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If you are someone who has been struggling to earn a profit… Are an experienced trader who just wants to make more… Or are just about ready to give up… And want desperately to turn it around………What I am going to share with you in what follows will be the most important thing you will ever read. It is life changing and I will prove it…….It is why thousands have been following my teachings on social media to learn about the system I use to knock out 161.12 % gains in a single month…….It is why when I invited some of these people to a one on one live coaching call, it sold out in 1 minute 35 seconds. For $500.00…….It is a scientifically proven system for trading that many are calling………

“The first REAL breakthrough…in trading the markets,…with complete and…total confidence,…ever created”

…If you are not making the income you desire, pay very close attention…….Because what I am about to share with you has the power to turn your financial situation around in the blink of an eye. And I will prove it…….There is a saying that “money only solves the problems that not having money creates.”……If you look at the world around you, or possibly even in the mirror, you will see that there are a lot of problems that not having money has created. If you are like me they may have hit pretty close to home at some point. Maybe they are now…….Here’s the problem that prevents most traders from ever really making an exceptional living trading, especially new traders…….Everyone is trading the same way using outdated methods that only result in losing money in the markets…….This is startling. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it and had to look it up for myself…….

  • 98% of all traders are losing money. Wow, that’s sad… especially because it is easily preventable.
  • The average foreign-exchange-trading victim loses about $15,000, according to CFTC records. That’s shocking, don’tyouthink?

…But today I stand here as proof that no matter where you are today, these problems can vanish almost overnight by using a well tested, proven and documented system for creating real, sustainable wealth…….

But you will have to act quickly

We have sent out close to One Million…”invitations”, just like the one you received…to join a small group that will be strictly limited…to only 750 people EVER…who are dead serious about turning it all…around and becoming…the best traders in the world….So I advise you to decide and act quickly.

…Who is Cristina and why should you listen to her?……She won the Surefire Trading Challenge, the largest independent trading competition in the world. Up against over 2000 other traders in live, real money, trading with the eyes of the world watching her every trade…….

With a 161.12%…One Month Gain

…She did it using a Scientific Mathematical System that she developed. The very system you will learn about today…….She has helped thousands through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but has not shared THESE secrets anywhere until now…….This will not be shared anywhere else at any time in the future either. Traders must be able to make decisions fast to succeed. This is only for a very limited number of traders who want to get wealthy and can make that decision today…….Hi, My name is Cristina Ciurea and this is my promise to you:……If after reading this letter, and seeing all the proof that what I am saying is true and accurate and can give you everything you need to start making huge amounts of cash in the Forex markets, you decide not to buy. What I promise is that you will not have wasted your time. You will have found, contained right here in these pages, sound advice, methods, and real actionable information that will make you a better trader immediately…….

I have not always enjoyed the financial success that I have today.

…Let me tell you a quick story. I was in college during the Romanian Revolution in December 1989. It was part of the Revolutions that occurred in several Warsaw Pact countries. The Romanian Revolution was the only one of these revolutions that forcibly overthrew a Communist government and executed the country’s head of state. I studied advanced math and science during this time knowing that knowledge in these fields would be the key to a better life. One I so longed for…….Soon after graduating, I got my teaching certificate and became a math teacher. As much as I loved teaching math, living on a teacher’s salary was hard to do. Especially in Romania where at the time, a cleaning lady made a better salary than a teacher…….Then later when I was working for a big corporation, the money was better but I was burned out; working at a job that owned my every waking hour…….After working so hard to create a better life than what I had known in my early years I was once again thinking “isn’t there a better way?”……Thankfully, there was. It was about this time that I was introduced to the Forex markets. I knew that this could be the answer I was looking for…….So I searched for information on how to succeed in Forex. Only to be bitterly disappointed by what I found…….I knew, because of my science and math background, that there had to be a better way than all the hype filled systems and promises I saw online. That something as complex as the Forex market should be approached scientifically…….Only then could it be made simple to understand, easy to execute and profitable…….See in science, we don’t just “decide” to believe something. We always set out to PROVE it. We test every possible scenario until we have undisputable proof…….

Go down deep enough into anything………and you will find mathematics. ~Dean Schlicter

…Before you are finished reading this, I will prove to you without any doubt that the system I have discovered, and perfected, and am sharing with you today is the most exact method on earth for wringing money out of the Forex market like water out of a sponge. This is an approach no one has used until now accept for me and the select few that I have taught it to…….The amazing thing about this is that anyone can use it. Like many things in science, once you unlock the secrets, they become quite simple…….I can usually teach my mathematical formula for trading to someone in a few short hours and yet it has the power to open vaults full of cash like the simple spinning of a combination lock…….

“This scientific approach to Forex has brought me…more winning trades, more income…and more financial freedom than…I ever thought possible. It has changed my life.”

…Actually, it took a lot of contemplating to decide whether or not to share this with the world. It is after all my discovery and I worked very hard and spent countless doing tests on years of data. It does give me an unfair advantage in the markets, who could blame me if I just wanted to quietly sit back and rake in a fortune?……But the emails I have been getting and the cries for help in social media are just too loud to ignore. People just kept asking how I managed to know so precisely which indicators and signals would result in a profit. They wanted to know how I trade the market with such accuracy and success. How did I determine that was where the top would be? How did I know that would be the bottom? How did I know that this trend was going to continue? How did I know that it would reverse?……Something you should know right now though is that I am not here to share my secret wealth building system with the whole world. As a teacher I learned that classroom size matters. It is impossible to teach too many and give the individual attention necessary to not only teach them but to also make sure they fully understand and can implement that knowledge properly…….And quite frankly, I am just not willing to share this with the whole world. I really don’t want something this powerful all over the internet. Getting thrown in with all the garbage you see about Forex…….

  • That’s why I am limiting this to the first 750 fast acting people who want to learn the most advanced yet simple method for creating wealth on earth. No more copies will ever be made available. There are many very real reasons for this that you will soon fully understand…….And…
  • Why the first thing you will have to agree to is that you will never reveal these secrets to anyone. I am dead serious about this and you will be asked to put it in writing.

…Here’s why,……Let’s face it. Money is not made or lost. It simply changes hands…….For you to win… someone has to lose…….I know that’s a harsh reality but in the Forex market, it’s a fact…….These, and other reasons that make this course so powerful, are why so few copies can be made available and for such a short time. Why you need to read every word that follows and be ready to act fast…….To be quite blunt, if you are not the type of person who can make a quick decision after you see all the proof I am going to show you, trading is probably not for you. The ability to make fast decisions is an important skill in trading…….

Scientific Forex Will Only Ever…Be Made Available To The First…750 People – Not 751…You will understand why…as you read on

…I have painstakingly worked to put together an easy to learn, simple to understand and fast to implement Scientific Forex cash machine based on years of research…….I’ve made it so easy to learn and use these secret techniques and methods that the hardest part may be just getting a copy of the course before it sells out…….I hope you can still purchase it now to be honest. I have seen the good systems and courses, the ones created by real traders who not only trade daily, but rake in cash daily, sell out in hours…….I’m embarrassed to say I thought too long a couple of times and missed out on something that could have shortened my road to success by years…….Recently, it happened to some of those who have been following my methods. It was unfortunate but I really had to keep this small because it was one on one coaching and let’s face it… there’s only one of me…….

“Sorry Sold Out In…1 minute 35 seconds”

…That’s what happened when I recently invited some of my followers on Facebook to be trained by me, and to receive one hour of one on one coaching. The response was unbelievable; I sold out in 1 minute and 35 seconds. At $500 each…….

There will only ever be 750 copies of…the Scientific Forex system ever released….What many are calling “the most powerful Forex system in the world today.”

…I believe that this system can do more to transform your financial position and build wealth than any other system out there. BUT, I only want to work with you if you are the type of person who can act fast, because that is one of the skills a trader needs…….I know that sounds like sales hype but think about it, if you have followed any of the product launches that are worth buying, you know they do sell out in hours not days…….And as I mentioned, you must agree that you will not reveal the proprietary secrets you learn to anyone. I am sharing them only with the small “classroom” of individuals who are smart enough to act quickly. Because I know they will also be the ones who will put this to its full use and make themselves wealthy…….

  • I am about to show you an approach to trading the Forex Market unlike anything you have seen before.
  • It is new, not just in name but in many fundamental and powerful ways.
  • It is the first truly scientific approach to trading the markets ever created.

What if you could see a 161.12% gain…on your money in a single month?

And repeat that kind of success month after month

…Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because………

Trading PROFITABLY in the Forex…markets is probably the most solid, proven…and accessible way on earth…for you to start earning…the income you desire

…And while at this moment it may be hard to believe that you can work the hours you choose (the foreign exchange markets are open 24 hours a day) and do it from the comfort of your own home using nothing but your computer and the right knowledge….And make any amount of money you desire…….I am here to tell you that you can. I am living, breathingproof…….

…This is not some photo shop phony baloney. As you will soon see, there is no lack of real verifiable proof that this works at taking money out of the markets like squeezing toothpaste from a brand new tube…….You are not going to find a bunch of hype, empty promises and phony made up numbers, testimonials, and charts in what lies ahead. Rather, once you read the rest of this letter, you will know without doubt…………that you have finally discovered the tools and the knowledge you have been lacking to get you from where you are now to where you know you have the ability to be…….But letmesayrightnow………

  • This is not some downloadable e-course you are going to read in an hour and toss on the bookshelf. It is a full on education that will come by courier and have you trading with a mathematical and scientific precision that up until now was just not possible.
  • One that I am going to only share with a small group of fast acting individuals, who are dead serious about changing their financial destiny.

…It is making me and the very few I have shared it with not just a good living but an exceptional living…….Like me, you probably want to have the money, and only you can decide how much is enough, to enjoy your life. To provide for your family. To live out your dreams…….The problem is that you see so many promises, money making opportunities, quick easy paths to riches, work from home businesses and make money online while you sleep fantasies………… that after a while the only thing that seems real is getting up and going to work each day…….Maybe you have bought into some of these in the past only to find that you have spent your time and money on bitter disappointment…….

It’s NOT Your Fault

…Like me, you have probably seen countless Forex educational products, automated systems, robots and other paths to overnight riches. Maybe even bought a few. And while yes some people have made a fortune literally overnight in Forex, that’s not what I am promising here. It can be very risky if you do not know exactly what you are doing…….My system relies on science to PROVE what works in the markets… and what does not…….The problem with so many of the systems out there are that they were created by marketers. People who could be “experts” in Forex today and tomorrow know the latest secret to improving your golf swing…….Do they think we are stupid?……Marketers market. Traders trade…….Who do you think you should seek advice from?……Facts you need to know:……

  • There are thousands of Forex products, systems, robots and “Tools” out there.
  • Most were created by someone who has never won a trade.
  • Most Do Not Work.
  • And this one really steams me…
  • Many have been developed by people who have never even traded Forex… NEVER!

Are you as sick and tired as I am of all these…false claims, hype filled promises and…lies that marketers are feeding us?

…Let’s get a couple things said right now so I don’t waste any of your valuable time or mine…….If you believe for a minute that a $97 e-book can change your financial destiny… can teach you the secrets to amassing a great fortune… can make something as complex as the foreign exchange markets crystal clear in an hour………Or if you think there are robots that will make you millions while you sleep………Than what I am about to share is not for you. You can stop reading now…….When I started out, I bought my fair share of systems promising all the knowledge necessary to be successful in the markets…….Even bought some robots…….And then I learned that Forex robots were never intended to be fully automated trading systems. That was a clever marketing scheme dreamed up by somebody who had probably lost so much money trading he gave up and just started preying on other traders…….They were designed to be another tool skilled, trained, knowledgeable traders could use, that’s all. Every successful trader, the ones who are making an exceptional living trading, knows this to be true…….Think about it…….

  • Have you ever spoken with anyone who has made a lot of money just using trading robots?
  • Have you ever met anyone who has bought any $97 e-book about anything and retired?

…My scientific approach to trading has worked like magic in the worst economy we will likely see in our lifetime. It has brought me and the few I have shared it with enormous success and stacks of money…….I spent years perfecting this scientific system for trading and putting it together in what I believe to be a one of a kind, life changing, in depth and easy to learn education in Forex…….I then put it to the test. Got it in front of experts and beginners to make certain I had left nothing out…….

…Only when I knew it was perfect did I make the decision to partner with one of the largest and in my opinion, the best Forex training education product companies in the world, Old Tree Publishing…….I must warn you though; this course is not for everyone…….First – as I mentioned earlier, it is being strictly limited in quantities available. I cannot provide the level of training, personal attention and service I insist on to thousands of people. It’s just not possible…….

You see, the comprehensive self study…course you will receive in the mail is really…only part of the course

…The other part takes place in the private closed door virtual classroom and lab. This is where I can give you the individual training that makes this so unique and powerful…….Here’s why that’s important:……As a teacher, I observed that students work together in a fashion that multiplies the learning many fold. Let me explain. Remember back in school when another student would ask a question you were afraid of asking for fear of sounding stupid? And you would think “thank goodness”. Now you had the answer…….Other times, someone would provide an answer or offer some insight that would give you an “ah ha” moment…….People learn and grow faster and with deeper knowledge and understating when they are together as a group…….Second – this is a very in depth and scientific approach to trading unlike anything that has ever been offered and is only for those who are serious about changing their financial destiny for the better…….I will hold nothing back. I will not only share the Scientific Forex system, but I will share all the knowledge I have learned helping thousands of people who follow my teaching on how to trade Forex. This information is vital because I now know it’s the fastest way to get a complete beginner up and trading in days and take even the most experienced trader to new heights of understanding, knowledge and profits…….The entire course will arrive just days after you order…….Here’swhatyou will receive:……

Finally a system for trading that can scientifically prove that it works


  • Introduction to Forex – Learn the basics. I know some of the group will already be traders but I have a whole training program for people new to trading.
  • Charts – Start from the very beginning. People think they understand charts, but just 10 minutes spent studying with me might just change what you think.
  • Candlesticks – What you need to know. If you read my declassified report, you will know that I have done a lot of study of candlesticks. I usethemextensively in mytrading.
  • Kinds of Trends – How to make sure you are always in the money. Traders think they know how to draw a trendline, but in my course, I show you how to draw trendlines that make money.
  • Trendlines & Trend Channels – How to know how much money to take before you stop. I think my method of drawing channel lines is simple, fast to learn and works like gangbusters.

  • Orders – how to protect your profit. I’ll show you how to make trades with the highest probably, while still protecting your money.
  • Introduction to Fibonacci – One of the best kept secrets in trading. This is one of my secret weapons in trading, especially the way I use them.
  • Introduction to Elliot Wave – Trade the way the pros do with Fibonacci & Waves. This will teach you how to pin point the big trades. I have an easy way to learn and apply Elliott waves that makes making the right trade easy.
  • Money Management – How you can double your cash by using a top secret algorithm.


  • Bollinger Bands Indicator – How to take one of the most accurate indicators and super charge it to a point where one look will tell you if you have a trade or not.
  • Moving Average Convergence – Divergence (MACD) – How to combine one of the most common indicators and predict future market turns with uncanny accuracy.
  • Oscillator of Moving Average (OsMA) – Why this seldom used indicator could hold the key to success.
  • Parabolic SAR Indicator – Originally hailed as the Holy Grail, I have found a way to use this that might just be the most powerful use ever seen of this indictor.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI) – If you want to know if you are on the right side of the trade, just follow my unique tactic that produces unexpected results.
  • 9 Trading Rules & Guidelines – This is where the magic happens, and this is why it’s so simple anyone can trade this system. Only the few who get a copy of the Scientific Forex will know these rules and how to apply them. The rules are only part of the process, but once combined with my proven method of trading you will become unstoppable.

  • Using Multi-Timeframes – How you can use different time frames to pin point when to take the most money from the market.
  • Identifying Patterns – If you can join the dots of these simple patterns, you can build wealth faster than any other trader. Did you know there are some patterns that are so priceless that the probability of success is so much in your favour, that it’s almost a no lose situation, but these top secret patterns will only be revealed to a select few.
  • Support & Resistance – There are always key areas in a market which become turning points. If you know exactly where they happen, you can make a truck load of money each time it reaches these key levels.


  • Introduction
  • Chart Setup – Prepare your charts the exact same way I do by setting up your charts exactly as I do. The fastest way to learn my system is to copy what I do.
  • Buy Trade Example 1
  • Buy Trade Example 2
  • Sell Trade Example 1
  • Sell Trade Example 2
  • Watch as I walk you through examples of my trades and what’s going through my mind as I take trades.
  • Live Buy Trade 1
  • Live Buy Trade 2
  • Live Buy Trade 3
  • Live Sell Trade 1
  • Live Sell Trade 2
  • Live Sell Trade 3
  • Live Sell Trade 4

You can dress it up any way you like, but there is no substitute for watching someone trade the markets live. You don’t see this often because most traders can’t do it. Just think of the confidence you will have knowing how easy it is to trade this system, proven by watching me trade live.


  • Webinar 1: The Basics
  • Webinar 2: The Cycle Of A Trade
  • Webinar 3: How To Deal With News
  • Webinar 4: Patterns & Money Management…My private members will work with me on my weekly webinars where I can show trades, charts and answer any questions the group has.
  • Scientific Forex Chart Template – Just add this to your chart and you will have the exact same set up as I do.

Top Secret…Trading Manual

…A comprehensive full colour bound training manual to take you step by step through what to expect and how to trade the method. I have painstakingly documented every step, every detail down to the last pip. This is my manual for trading scientifically. It’s exactly what I use to trade my system that has produced $28,000.00 single trades with ease. I would not ever sit down to trade without this on my desk and you won’t ever either once you see what’s inside.

The Software

CCFX Trade Locator found on DVD 4

…The CCFX Trade Locator is setup according to the Scientific Forex entry rules and will alert you to a potential trade.

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  1. Matthew Todorovski

    Not sure how this would be delivered. I purchased this material a long time ago and was sent the books and dvds. I honestly didn’t try hard enough to learn the materials, and sent it back for a refund.
    But ten years later I am still struggling, and I find this is here now. I wonder if this would have changed my life if I had applied myself back then?

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  2. Brian

    Bewertung für Scientific Forex System by Christina Ciurea
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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    Scientific Forex System by Christina Ciurea
    Scientific Forex System by Christina Ciurea


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