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Renko Enhanced (Forex CFD Trader)


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Give Me 5 Minutes Right Now And I’ll Show You How Renko Enhanced (Forex CFD Trader) Is Pulling $50-$200 A Day Out of a Single Chart Trading a Single MICRO Lot AND How Anyone With An Account Balance of $100 Can Do The Same.

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Give Me 5 Minutes Right Now And I'll Show You How Renko Enhanced (Forex CFD Trader) Is Pulling $50-$200 A Day Out of a Single Chart Trading a Single MICRO Lot AND How Anyone With An Balance of $100 Can Do The Same

Newly Discovered “Glitch” In One Index Chart Hands Traders More Pips Trading One Hour on Friday Afternoons Than Most Traders Make All Week.

Are You Frustrated By Go-Nowhere Currency Pairs That Just Don't Seem To Have Any Momentum and Volatility?  Learn About A Single Simple Change You Can Make In Your Trading Charts That Will Put You In The Driver's Seat And Leave Your Broker Begging For Mercy!

If You Are a Real Forex Trader And What You See Here Doesn't Get Your Heart Racing Over All The Possibilities, Then You Might Need To Admit To Yourself That You HATE Money

You already know how tough it is to trade Forex profitably.  There are hours and even days when charts remain flat.  Prices can spike when you least expect it and either they take you out at your stop loss or they make 30-40 pip moves when you aren't in any trades.  You can have a couple of great winning days in a row and then BAM! You give it all back plus some when price action starts working against you.

It's kind of like spending all day in Gladiator School.  You're damned lucky if you can get out with your skin intact on most days.

But as an experienced Forex trader, this also means you've picked up some valuable skills along the way, and it would be an absolute shame if you didn't put those skills to good use when you have the chance.

And this is that chance.


Because many Forex brokers have recently started adding CFDs to the list of available charts you can now trade through your Forex broker (and Yes, several of them accept US and Canadian based clients).

What is a CFD, you ask?

A CFD is a Contract For Difference, which is a fancy way to say it's a way to “bet” that the price of an  item will go Up or Down.

There is a lot more to it, but all that really matters for our purposes is that Forex Brokers have been adding a lot of different CFDs lately, and by doing so they've given their clients the absolute best shot at banking winning trades they've EVER had!

Specifically, I'm talking about CFDs like the S&P500 (which is called the US500 by your broker), Crude Oil (called USOil or WTICrude, which are the same chart) and NASDAQ (which is called both the NAS100 and NASTECH in the Forex world, depending on the broker).

Given the amount of leverage you have available to you as a Forex trader, you can get into a Micro level S&P trade for only about $16 per contract.  A Micro Oil trade only requires around $3 while the NAS100 takes a whopping $43.

This means virtually anyone who has an account with a broker that offers these CFDs can get into these trades.

And Don't Think You're Just Trading Pennies When Trading Micros.

The NAS100 pays out at $1 per point when trading a Micro lot.  And with multiple average daily moves of 20-40 points, you could clear $100 a session trading a single micro-lot.

Now compare that to traders who open actual Futures accounts to trade the S&P500 or the NASDAQ.  The recently approved Micro accounts require a minimum of $400 just to open a trade, then you need additional cash in your account to deal with any draw-downs.

And to trade a full contract on the S&P 500 or NASDAQ through a futures broker would take anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on your broker's requirements.

Suddenly, trading micro lot CFDs for only $3 to $43 through a Forex broker doesn't sound so bad, does it.

So Why Should You Start Trading CFDs?


The Holy Grail for all traders, whether they know it or not.

And I'm not talking about predicting if the price will go up or down (although you'll see shortly that's fairly simple to do as well with CFDs).

I'm talking about being able to predict WHEN the market is going to get hot.

You know how you can waste hours sitting in front of your Forex charts, hoping and praying that something will happen to give you an entry?

You can waste hours, and even days, and never make a single dime if the markets are flat.

Why Are CFD's So Predictable?

The American-based CFDs get hot exactly at 9:30 a.m. eastern time (New York time), Monday through Friday except for major holidays like Christmas and New Years.

The CFDs based in France, Germany, the UK, Japan, Australia, etc., all get hot at the exact moment the “market” opens for their respective CFD as well.

And that is as close to a stone-cold guarantee as you'll ever get in trading.

You see, these CFD's are actually traded around the clock, just like Forex pairs, in what is called Off-Market or After-Market Trading.

But at 9:30 a.m. eastern time, when the actual indices markets which are based in the United States open for business, the volume on the S&P trades, for instance, rises ten-fold or more.

This can and does translate into moves of 5, 10, even 20 points on truly volatile days.

And just so you know, a “point” move-in Indices equals a 10 pip move in their Forex version.

That means you could be looking at 50, 100, even 200 pip moves in the first few minutes of trading after the markets open at 9:30 a.m. eastern.

No more wasting hours in front of your PC or staring at your phone, waiting for something to happen.

At 9:29 a.m. eastern you need to be ready to trade, because the markets are just seconds away from being open for business, and some significant price moves will probably be there for the taking.

Just because you're a “day trader” doesn't mean you should be forced to spend all day in front of your charts.

Trading CFDs gives you total control over when you trade and frees up the rest of your day to focus on the other things in life you find important: family, friends, hobbies, hell, even taking 3 hour naps in the afternoon if that's what you enjoy.

I Live in the USA and Work from 9-5.  Will This Work For Me?

In a word, yes.

Brokers that happily accept US-based clients such as Hugo's Way offer CFD trading on a variety of different indices, some from the US, some from Europe and some from Asia and Australia.

What this means is no matter where you live, there is a session (Asian, London, or New York) where at least a couple of Indices CFDs have an actual market that opens for business during your available sessions.

This gives you a legitimate shot at trading during the “hot” hours just like the traders who focus on the US indices.

The True Benefit You Get From Trading CFDs

Trading CFDs gives you the ability to limit your time in front of your charts, which translates into more time to spend doing the things you love.

But more importantly, CFD Trading gives you the chance to finally start growing your trading account and using your profits for the things you want, instead of watching that money disappear again and again and again because the Forex currency markets are suddenly acting stupid again today.

You know what I mean.

You get two or three days where price action does pretty much exactly what you think it should, based on news events and indicator signals.

Then, for no apparent reason, price action does a 180-degree turn and starts doing exactly the opposite of what you'd expect.  And you don't dare switch to trading the opposite of what your method calls for, because you'll just end up losing more when price action turns back to normal, again without warning.

Are You Trading To Make Money or Lose Money?

Look, I seriously doubt you got involved in Currency Trading because you were looking for creative ways to lose money.

Yet that seems to be the end result for traders who insist on focusing all of their time and energy and trading funds exclusively on Currency pairs.

Hopefully, you're not one of them.

But if you are, you can either keep doing what's obviously not working (focusing solely on currency pairs) or you can put in a little time and effort (and very little of each, I might add) learning to trade CFDs and finally start seeing some positive returns on your investment.

If You're Being Honest With Yourself Right Now, You Know This Is The Path You Should Be Exploring

Because let's face facts: if what you were doing as a Forex trader was working, you wouldn't be reading this right now, would you.

If you were trading with a system or method that was consistently winning, you wouldn't quit using it and stop consistently making money to go looking for something new to try, would you?


You'd be scaling up your lot sizes and making crazy serious banks with your current trading rules.

Talk Is Cheap.  Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Now I realize that so far, all this has been is a bunch of chatter.

Talk is cheap.

So let me show you some proof for a change..

Earlier I mentioned I put this same package of indicators and trading rules together a year ago for an old student who started using NinjaTrader.  A surprising number of my other students grabbed a copy when it hit the market and started trading the Indices.

Several of them took the time to write some very nice testimonials on how well this method worked for them in the Futures markets, trading charts like the S&P 500, Crude Oil and NASDAQ.

“Three days.  Three trades.  77 points on the ES.  I have never consistently averaged 25 points a day on anything, ever. This has been a Godsend for me.”
Marina V.
“Count me in as one of the amazed and happy buyers.  I was really hesitant to buy, but I used the Contact page to get a hold of Jeff and he kindly spent almost 30 minutes with me on Skype.   So I took a chance and boy am I glad I did.  I am averaging 40 ticks a day on oil and only trading for around an hour most days.”
Walter C.
“I've spent conservatively speaking around $12,000 over the last 3 years on various training courses and trading methods and really don't have anything to show for it.  I bought your Oil Package and have made more in the last 3 days of trading (42 ticks, 51 ticks, and 27 ticks) than I made in all of last month's trading. Best money I ever spent on a trading product.”
Gary B.
“I used to dream about what it would be like to catch a 20 or 30 point run.  Now I've caught two in 2 days. It's even better than I dreamed it.  I think this is called having an ‘unfair advantage' over the market.”
Larry F.
”Dear Future Customer of Jeff's:  Take it from the most cynical person you will ever meet. Go right to the Buy button and grab a copy of this crazy trading method while you still can.  I bought three weeks ago and planned to paper trade for 1-2 weeks until I felt I really understood how this method worked. At the end of Day Two, I threw the paper away and started trading real money.  This method could not be simpler and the number of multiple full point trades it highlights is almost beyond belief.  The best part is I picked up 12 points of the ES on my first day of real money trading, which paid for this method twice over.”
Charles L.

And Just To Give You A Quick Glimpse Right Now, Here Are A Couple Of Trades I took This Morning On The US500 (The FX Version Of The S&P 500) And On The US Oil Chart

I don't know if you can read the “results” from the trades, but I spent about 4 minutes in a series of Sell trades on the US500.  1 trade stopped out at $-120, but the other two closed in profit at $341 and $291, for an overall net gain of $511 in 4 minutes.  The Oil trade took a little longer, but I closed it out at +$200 just before 10 a.m. this morning.

So I spent less than an hour in the Oil trade and only about 4 minutes in the US500 trade, and my day was done with +$711.

Not bad for less than an hour's “work”.

Now I know what you're thinking.

So If This Works So Well, Why Isn't Everyone Trading This Way?

Look, everyone has their own excuses and reasons, which are as varied as the people who offer them.

But it all comes down to basic human psychology.

The human-animal is a “herd” Mammal.  We like hanging out in groups.  We want to be accepted by our peers.  We don't want to risk being thrown out of the group because we decided to “go our own way.”

Read any human psychology books, from entry-level to highly advanced, and you'll see these findings repeated over and over and over again.

Now, just for fun, jump over to YouTube and take a look at the various training videos being offered by one “guru” or another on trading the S&P 500.  They are all a little bit different in how they approach trading, but at the same time, they are also all very much the same.

They all use time-based charts.  They all tell you to make sure you add a MACD or RSI or Stochastic or (Fill in the name of your favorite indicator here) (yes, I meant to type that).  Make sure you focus on Volume.  Or make sure you ignore volume.  Trade with the VWap.  Or don't!

No matter what advice you are finding (especially for FREE!) you'll find some competing advice telling you the exact opposite, also online and also for FREE!

98% of the free training videos and advice you'll find scattered across YouTube and in all those waste of time trading groups on Facebook are all based on the same concept, called Conventional Wisdom.

What is Conventional Wisdom?

It's that advice passed along from one trader to another and followed blindly, regardless of the damage that advice inflicts upon trade account balances, win/loss records, trader psychology, etc., but which has been around for so long it's accepted at face value without hesitation or questioning.

Give me a second to go off on a weird tangent to show you exactly how this works out in real life.

The Rat Study

Some years ago scientists conducted a study involving rats and electrical shocks.  They put two dozen rats in a box with a ramp that led of to a tube where food would be provided.  But near the top of the ramp, they installed a plate that would give the rats a small electrical shock if touched.

The rats saw the food, but after all of them had experienced the shock after first touching the plate (and some of them had to get shocked multiple times for this to take effect), they all refused to go up the ramp any longer.  They had been “trained” to avoid the electrical shock, and not even the presence of food would get them to change their mind.

Scientists then took out half the rats and put in 12 new rats.  They also removed the electrical plate that had provided the shock.

When the new rats saw the food at the top of the ramp, they tried to walk up the ramp but were attacked and pulled away by the original 12 rats who had experienced the electrical shock.  The older rats were acting to protect the newer rats from the shock they had experienced.  After a brief while, even the newer rats would not walk up the ramp to get the food for fear of being attacked.

After a few days, the scientists pulled out the last of the original rats and put in 12 new rats.

When the new rats tried to walk up the ramp to get the food they were also attacked and pulled back by the first group, who had never even experienced the electrical shock personally!

Earlier Rats With Zero Personal Experience Are Now Advising Newer Rats How Best To Proceed.  Does This Sound Even Vaguely Familiar?

In effect, the more “experienced” rats were training the new rats to avoid going up the ramp, but they themselves had no idea why they were afraid of the ramp in the first place.  They had simply been taught to avoid it by the rats who were in the cage first.

So the rats were essentially demonstrating the effects of Conventional Wisdom.

Conventional Wisdom said if you get to the top of the ramp, you'll get shocked.

It was an idea passed down from one “generation” to the next and accepted at face value, with the later generations never really understanding why the rule was put there in the first place.

And yet, they all followed the rule down to the letter.

And this was in spite of the fact that whatever value avoiding the ramp had, in the beginning, was lost once the electrical plate was removed.  But the rats kept acting and reacting as if the plate were still in place.

Looking At The “Rat Study” From A Trading Point Of View…

Looking at the “Rat Study” from a trading point of view, some “rat” at some earlier point in time made a definitive statement that you can only make money trading futures by using certain time-based charts.

That particular rat was taken out of the cage a long time ago, but his or her bit of Conventional Wisdom gets passed along from one trading generation to the next, usually with a little douchebag air of superiority attached, letting the recipient of said knowledge know that this is “herd approved” advice.

So the recipient of said advice puts up a 1M or 5M or whatever time frame chart and proceeds to follow the herd.

Why Following “The Herd” Will Be Hazardous To Your Financial Health

The herd, by the way, tends to lose money regularly in markets where big price swings are commonplace and yet they refuse to take even a tiny look at any other trading method that might actually work if it happens to be based on ideas outside of the “conventional wisdom” playlist.

Remember, this is not a situation where every trader gets a trophy.

Trading is a zero-sum game.  If someone makes money on a trade, someone else loses money.

Since “the herd” routinely loses money, day in and day out, trading with the herd will ultimately be deadly to your account.

So in trading CFDs, you have a choice.

Be a part of the herd, spend your weekends watching crappy YouTube videos in the hope of figuring out how and why you lost so much money in a market that was literally giving away free winning trades all week long, and then drop into a chat room or forum where you can express your frustrations with all the other herd members.

Or you can kiss the herd goodbye, and do something completely crazy and almost unheard of in trading, which would be to take the road less traveled and start using a charting and trading method that takes full advantage of the aggressive price action you'll find in the CFDs at the opening bell nearly every trading day.

Do You Have What It Takes to Break From The Herd?

Look, if you're someone who absolutely has to follow the herd, I understand.

It's a little bit unfair that I'm asking you to force yourself to break free from what is pretty much genetic pre-programming and start living your life free from all these deeply embedded inhibitions.

Sadly, some people simply don't have what it takes to buck a trend and go their own way.

Simply put, these people cannot be helped.

And honestly, I have no desire to try and forcefully train people to break free of their long-held and cherished beliefs and prejudices.  That is one uphill battle where I will not engage.

I truly do pity those people.

But I won't waste a minute arguing with them and trying to show them that the path they have chosen ultimately leads to ruin.  It's a fight that we'll both end up losing.

Because If You Do…

This training and trading package was designed specifically for the open-minded trader, who has taken a look at how they are currently trading and said to themselves “there has to be a better way”.

So if you happen to be one of those traders…

If you are open-minded enough to realize you don't know everything there is to know about trading and that sometimes the road to success starts with zigging when the rest of the herd is zagging…

If you happen to be the kind of person who values your own opinion over that offered by people who really and truly know a lot less about the subject than they let on, but who share the same tired old crap endlessly in forums and Facebook groups…

And if you're ready to start making the time and effort and blood and sweat and tears you've invested into becoming a Forex trader finally start paying dividends…

Then today is the day you can make the switch, stop being a Herd Trader, and transform yourself into a Consistently Winning Trader.

BUT BE WARNED: There Is A Very Strict Limit I Am Placing On This Training.  And This Is Why I'm Limiting It.

As you might recall, in the beginning, I mentioned that Forex brokers were just now starting to add CFDs to the list of their available trading products.

In fact, many brokers still don't offer much outside of and Silver.

What this means is, the trading pools are still relatively small (at least compared to the pools available to trade the EURUSD or GBPUSD).

If I allowed this training to get out to the masses, even a small group of 300-400 traders all using the same broker could completely overwhelm the charts and create an imbalance that the brokers would address by simply dropping that chart (or CFDs entirely) from their offerings, which is the last thing we want to have happened.

This Isn't Baseless Speculation On My Part

Two years ago I was using a more basic version of the tools offered in this package, and I shared them with a dozen other traders, most of whom were clients with the same offshore broker.

I had noticed that volume was light, but I really didn't give it any serious thought.

Within a few weeks we were absolutely killing the US500 chart and each pulling out three and four-figure gains on a daily basis.

Two weeks later the broker announced they were dropping ALL of the Indices CFDs effective immediately, due to “a lack of demand on the part of their clientele.”

It was more like there was a lack of losing traders willing to fund our winning trades and we were taking our winnings straight from the liquidity providers who were working with our broker.  So the broker simply stopped offering CFDs.

I'm Not Going To Risk That Happening Again

I'm placing a strict limit of 100 packages for sale at this time, and if at some point in the future it appears that volume has substantially increased on the major CFD instruments, I'll consider re-opening this offer to another 100 traders.

At a substantially increased price.

They Say If Something Sounds Too Good To Be True…

I understand where that attitude comes from.  I've been teaching Forex to students all over the world since 2006.  I've even written a couple of books on Trading Forex that became Bestsellers on Amazon when they were released.

What that means is I've been around, and in this case, I've been around enough to have seen 101+ different scam Forex products being pushed on the unsuspecting trader.

So frankly approaching everything in Forex from a place where you are at least a little suspicious makes a lot of sense.

So if you seriously question what I've said here today and your own independent of the CFD charts offered by your broker didn't completely convince you this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then look at it this way.

If I was scamming everybody here, wouldn't it make more sense to try and sell as many people as I could before I ran off with all the money? Why limit me to just 100 packages?  If I'm a scammer, I'm scamming myself even worse than I'm scamming my buyers by cutting off sales so soon.

But this is no scam.  As I mentioned a little bit ago, I put this together originally a couple of years ago but abandoned the project when the broker we were using dropped the Indices CFDs.

I picked it back up a year ago when one of the original traders I shared it with asked if I could put something similar together for NinjaTrader, as he had opened an actual futures trading account.

After more than a little demand (and after someone showed me the list of all the different brokers who now offer CFDs as a trading option) I decided to resurrect the package just for the MT4 platform.

But You Know What?  Maybe The Naysayers Are Right.  Maybe All Of This Is A Bunch Of Lies

Maybe I have come up with some devious way to screw everyone out of their money.  Maybe you should just forget everything I've told you so far and just move on.

But before you do, let me walk you through how this trading method works, and then you can decide for yourself if this is as legitimate as I say it is.

In other words, you don't have to believe me.

But you believe your own eyes, don't you?

Take a look at this chart.

This is a 5 pip Renko chart (not a time-based chart) with two indicators running through the Renko boxes: the Renko Trend indicator, which is the slower rolling line that is positioned most of the time above price action in this shot, and the Renko Signal indicator, which is the line which “hugs” price action.  The indicator in the window below price action is called ChopAlert, which was designed to work exclusively with Renko charts.  I use this as a warning sign when price enters a region where it might be expected for price to range tightly.

This Is How I Trade This Setup Every Single Trading Day

I use the Renko Trend indicator for my trend analysis.  If the Renko Trend is Lime Green, it means the trend is up.  If the line is Magenta, it means the trend is down.

I use the Renko Signal indicator for my entries and exits.  Lime Green means Buy, Magenta means Sell.  If I am in a Buy trade and the Signal indicator turns Magenta and locks in (meaning the box closes which created the color change) I exit the trade.  If the price resumes in the original direction, I can re-enter the trade if conditions permit.

Selling works the same way.  If I am in a Sell trade and the Renko Signal Line turns Lime Green and the box which prompted the color change closes with the Signal Line Still Lime Green, I exit the Sell trade.  If the price resumes in the original direction, I can re-enter the trade if conditions permit.

I use the ChopAlert indicator strictly as a warning sign that price is entering or exiting an area where tight-ranging (and some potentially very bad trades) might be found.  A Greenline in Chop Alert means there are no worries about taking trades.  A Yellow line means proceed with caution because the price is at an area where you might end up ranging.  A Redline means the price is inside a tight range and avoid taking any trades until the lines return to either Yellow or Green.

Knowing this, you can look at today's price action and find 6 valid trade signals (4 sell, 2 buy).  A couple of them would have ended at break-even or a small loss, depending on how you place your stop (we give you some ideas to try inside the training area).  The remaining four trades were all solid winners, and trading a single full contract using the rules we recommend would have brought back 105 pips for a total gain of $1,050 (before adjusting for the possible small losses on the two small possible losing trades).

And Just To Show You Price Action In The Earlier Pictures Was Nothing Out Of The Ordinary, Here Are Some Screenshots From Earlier This Month (January 2020):

There is nothing unusual about these charts (meaning these are not High Holy Trading Days or anything like that).  On most trading days these three charts, in particular, throw off some stellar moves and the Renko Enhanced method gets us in early on most of them.

And should there be some sort of market disruption that causes most or all the markets to start losing value (like that pending market crash everyone keeps talking about but which keeps not happening?)

We'll be right there, short selling and making bank for as long as prices continue to fall.

If This Is A Dream, Don't Wake Me Up!!!

Trading CFDs through our Forex brokers really is a dream come true for currency traders.  We've invested so much time and effort trying to squeeze a few pips profit out of dead and dying charts, this is like getting a Golden Ticket into Willy Wonka's factory, except the Oompa Loompas are making pips instead of chocolate, and we can have as many as we want!

Are You Still With Me?  Good.  So Here's The Deal…

I want this to be the best buying experience you've ever had in Forex, so I am going to make this as easy on you as I possibly can.

  • First, you get the Renko Enhanced trading method. Renko Enhanced is a set of two indicators (Renko Trend and Renko Signal) which are optimized for trading CFDs. It operates on the Renko charts, so you also get the best Renko generator I've ever used to create these charts in the MT4 trading environment. Load the indicators into the platform, create the Renko chart (step by step written and video instructions are included) and load the Renko Enhanced template onto the 2M Renko chart and voila! You are in business. Now it's a matter of waiting for the Renko Signal indicator to align with the Renko Trend indicator (and when trading the CFD charts when the market is open, your wait won't be long at all!) and you will be ready to start knocking out one winning trade after another. (Value: $297)
  • Next, you'll get the Renko Chop Alert indicator. Created specifically for Renko charts, Chop Alert does exactly what the name implies. It alerts you any time price enters into a range of prices where you might expect sudden sharp and short price reversals (or “chop”). Chop Alert is designed like a Stop Light: Green means go ahead, no danger expected. Yellow means “proceed with caution” which means you can still take or remain in a trade but be ready to get out if price action continues to move against you. And Finally Red means “Stop” which in this case either means get out or stay out of the trade until you get a Green (preferably) or Yellow line segment. Chop Alert is NOT a signal indicator, and you'll notice that the best trading conditions in BOTH directions occur when the Chop Alert line is below the 50 marker. So use Chop Alert ONLY with Renko charts and ONLY as a confirmation tool, not as a signal source. (Value: $97
  • Next, you'll also get full access to our Trading Between the Lines course, which is a masterclass in trading with Support and Resistance lines. Most traders are aware of Pivot lines and S1, S2, S3, R1, R2 and R3 lines. But did you know there are also Weekly Pivot (and S1-3 and R1-3) lines, along with a variety of moving average and Fibonacci based lines spread out over multiple time frame charts which can also come into play? In all, there are more than 80 separate lines you should be aware of before you ever take that first trade. Knowing about the presence of these lines can mean the difference between exiting a trade in profit and riding it back down into a loss. It can also keep you from entering too early and sitting upside down in a trade for an extended amount of time (which causes the typical trader to exit with a loss, only to watch price move back into profit after the trade is already closed). You get not only 2+ hours of video training on how to use these lines, but we've also included a set of indicators and templates that allow you to have all your charts up and running in just a minute or two (imagine how long it would take you otherwise to set up 80+ lines manually each day!!!) (Value: $147)
  • Next, you get full access to Forex AutoScaler, the trade management EA that allows you to turn a 20 pip winning trade into 50 pips or more, by scaling in additional trades as price continues to move in your favor. AutoScaler has consistently been one of the best selling Forex Trade Management EAs on JVZoo since it debuted back in 2011, and traders across the globe swear by it's ease and simplicity in setting up additional trades with the push of a single button. With some of these CFD products (particularly the NAS100) consistently putting up 20 and 30 full point moves, it won't be long before you start adding AutoScaler to your chart and turn those 20 and 30 pip winners into 50-200 pip gains. (Value: $179)
  • Next, you are going to get one month's full access to my live Trading Room, which we open and run from 9 to 11 a.m. eastern time, Monday through Friday. We focus on Oil, the S&P chart, the NASDAQ chart. If you have any questions or you want to run some trading ideas past me or the other full time members of the room? Go right ahead. We're there to help and to make pips. And should you have any technical problems that need my personal attention, I make myself available before the room opens and after the room closes (via TeamViewer) to help make sure you are up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. (Value: $200).
  • Next, you're going to get the PDF version of my 2021 Forex Power Trading Journal. Traders around the globe use this journal every time they trade to keep track of winning and losing trades, with special emphasis placed on losing trades so they can spot issues they have in trading and correct those issues before they end up costing the trader any more money. Simply print a few pages off using your home printer and start learning from those trades that failed to work out on your behalf. (Value: $29.95)
  • Finally, you'll get my personal Checklist to use as a reminder for how to successfully trade this method. They say that Pilots make the best Forex traders because they are used to doing everything by Checklists, which they use as memory prompts. Simply follow the simple rules as outlined by the checklist and you'll start seeing most of your trades effortlessly turn into winners. (Value: Priceless)

When you add up the value of everything found in the Renko Enhanced package (Renko Enhanced Trading system $297 + Chop Alert $97 + TBTL $147 + Forex AutoScaler $179 + Renko Enhanced Trade Room $200) you'd spend $920 total on each component part.

But if you act now and are one of the lucky 100 who knows a good thing when they see it and grab the Renko Enhanced package during this limited offer, you'll only pay $297 for the entire package.  There is a better than the excellent chance that if we decide to open up this offer again in the future (once we know we aren't flooding the markets with sharp, in-the-know traders) the price will likely jump up to at least $597.

So this really is about the only chance I can guarantee you'll get the entire package for just $297.

But if you read this letter and look for the Buy Now button and it's gone, well, you missed out.

Sorry about that.

But I can't be any more serious than I am right now about there only being 100 of these packages available.  I trade these markets every day just like you will when you decide to join me, and I am not going to hurt my (or your) chances to keep skimming easy money off my Forex broker just to sell a few more software packages.

So if the Buy Now button is missing, add your name to my mailing list (the sign-up form will be where the Buy Now button used to be) and keep an eye out for any announcements from me a few months from now.

Which Do You Want, Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3?

So now you've reached a point where you have to make a decision, and the way I see it, you have three options:

Do nothing.  Walk away.  Hope that somehow you become gifted with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful CFD trader virtually overnight (SPOILER ALERT: Sorry, but that ain't gonna happen).


Figure it out on your own.  I pretty much laid it all out for you in this letter.  If you spend a few hours scouring the internet and don't get sidetracked, you can probably put most of it together yourself (except for the Renko-based Chop Alert and the free Trade Room/Live Training access…good luck finding those anywhere for free).  But if you don't value your time, you can waste a day (or maybe two) and put most of this together yourself and save a few bucks in the process.


Click the Buy Now button below and get Instant Access to the entire package for just $297.

At just $297 (which includes a full month of live Trade Room access where you can ask me anything about trading this method and get as much personal guidance as you need to be successful) this is not going to take long before we hit the 100 sales limit and I close this page down for a while.

Now, before you decide, you need to understand that whatever decision you land on really isn't going to have any real impact on my life one way or another.

But the consequences could be monumental for you.

Imagine trading CFDs every day, first banking tens or even hundreds of dollars, and a few weeks later banking a thousand dollars or more on each successful trade.

Can you even begin to imagine how great your life could become if you regularly had that kind of money flowing in off just a few minutes of work each day?

Guess What Happens If You Pass On This Once In A  Lifetime Chance?

In a word, nothing.

Nothing happens.

Worse yet, nothing changes for you.

You'll keep sitting for hours in front of your charts, getting trapped time and time again by choppy price action that looks like it is setting up for a good trade but in reality is just teasing you into taking a trade you'll end up regretting within minutes.

Life Is About Making Choices.  And Now It's Time For You To Choose.

So if you choose to start taking advantage of your broker for a change and open up a consistent stream of income that moves straight into your trading account, agree to the terms and conditions below and then click the Buy Now button to get immediate access to the only FX CFD training package you will ever need.

And I will see you on the inside (and in the Trade Room).


P.S.– I meant to include this email earlier, but now is as good a time as any.  It comes from Richard S., who bought the NinjaTrader version of this package a few months ago.


Thanks for taking the time to speak to me last week about your NinjaTrader Renko Enhanced trading method.  Sorry I had so many questions, but I've been burned before and I wanted to make sure I understood exactly what I was buying before I took the plunge.

As you know, I bought on Thursday,September 27th (after pestering you for 3 straight days with questions).  I went back and looked at the charts for the 3 days before I bought (the 24th through the 26th) and I figured out that my stupid questions cost me about 30 points per day spread out between Oil, the S&P E-mini and the NASDAQ e-mini.

To put it in dollar and cents, it cost me about $3000 over three days of missed trades due to being hesitant to pull the trigger on a lousy $297 purchase.  I promise that won't happen again.  Please keep me advised if you put out any add-ons or enhancements to this amazing trading method.  I'll be first in line to buy them.

Thanks again for such a wonderful buying experience.

Richard (last name redacted)”

Richard blinked when it came time to click on the Buy Now button and it cost him a small fortune.

Don't be like Richard.

Click the Buy Now button.  Let's get started.

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