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Strike 3.0 by Winners Edge Trading

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Whether you are a new trader of have been struggling for years, Strike 3.0 will give you exactly what you need to be successful in your trading.


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Discover HOW TO Stop Trading Losses once and for all…USE Strike 3.0 AND FOLLOW THESE EASY DIRECTIONS


Dear Trader,

If you want to trade for a living this could be the most important web page you have ever landed on.

Have you struggled time and again to make trading successful? If you have you're not alone most struggle for many years before they finally find success.

It's nothing to be ashamed of because the markets are really difficult to master and it takes years of experience to become proficient enough to take profits from the on a consistent basis.

My name is Casey Stubbs I am the founder of Winners Edge Trading, a trading educational website. I'm a trader just like you. The fact that I run a fancy website shouldn't matter to you one bit. What should matter to you is that I have developed a trading system that produces results, which can be taught to other people just like you who can use that system to create rapid account growth.

I have been in your shoes because I was struggling to become successful for many years before I finally figured out how to master the markets. It was a long painful journey on my way to profitable trading, but it didn't have to be, if only I could have figured out a few simple tricks along the way.

I would have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering.

There are Two Massive Problems Stopping The Average Trader from Trading Success.

The First Major Problem……

There is no good information online about trading successfully.

I mean none, nada, zilch, zip, zero it's like a black hole for useful information when it comes to trading successfully I have tried it all so I know.

There is a lot of info, but I said good information. Most of what you get, is put out there by marketers trying to sell stuff and they are not even successful traders. So finding some good info online is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The Second Big Problem….

Is that most traders are their own worst enemy. They jump from strategy to strategy and they don't have any trading discipline.

I gotta give them credit for trying though, I have talked to traders who have been unsuccessfully working through this for 3 years, 5 years and even 10 years. I can relate to that. And if that is you, I feel for you because I have been there.

I also want to encourage you that your labor has not been in vain and you can turn it around and trade successfully.

After many years of failing I finally stumbled upon a method that actually works. You see the key I discovered is that trading is not just one thing. It's not just entry methods, or stop loss placement or management or even trading psychology.

It is a combination of everything combined. That is why trading is so difficult is because even though reading charts and technical analysis is relatively easy, combining all of the skill sets together is what makes trading so challenging. In addition having to combine many skills together.

The average retail trader has many other things working against them:

  • Lack of tradingtools
  • Battlingmarketmakers
  • Lack of experience
  • Slowermarketexecution
  • Lack of insideinformation
  • Insufficientcapital
  • Lack of education

You see it's no wonder that the average trader will struggle and then get frustrated and quit…….It's a real tragedy when a trader quits before reaching his full potential. There is so much profit potential to be had and yet it seems so far out of reach for the average trader…….I wanted to help traders overcome the same pain and suffering and embarrassment that I went through

You will learn HOW TO Boost YOUR Trading Results —  With THESE 5 Fantastic methods.

  •  The unique money management technique that turns most losing trades into winners. After I learned this I took my trading from losing to making over 3114% in just over 3 months.
  •  How to Win almost Every Day
  •  How To Overcome a Negative Trading Mindset
  •  Step-by-step Formula for Trading the News
  •  I teach you these techniques plus everything else I know in what I call Strike 3.0

You don't even have to believe me look at what my clients have said recently….

“I just wanted to touch base I have closed my first trade for 60 pips profit with 8 more trades that are currently open and all in profit I know its not by fluke I'm currently using your indicators with one of mine and it seems to be working out well I will let you know in detail how I get on with it so we can share my experience with the other students but mean this is looking really good bud even back testing it looks awesome! But to trade it live and see it really does work is great! I love it :)”……- Warren H

I really want to express my sincerest gratitude to you for the way you are doing this trading room. I've been at Forex for 8 yrs and have never had a positive month until this past month. I owe that to you and the way you conduct this room and to this exhaustion strategy. ……– Dick

+24 today for me right now my goal is 20 per day no losing days for 7 days now which is a new record for me! your trade style seems to be awesome so far! I hate to brag on any trade results because it seems to turn on me! so lets just say I am very impressed so far with your room and style!……–Joe

I'm done for the day at +46. I too, have been trading somewhere around 7-8 years. My account is down overall, due to trying different systems and strategies. However, since joining Winner's Edge, there has been a steady improvement in my trading. I feel it's a pretty complete package, with the tools, training videos and the trade room. In particular, today's accounting has me at +27% since the beginning of year. So my thanks to you and all at Winners Edge……– Ryan…

So here is what I have for you…….


You see it is usually just one small mistake that is holding you back and once you figure it out, you see results that you have never even dreamed were possible.

That's the reason I have come up with the Strike 3.0 trading system, to give new and unsuccessful traders a way to profit in the markets in a short period of time.

Whether you are a new trader of have been struggling for years, Strike 3.0 will give you exactly what you need to be successful in your trading.

I have been working for the last seven years to fine tune this system that makes it possible for any trader to experience success. During those seven years I have trained over 3,000 traders to navigate the markets and make understanding the markets simpler for them.

And not only have I created the Strike 3.0 trading system.

I have bundled the system in a package that includes tools education training that is the complete comprehensive way for traders to become successful.

So Strike 3.0 is not just a trading strategy it's a complete system that is designed to help any trader overcome the obstacle of trading success in the markets.

I want to Show you the of A Working Strategy in Your Hands

Rather than tell you about how great the system is let the system speak for itself and I will show you exactly what strike 3.0 does…….The system actually has four types of setups which means that you can get a trade during any type of market condition whether it's trending reversing or ranging the system has trades available…….Plus with the four types of setups it actually accommodates all types of traders whether you're a short term trader a day trader or a long term trader or swing trader the Strike 3.0 setups works well for all of them…….The setups work on every time frame which further accommodates specific trader types, we do this because we know that each trader is different and we want to make sure that were reaching out to help all traders and not just a select few….

4 Trading Setups For all Types of Market Conditions and Traders

The Momentum Setup

All we need is a Momentum and a TREND and we've got a trade!……  The momentum set up this is one of our most popular and successful setups, take current price direction and follow the momentum to hit big targets…….The benefit for this set up is that you can enter with a tight stop loss and hit a big target maximize your profits…….Take a look at some of these examples of recent momentum trades.

The G3/R3 Setup

The next setup is called the G3/R3 setup this is great for scalpers and short term traders and it's also really good for traders that like a high win rate because this trade doesn't lose very often. Let's take a look at some recent G3/R3 setups…

News Trading Strategy To Get Pips Fast

We also have a news trading strategy that we teach you step-by-step how to trade the news and we take 4 to 7 news trades a week and one news trade alone can cover the cost of the service for a month and we do on average 10 news trades per month…….Just watch this short video As an Example of one of our news trades….

Custom Tools To Give You a Trading Edge….

In addition to the setups we have a complete package of tools that work for the Meta-Trader 4 trading platform.

Multi Trend and Exhaustion Tool

We have the Multi-Trend tools that lets you see price action and signals on every time frame on which are which enables you to see the market on a broad level improving accuracy and giving you the ability to take short-term or long-term trades.

Market Levels Tool

We have the levels tool which gives you the ability to spot reversals in areas where the market will turn around this helps you to enter trades that will profit instantly.

Two Trade Scanners To Save you Valuable Time Searching for Trades.

We have scanner tools that automatically shows you what pairs are setting up so you don't have to scan chart after chart looking for a trade, saving you valuable times which will allow you get your trades done quickly

For Traders With A Busy Schedule…

We have Email and Text SMS alerts so you can be away from your computer and when the market starts moving you will be notified when trades are available

This Could Be The Most Important Part of Strike 3.0……

We have a money management tool that make sure that you are managing your risk properly. Most traders biggest dilemma is discipline and learning how to manage their money properly…….This tool has the discipline built in so you have to worry about there's nothing worse than trading well for months then losing all of your gains in a moment of weakness because you didn't have proper discipline now you will never have to worry about that again

Training Videos So You Really Understand Everything…..

There is a video training course included that shows you how to use all the tools…….Plus it explains exactly to trade all of the for setups we train you in the most important education available that will help you grasp trading the markets successfully as quick as possible. We also teach the important aspects of creating a trading plan and money management strategies…….We do this so that you understand exactly what you need to do there will be no wondering whether you're doing the right thing. Were there for you whether you're a beginner or trading pro so that nobody gets left behind.

Plus Much Much More……

……*Quizzes for the training's:…Each trading has a quiz that you will have to take that will help you to really understand the information is being presented it's going to be critical that you understand for your trading success the we have a quiz at the end of each lesson which really helps you to grasp what's going on…….*Spread Tool:…We have the spread tool which helps you to see if spreads are crazy so you don't get burned on bad spreads which sometimes the brokers will try to widespread to take trades away from traders…….*Broker Recommendations:…We have broker recommendations we show you how to get access to the best news trading broker which will boost your profits why the best broker is really important.

And that's it… The complete Strike 3.0 Method.

A simple, straight-forward approach to trading with the trend that gives you opportunities in the Market every single day.

Nothing complex or over-complicated…

Just a sensible way to make as much profit as possible every time you open your charts and scan the market for trades.

Let's Summarize this Quick Strategy:

Go SHORT when a Bearish candle breaks a key Level in a Bearish Trend

Go LONG when a Bullish candle breaks a key Level in…a Bullish Trend

Even though it's simple, the Strike 3.0 Method can be used in multiple ways to find profitable opportunities…

You can scalp the 5-minute charts like this…

Or you can swing trade like this…

**Both the 's Break and Add-On Strategy will be taught in our “Strike 3.0 Advanced Classes” (you will get these classes for free when you join…)

Here are some recent examples of the Basic Strike 3.0 entry method:




(of course, we take losses too) CAD/CHF SELL ENTRY:



As you can see from some of these examples, the Trend + Levels on our Custom Tools are incredibly robust… They work on every pair and on every time-frame to help you spot opportunities in the market that have a high probability to continue moving in the direction of the trend.

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    Strike 3.0 by Winners Edge Trading
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