7. Recognize the recession's onset

Countless indications can be used to identify the beginning of recessions. My top picks are based on the following criteria: Production in Industry (one-year percentage change) Including Farm Workers (one-year percentage change), Stock market recovery (one-year return)

8. The Yield Curve's Slope

However, there is only one indication that outperforms them all. You can follow it throughout the year; I'll explain it and give you the URL.

9. Recognize the beginning of a recession

There are a plethora of indications that can be used to identify recession onset. The finest ones I've discovered are founded on the following: Commercial Production (one-year percentage change), Non-Farm Payrolls (one-year percentage change), The Stock Market's Comeback (one-year return) inclination of the yield curve

But one indicator—and only one—outperforms them all. I'll describe it and provide the URL so you can track it all year.


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Larry Williams 2023 Forecast Report
Larry Williams 2023 Forecast Report
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