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Magnus Pro Indicator

Unlock the power of Magnus PRO – the ultimate MetaTrader 4 indicator. With 86-91% WinRate, 50+ signals per day, and no redrawing, it’s a game-changer for traders. Get accurate trading signals and maximize your profits. Get Magnus PRO now!


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Introducing Magnus PRO – The Ultimate MetaTrader 4 Indicator for Accurate Trading

Discover the power of Magnus PRO, the revolutionary MetaTrader 4 indicator that will transform your trading game. With an impressive 86-91% WinRate and over 50 signals per day, this indicator is a game-changer for of all levels.

Magnus PRO utilizes an advanced algorithm to fix volumes in real time, providing you with crucial information about price movement. Every second, the indicator displays volume levels vertically on the candle, allowing you to make well-informed trading decisions. Additionally, the indicator highlights the largest volume in red, making it easy to identify significant market movements.

Take a closer look at the screenshot and witness the accuracy of Magnus PRO – it's showing 3 SELL signals. Let's understand why these signals occur:

  • Bearish movement: The indicator detects a downward trend in the market.
  • Price rollback: As the downward movement progresses, the price temporarily rolls back to a large volume.
  • Entry point: A SELL signal is generated when the price rolls back up to the volume, indicated by a yellow dot. This signals that the price has reached the desired level for selling.

Similarly, Magnus PRO also identifies BUY signals by analyzing bullish trends and price rollbacks to significant volumes. It excels in cases where the price has a clear trend, ensuring higher accuracy in predicting market movements.

Obtaining Magnus PRO is a breeze.

Simply get the indicator and complete the easy two-step login process to unlock its full potential.

This indicator boasts several exceptional features:

  • No redrawing: Magnus PRO does not redraw volumes or signals, providing you with reliable and consistent data.
  • 50+ signals per day: With over 50 signals generated daily, you have ample trading opportunities.
  • Accuracy: The visualization of volumes within the candlestick makes it effortless to comprehend the price's future trajectory.
  • Uniqueness: Magnus PRO offers exclusive market data for price analysis.
  • Patterns: In addition to the indicator's signals, you can trade cluster patterns using Magnus PRO, leveraging the extensive data it provides.

Enhance your trading with the help of Magnus PRO's probability analysis for various patterns:

  • Cluster patterns: Utilize the indicator's insights to trade cluster patterns with a 74% probability of .
  • Anti Flag: Increase your chances of profit with a 76% probability of working out using this pattern.
  • Pushing volume: Capitalize on a large volume's impact with a 79% probability of success.
  • Dense volume: Gain valuable information about dense volumes and their implications on market trends.
  • Stop Volume: Identify significant market turning points with an 88% probability of working out.
  • Powerful level: Leverage powerful levels in the market with an 84% probability of success.

Magnus PRO is designed for use on the MetaTrader 4 platform, ensuring seamless integration without the need for additional software installations. It comes with a perpetual license and a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of this incredible tool.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your trading. Get Magnus PRO today and unlock the potential for consistent profits in the dynamic world of trading.

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