Scalp Robot 3.1


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Scalp Robot is designed to operate as a fully automated scalping strategy and is developed for novice and experienced traders.

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Scalping is a trade management strategy in which the trader elects to take small profits quickly to have as little market exposure as possible. Essentially, this trading style is based on the idea that taking small profits repeatedly limits risk and creates an advantage for the trader. Trading fees, execution, slippage and swaps are important factors to check with your broker before considering to start scalping.

About  Scalp Robot

Scalp Robot is designed to operate as a fully automated scalping strategy and is developed for novice and experienced traders. Scalping is a very popular trading style, since it tries to minimize market exposure. Small steady profits is key. It uses multiple indicators to find market entries and aims for a profit factor of 2 or more. Scalprobot uses a sophisticated algorithm that only calculates entries when markets are retracing. This to prevent to be exposed to sudden spikes.

Scalp Robot is fully customisable. So you can set it up according to your risk appetite. Make sure you are using an EA friendly broker to have optimal results. This robot can be used in a grid set up (not martingale!) or as a single trade EA where each trade comes with a stop loss and TP. The accounts below use the grid function or we like to call it trade sequence since it gives better results and is extrememly easy to manage.

Manual scalpers are basically glued to their screens. This is why we created this scalping robot, nothing is worse than to stress in front of a screen all day. With no more than just 10 minutes daily you can run this automated scalping trading strategy in a responsible way.


  • M5-M15-M30-H1 time frames
  • All currency pairs
  • MT4
  • Fully automated
  • Any leverage
  • Risk settings
  • TP/SL/Lot size
  • Go long/ goshort
  • Scalpmode
  • Volatilityfilter
  • Account size from $250
  • Easy installation
  • Including set files

From the developersIt took us over a year to build this scalping robot and is definitely not a get rich quickly strategy. It comes with numerous settings which can be used to adjust your risk appetite. If handled correctly this bot should help all traders becoming more proftable without spending too much time. We stongly believe that non professional traders have no chance when they don't use robots, simply because they lack knowledge, time and a trading plan. Let us help you!×DISMISS ALERT


Although we are not a fan of showing back tests, these tests were done with 99.90% tick data AND slippage AND variable spreads. Still not any guarantee, but the closest you can get to real trading.

None of these backtests increase lot size over time to show you how to become a millionaire in a year with an initial deposit of just $250. If that would be the case, we wouldnt have started this website.

EURUSD – 2010-2020

GBPUSD – 2010-2020

USDJPY – 2017-2020

GBPUSD – 2017-2020

GBPNZD – 2017-2020

EURUSD – 2017-2020


Also for smaller account sizes from $250 for example, this EA can be very suitable. Click on the chart to download the full back test.

EURUSD – 2017-2020

USDJPY – 2017-2020


As prop traders we use this EA ouselves! Check out some of our live trading accounts. Each account uses different settings. On average the accounts do 6% monthly gains with a 5% drawdown!

Specification: Scalp Robot 3.1

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Metatrader 4

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More set files will be provided soon.

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