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Mod ATR Trailing Stop Indicator

The Mod ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for MT5 is an effective tool for forex traders, assisting in identifying market trends, volatility, and optimal entry and exit points. Its unique color-coded system, based on the Average True Range, helps determine the best trailing stop loss.


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Understand Trends with the Mod ATR Trailing Stop Indicator

Identify trends and volatility accurately with the Mod ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for MT5. Designed with the Average True Range (ATR), it aids to detect the best points for entry and exit in the market. The indicator stands out as the finest tool for calculating trailing stop losses, proving critical to many automated or Advisor (EA) trading systems.

Key Features

  • Average True Range-based Trailing Stop: Uses ATR to calculate the best stop loss.
  • Color-Coded : Displays stop levels in red or green for sell and buy positions respectively.
  • Volatility Indicator: Provides a snapshot of market volatility to guide trading decisions.
  • Optimal Entry and Exit Points: Assists in identifying the best times to enter and exit the market.
  • User-Friendly: Suitable for both novice and experienced forex traders.
  • Versatile Application: Can be integrated into automated or EA-based trading systems.

Guiding Your Trading Decisions

The AUDJPY H1 chart showcases how the indicator works. For sell positions, it displays the stop levels in red above the current price. Conversely, the indicator sets the stop levels in green below the price for buy positions. This visual color distinction guides your trading decisions, enabling you to optimize your strategy.

Following Market Trends Effectively

To follow market trends until a reversal occurs, many traders use the Average True Range. For instance, a trader holding a buy position will maintain it until the ATR Trailing Stop Loss MT5 indicator turns red. This tactic allows forex traders to fully ride the trend until its conclusion.

Entering and Exiting at the Right Time

The Mod ATR Trailing Stop Loss indicator excels at identifying entry and exit points, as ATR is a top volatility calculator. Traders buy when the indicator turns green and sell when it turns red. However, we recommend verifying these signals with other technical indicators and price action for greater precision.

Versatility for All Traders

The Mod ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for MT5 caters to traders of all experience levels. Novice traders find its volatility snapshot and optimal stop loss point invaluable. Meanwhile, seasoned traders use this indicator to pinpoint trailing stops, trend directions, and entry and exit points, integrating them with other technical .


The indicator is an indispensable tool for every forex trader. Its ATR-based stop loss provides an optimal stop loss, considering market volatility. At the same time, it offers a trailing stop loss to safeguard your position. Testing with various indicator settings for each currency pair is advised, as volatility differs among them.

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