ProfitLocker 1.7

ProfitLocker works on any currency pair, in any period of time and with any deposit, from 5 dollars (on a cent account 5 dollars = 500 cents).


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ProfitLocker update: version 1.7. The final version, highly reliable and profitable.

Over the past few weeks, four new versions of ProfitLocker PBX have been released, including today’s release version 1.75. The reason for such a frequent release of updates was the need to find a middle ground between high profitability and no less high reliability, when the system works in a fully automatic trading mode on the Forex market. Now this middle ground is found: the adviser makes a lot of money without risk for a deposit. PBX ProfitLocker 1.75 is a stable and final version that will serve you faithfully for many years.

What has changed? First of all, this is of course the trading logic of the system. Now the price is taken in such a reliable lock, in such a reliable trap that it is enough to go through 20 (200) points for ProfitLocker to receive and record profits in your account. And where exactly the price will go is no longer important, since it has already fallen into the trap from the very moment the system began its work.

Also, in connection with increasing trade security, the rules of money management have changed. So, with a deposit of 500 cu (cu is dollars or cents on dollar or cent accounts; when working on accounts with a different currency, transfer the amounts indicated in cu into the currency of your account), you can run the system on one currency pair (recommended EURUSD, tf M15) with a lot of 0.01. And when you deposit already from 1000 cu You can install the system immediately on three different currency pairs and get already triple profit from forex trading on a fully automatic machine.

More information about money management is written in the instructions. Also write to our tech. support at any time to get free professional advice on setting the correct lot size and choosing currency pairs for your broker, type of account and deposit size.

Another major change is the daily profit taking and the daily growth of your deposit by at least 1% every trading day. At the same time, there are often days on Forex when the price does not go out of the narrow range, and there is simply nothing to take profit, but after such consolidations the price starts to go very quickly, then ProfitLocker makes up for lost time and, in any case, displays profitability by 1% at least for every trading day.

Also, simultaneous trading on several pairs at once, almost completely eliminates delays in profit generation associated with price fluctuations of any currency pair in a narrow range. It also significantly increases the profitability, reliability and security of forex trading with the automatic trading system ProfitLocker 1.75.

Consider the work of the new version on the EURUSD pair, from January 2 to January 31, 2018. Why exactly these couple and period? Take a look at the screenshot above: this is a 620 (6200) rollback trend! points, in the middle of which there was a flat, which lasted two weeks. These are the most extreme conditions for checking a fully automated forex trading system. And ProfitLocker 1.75 is not something that saved the deposit, it increased it by 50% in conditions when no other adviser simply can not withstand such a price movement and merge the deposit.

This is the growth schedule of the deposit in this same period: from January 2 to January 31, 2018. ProfitLocker 1.75 works with an initial lot of 0.01, an initial deposit of $ 500:

In the lower part of the chart, the vertical green bars indicate the volume of opened deals, while it is clearly visible that even at the moment when the deal with lot 0.33 was opened, funds on the main chart (green line) did not sag, that is, the drawdown at that moment was close to zero! Thanks to the unique trading algorithm, the adviser resolves the most difficult situations on the market, does it safely, and even takes profit, where others lose it.

And, of course, pay attention to the large number of opened transactions (figures at the bottom of the chart) – about 560 transactions per month. The main feature of ProfitLocker PBX has remained unchanged: the extra income on a rebate will never be superfluous, and with so many transactions this is just a huge increase to the main system earnings.

Here, for example, are the growth graphs of the deposit when working with ProfitLocker PBXs on USDJPY and AUDUSD pairs for the same period: January 2018. Trade is not so brisk and extreme, but the system does its job and the deposit grows:

So the adviser worked on EURJPY, doubling the deposit in two months of excellent work:

And this is a report from January 1 to April 16, 2018. Here, the adviser is already trading with a lot of 0.1 and an initial deposit of $ 5,000. The drawdown in this case did not exceed 25% and here experienced traders could start trading with a deposit of $ 3,000 and eventually triple it in three months:

Please note: one and a half thousand transactions in three and a half months! This is about $ 1,000 profit only in rebate. You can get up to 90% autobate by opening an account with RobotFor.Trade official partner, Forex4You broker, at our partner link: (opens in a new tab). Forex4You broker is one of the most reliable brokers with stable payments and the most favorable trading conditions.

And so ProfitLocker works on any currency pair, in any period of time and with any deposit, from 5 dollars (on a cent account 5 dollars = 500 cents). Plus, the system works simultaneously on several pairs, so that the profit is constantly being added and growing.

For buyers of previous versions, version 1.75 is already available for free download in your account.

If you are still using ProfitLocker PBX to make money on Forex on a fully automatic machine, then it is not too late to start and join this stream of receiving stable profit. There are practically no other alternatives to passive earnings on the Internet, so buy a ProfitLocker PBX now, while there is such an opportunity .

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