NeuralMindADX v1.5

NeuralMindADX searches for possible entries after a price impulse. Simultaneously it detects the volatility for entry points. ADX filter avoids big DD.


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NeuralMindADX is a revolutionary EA created to catch reversals of price’s impulses.

More analytically:

EA searches for possible entries after a price impulse.Simultaneously it detects if the volatility in the next candles is still high and if it is,it cancels the previous entry points and searches for new,better ones.

It uses advanced algo combined with money management and position overlaping whenever is necessary.

ADX filter added to avoid big DD in critical events!!!

BUT what is a neural network EA?

Unlike the traditional data structure, neural networks take in multiple streams of data and output one result. If there’s a way to quantify the data, there’s a way to add it to the factors being considered in making a prediction.

Before they can be of any use in making Forex predictions, neural networks have to be ‘trained’ to recognize and adjust for patterns that arise between input and output. The training and testing can be time consuming, but is what gives neural networks their ability to predict future outcomes based on past data. The basic idea is that when presented with examples of pairs of input and output data, the network can ‘learn’ the dependencies, and apply those dependencies when presented with new data. From there, the network can compare its own output to see how close to correct the prediction was, and go back and adjust the weight of the various dependencies until it reaches the correct answer.

These being said, the NeuralMindADX has been trained

WITH DEFAULT settings to the following pairs,















  • Minimum Capital: 1500$ for each pair
  • EACH PAIR must have DIFFERENT MAGIC NUMBER when trading LIVE or DEMO

TEST MUST BE CONDACTED with every tick or else the results will be negative in many pairs,BUT since the code is way too heavy and the EA draws many lines in the chart,the test will be VERY SLOW.

You can test it with open prices ONLY TO SEE THE STRATEGY behind.The results will be inaccurate because in open price NeuralMindADX trades at every new open and if for example we had set 10 pips for TP and the candle closes at 8 pips but had a wick 2 or more pips,in the open price test the EA will not TP.

TIMEFRAME: 5MIN CHART (and some pairs in higher TF depending or the volatility of the pair)


Before testing or trading Demo or Live, you must change input CompareCount from 1 to at least 20 !!!…You must set it not lower of 20.It is a condition about ADX and max positions.Depending on the volatility of the pair in some cases you can SET it till 20 or higher both inputs.

The input “minutes period” depending on the TF you test or using it must be set accordingly:e.g 5 for 5 min, 60 for 1H etc.


  • Drawdown:theoverlaping mechanism is activated for closing positions(most profitable with one losable) when each open trade has more than 1$ loss.
  • VolumeSize: startinglotsize
  • MultiplyOnLoss:Lotmultiplier
  • VoluneUpperLimit:The max lotsize of a position

If you have ANY difficulties in testing or ANY questions i will be happy to help you by contacting through pm.

Live Signal:

Clarification:The signal started with 90$ capital 21 weeks ago just to condact some tests manually and burned.

AT 14/9/2019 a new deposit made of 92$.

I am using ALL my EAs in a DEMO account and when i have open positions at the same pair in More than 3 EAs i open manually a trade in my live signal.

This is how it works.

Since that the first time it was burned the statistic of growth will still be negative BUT as you can see AFTER THE second deposit and the use of the NeuralMindADX the months followed were very profitable:

SEP: 257.22 GROWTH

OCT: 136.79 GROWTH

NOV: 128.64 GROWTH( running)

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NeuralMindADX v1.5
NeuralMindADX v1.5


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