New Smart Hedge M1 EA 2.99

New Smart Hedge M1 EA trades simultaneously on other highly correlated instruments. Trades made on one instrument compensate for the drawdown of trades in another instrument.


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The EA has the same trading principle as SMARTHEDGE . We trade simultaneously on other highly correlated instruments. Trades made on one instrument compensate for the drawdown of trades in another instrument. Thus, we can trade fairly large volumes with relatively low risk. The principle of operation is clearly visible in the video below.

In this EA, I tried to simplify the settings as much as possible, but at the same time I left all the main functions from the early development. ( SMARTHEDGE and SH-2 ). Now the advisor has a maximum of automatic adjustments, which makes it much faster to launch it into trading. All parameters that were in pips are now set through the spread and do not require adjustment to the quotes signs.

Optimization and customization of the advisor.

Above you see a ready-made set file for optimization NEW SH.set (in the appendix)…Lines in which there is no check mark can not be optimized. It is enough to decide once on the size of the initial lot and indicate the second Simbol if the AUTO choice did not suit you. Examples of correlated currency pairs that are applied by AUTO choice:

Lot 1 (2) fixed lot. – If you specify the lot value in this line, then the advisor will use it. If you leave 0, the EA will calculate the lot of the first position as a percentage of the deposit.
Lot 1 (2) = Balance% – The value of the percentage of the deposit
Koeff Lot – The coefficient of increasing the lot of refilling positions

Correlation Correlation
type is determined automatically.
TIMEFRAMES = 5 – Timeframe for calculating the correlation and divergence delta of instruments.
The timeframe can be optimized if desired, but since there are many of them on MT5, it takes a lot of time, it is enough to choose M5 or M15.
Bars Correlation – the number of bars for calculating the correlation and delta
Delta First open -% of the max delta at which the first positions are opened
% Delta next open -% of the opening delta for opening additional positions. Additional positions are opened as virtual pending orders.
Level Virtual Orders– distance to virtual pending orders is calculated in the number of spreads. If there is 3 and spread = 8, then the distance to the pending order will be 24 p.

NoOpenSpread – do not open the filter if the delta is less than the sum of the sum of the spreads of the two instruments multiplied by the NoOpenSpread number.
Filter GEP – a ban on opening with a sharp increase in the delta. If the delta has grown more than 2 times on one bar, then we prohibit opening positions.
Minimum correlation for opening – the minimum correlation coefficient for the opening. If the current coefficient is less than the specified one, then it prohibits opening the first positions, but does not prohibit refills.


Closing deals in the EA is done by trailing profit. The start of the trawl is calculated by the advisor automatically depending on the lot and delta. The closing of the trail occurs when the profit rolls back to% close tral
close trall% – rollback of the profit trail (0 – close immediately)
dividing the closing profit – division of the maximum profit. With this parameter you can reduce the start arrival of the trawl. If you think that the starting profit is still very far away and you want to reduce it, then set a value greater than 1. If you take our example, our trawl will start at 4.45 usd, but if you set the value 3 here, then the trawl will start at 3.15 usd
Equity profit%– closing by equity increase in% (0-off). The EA closes all positions of the entire account (including even positions placed by hands and other advisors) at the moment when the equity exceeds the specified percentage.
Closing by equity can greatly affect the testing results, but keep in mind that if you then trade not on one pair, but on many, the equity will close all open positions at once. Those. if during optimization you get 2 on one instrument, and 20 on the second, and set it this way, then everything will be closed with an increase of 2%. In real life, I recommend disabling closing by equity and, if you wish, close everything yourself when you see that there is enough profit.
Minimum profit – minimum profit in the deposit currency. MThe minimum profit is needed when closing on the reverse delta. If you see that orders are closed by the opposite intersection with a minus due to slippage, then increase this parameter.
Time Start (hour) – start time of the advisor.
Time End (hour) – end time of the advisor.
The EA can open a new series of deals only if the current time is in the Time Start – Time End
MagicPlus interval – in the advisor, magic is determined automatically by those pairs on which it trades. But if there is a need to trade on the same pairs with different settings (run 2 or more advisors, for example, on the EURUSD-USDCHF pair), then to do this, set any number here, for example 1,000,000 and then instead of the usual magic = 5821, magic 1005821
WindSize will be installed  Information window size. If you see text overlap on 4K monitors, set it to 2 or more.
fontsize – The size of the font in the info window.

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New Smart Hedge M1 EA 2.99
New Smart Hedge M1 EA 2.99


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